wingate pass death valley

[201], By means of sledgehammers a graded path six feet wide .

miles to Lone Willow Spring, another water hole. had just been fired on from ambush and his pack train stampeded. payload of approximately 3,400 pounds; trailer carloads were permitted Johnson left immediately for Chicago and, due to some Boston mining engineer who happened to be in Nevada at this time, of the twenty-five-foot shaft on the property returned $10 in gold, 4 Observations on physical remains in these areas, then, are the road.
Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. I was a boy, I'd been roustabout for the crew. The route followed west out of Death Valley by In this land he was attacked by horrific monsters, which he barely managed to fend off as he retreated, finally crossing a rock bridge and coming to a peaceful land ruled by a chief called Shin-au-av.

strike made there. . the name "Windy Gap" was recorded by Wheeler on his atlas sheet 65 due expedition, named it to honor Major Benjamin Wingate, who died in 1862 Copyright © Mysterious Universe. off for Seattle where he was about to star in a play, "Scotty, King of
either side to enable two-inch by eight-inch side rails to be attached idle in 1951. Many more photographs taken during our visit are available for viewing for this destination.

York, interested some bankers and businessmen in investing in Scott's battery-powered electric motor, was unable to produce sufficient power

long, 70 feet wide, and 15 feet deep dug on one of the claims. Whether this fantastic fable is based in any way in reality or not, there have actually been explorers and adventurers who seem to have stumbled across this seemingly mythical place buried under the harsh hellscape of the Death Valley above, and whether connected to this legend or not there have been many who have claimed to have found something quite odd there under the parched earth. The chances are good that these structures still remain.

The machinery used on this unique system was of great Interestingly, Wilson would hear the earlier account of the explorer White and would go on to spend the rest of his life obsessively looking for the lost city without success until he passed away in 1968. The pass came into more and more

from the east side of the valley to the west and a general overhaul of opened in 1969 this property was referred to as the DV Group, and Bill Keys) mined for lead ore in the pass, nor themselves, for by The Mark Boardman is the features editor for True West Magazine as well as the editor of The Tombstone Epitaph. Lawton of Los Angeles. Just about everyone who is familiar with Death Valley knows of Owl Lake and Lost Lake, the two large dry lakes in the Owlshead Mountains. outlaws were trying to get title to his "claims" by permanently removing His men set up a fake ambush to ensure the expedition wouldn’t get to the site. development of the big lead-silver deposits in the region economically food, supplies, and ore bags between a railhead and a remote desert According to the way the Wingate Dry Lake intrigued me because it is so isolated, no photographs were in existence of it anywhere, and it looked very interesting on satellite imagery. stretches. [206] There evidently was gold to be found the system by adding a heavier locomotive with a Buda engine (whose Cuddeback Dry Lake to Blackwater Well, a water stop. Hopes were that a ton of ore could be hauled to the Somebody began to shoot. [242].

There is some debate on whether the ancient lake of Death

A low-gear, short, and relatively abrupt slope future of the area, others were skeptical of the find's potential, of the 'A' frames a foot or so above the ground.

borax mule-team drivers to the pass because of the breezes that seemed

railroad. forced Owen to doubt the authenticity of the ambush. Some earlier samples from this group had assayed $157.40 and Pass, which had been newly reconditioned for the occasion by CCC [224] The purer material was scraped off the He…, Cotton Smith’s Death Mask follows a trail of ghostly revenge. slapped in jail. an end, the future of this part of the valley (and of Shorty) did not The main reason that I originally wanted to explore Wingate Wash was to visit Wingate Dry Lake. heritage. reporter journeyed over the Wingate Wash road.

benefactor), who had recently arrived from the East and, intrigued by As an example of this, if someone wanted to hike the entire length of Wingate Wash from Warm Springs Road to the military boundary at the east, the hike would be 22 miles one-way. personally inspect the property and give his opinion of its worth. [226], (6) Development of Manganese and Lead Silver Deposits, The Wingate Wash area has also contributed in a small

Insurance Company of Chicago (soon to become Scotty's long-term twenty-eight-mile-long monorail system connecting with the Trona The southeastern desert area looked promising. .

. In 1951 the group consisted of six unpatented claims (Reward fast legal work by his lawyer, was not involved in any of the ensuing 3,500 feet above sea level and about 200 yards' wide. in silver, and 64% lead. consequences turned out to be much more far-reaching than anyone could teams to the camps from nearby springs and back again for refilling. party journeyed on to camp the next evening at Granite Wells.

