why do the clothes in my drawers smell

Let the baking soda sit overnight and vacuum it out thoroughly in the morning.

If I have clothes in my dresser drawers for more then a few days they starts to smell like the cheap wood it's made of and I have to put them in the dryer before I can wear them so they don't stink. Remove the drawers and lay them open to fully absorb the sunlight and circulating air. The next time you do your laundry, don’t throw away the dryer sheet. Either way, it will be worth the effort. Clothing can obtain odors from a variety of factors such as from dirty washing machines, stinky dryers, and even from everyday exposure that our clothing fabrics face during the day that will contribute to musty odors.

You can also put air fresheners in your clothing containers to make sure that they smell good when you return to use them again. Depending on the intensity of the smell, I’ll mix 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar with 1 quart of warm water and wipe down the inside of each drawer. Here are 7 tips to help remove smelly odors from old dresser drawers…. Opt for Essential Oils and Their Amazing Deodorizing Properties, 4. Moreover, the clothing will retain the aroma of the dryer sheets — so choose your favorite! Then you pull out the drawers and this obnoxious odor hovers just under the tip of your nose. Sometimes, washing your clothes all the time won’t help, so you need to address the lingering smell in your storage. Try washing your clothes on a long wash at the highest temperature allowed by the clothing label. Are you faithfully measuring the amount of detergent you use, or do you just chuck a glug in and hope for the best? Once the dresser had been painted, waxed and sealed, I thought I was done. It’ll also help to stop all that water ending up in the air in your home, which can lead to damp problems and make your home feel colder. 13 Great Ways to Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh in Storage, 1. How to Safely Remove Cigarette Smoke Buildup From Furniture, How to Remove Mothball Odor From Sofas, Chairs and Clothing, How to Get the Smell of Curry Out of Cupboards, How to Get Rid of the Latex Smell From Pillows, Natural, Homemade, Streak-Free Glass Cleaner, City of Richmond: The Many Uses of Vinegar, Minnesota Department of Health: Volatile Organic Compounds in Your Home, How to Remove the Odor From a Cedar Wood Dresser, Getting the Smell of Mothballs Out of Furniture, How to Remove the Chemical Odor From New Furniture, How to Get Rid of the Smell in an Old Dresser, How to Get a Musty Smell Out of a Chest of Drawers, How to Remove a Stuffy Odor From a Bedroom. It’s best to keep any slightly damp outerwear away from your closet because it can contribute to that. Often, the combination of sunlight and breeze will be enough to lift the mildew smell. Keep in mind, though, that vinegar has a particularly strong smell. She loves writing about style, fashion, entertainment and home decor, and will take a can of spray paint to just about anything. Spot test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure that no damage occurs, then spray the entire surface of the furniture as well inside the drawers. Wouldn't it be nice if when you put your clothing into a drawer or closet for a few weeks or even months, it smelt even better when you got it out again?

The most important part of getting rid of the foul smell is to understand what has caused it in the first place. Smells in new dressers aren't only unpleasant; they also can be harmful to people and pets.

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