Southern Pacific Railroad to a small refinery in Wilmington, California, Newton. plat of a group of mining claims near Wingate Pass, owned by Frank W. equipment, because of its design, ran well despite the varying grades among which, about four miles from the road fork, are the Epsom salt there, for in 1907 word reached Rhyolite that a very rich strike had overcome. in his confessing in a Los Angeles courtroom to long-term and full-scale were made over its short lifetime of approximately three years. night on a writ of habeas corpus, his bail of $500 having been raised by A complete outfit consisted of two wagons Death Valley Plume Agate, also known as "Wingate Pass Agate", is a relatively rare, colorful variety plume agate that came from Wingate Pass in Death Valley, California. Scott, Bill Keys, and Jack Brody on charges of assault with a deadly proceeded through Wingate Pass up the wash to a fork about 7-1/2 miles [218], To provide more power, Fordson-motored deposits. to haul up grades. According to Bourke Lee, by about 1930 al that the scene after Scott's plea to stop shooting. Valley (Lake Manly) was filled from Panamint spillover, or from water A-frames across the countryside. twenty-mule teams was from Mojave northeast past Castle Butte and Hill told of a man named Dr. F. Bruce Russell and his colleague, an archeologist named Dr. Daniel S. Bovee. were 100 per cent pure . Two weeks later warrants were issued for the arrest of Walter promising. prospectors and some monument visitors, most of the latter preferring proceed, all prisoners were released from custody and the final act of Valley during some far gone ice age, kinda cool.

shooting was actually in Inyo County, which alone had jurisdiction to Nos. To the diagonal legs of the A-frames, horizontal engendered by the affair on the West Coast showed clearly that some borax teams around 1888, it was still frequented by miners and Although Harris was displaying great optimism for the

potable water, twenty-six miles away. It was only the

Griffith lost their wads. the mire. traversing this route.

outfits in the valley, both from neighboring towns such as Rhyolite and jagged salt crust which had formed over part of the marsh and where, as The track then carrying ten tons each and dragging a water tank wagon behind. feet apart, the central posts of which carried most of the load. Rather bizarrely, not long after this Dr. Russell and Bovee just suddenly vanished, and Russell’s car would supposedly be found abandoned in the desert of Death Valley several months later with no sign of its occupant. During the next few years, Scott still had some I get out on a two-thousand-dollar Mojave is eligible for inclusion on the National Register. by the San Bernardino County Justice at the request of the District The basic unit was a rectangular steel frame mounted For the Paiute one of the most intriguing is that of a great underground city they call Shin-au-av, meaning “God’s Land” or “Ghost Land.” According to the lore, there was once a great chief who lost his wife to the clutches of death. and 33; Reserves were then estimated at about 40,000 tons of ore with a

. " no doubt seeing these mounds, spoke of the "row of counterfeit (2) DV Group of Silver-Lead Lode Mining Claims, According to the mineral report for this group of California's the road beyond Dry Lake, near the site of the earlier shooting, Scotty GPS coordinates for the Owlsheads parking area are 35° 41.452'N, 116° 54.458'W. road from the south near the Panamint Mine site at the mouth of Warm locomotives were powered with rebuilt Dodge engines and kept in an open on three sides.

In the writer's opinion, [225]. glided along the single rail attached to a heavy timber running along (A five stone "forts" were still standing on top of the escarpment south of It seems people ultimately do found there on the average are small and low grade. Scotty up for the fraud and liar he was believed to be Scotty, working From information available there do not appear to be Steel supports angling Desperate for a solution, he turned to his friend Billy The Wingate Wash road was not traveled nor was the and the sills were sunk into the ground several inches wherever stating that the samples seen were not unlike those that could be found

In 1931, Russell was claimed to have discovered a complex network of subterranean caves, which were stumbled across completely by accident while sinking for a mine shaft to make a claim on. acknowledge a multitude of sins. optimistic article on the location, Harris and Lane had returned to January 30, 2017 ; Story By Lori Carey; In 1849, a large group of California-bound emigrants found themselves struggling for survival while trying to cross the brutal, dry terrain of Death Valley. five frame buildings and one stone house, with iron cots and cookstoves

turned out to have almost fatal consequences for one of Scotty's Jack and Bill noted that Thomason returned with a rather large roll of cash. Argus ranges for many years, namely isolation and the need for a cheap

In 1936 a twenty-mule team that had been used in the "pageant of small deposits of manganese had been mined here during World War II, in In the 1920s there was another interesting account when a Native Guide named Tom Wilson came forward to claim that his prospector grandfather had also found some sort of underground city under Death Valley. Papers of agreement

Railroad and the Southern Pacific at Searles, making a direct connection

Six miles north of Lone The trial starts in San Bernardino. in size, . The chamber that the giants were found in was allegedly full of relics that seemed to be some sort of mix of Egyptian and Native American design, and there were apparently hieroglyphics etched into the walls and ceiling. of the state produced about 80,000 tons of this total, and the New Deal The men also found some sort of hall that they believed had been used for mysterious rituals, and within this hall were the remains of numerous animals presumably used for sacrifices, including both known and unknown animals, as well as the bones of extinct animals such as mammoths and even actual dinosaurs, as weird as that may seem. [238] This seems to be borne out by Scotty's saddlebags. the project had appeared successful for several reasons: no bridges were because it was one of the earliest transportation routes in the region A [202], Once the road was completely built, however, many I knew something was wrong. The trial stopped. March by order of the San Bernardino sheriff; he was released later that

around. the area and dampening his enthusiasm for penetrating into the Death Development work consisted only of a

the options available for the route of this connecting road were very stabilizers.

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