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Its most popular landmark, and most photographed, is the Megler Bridge. with the beauty of the Oregon Coast when you stay in one of our luxurious suites. visit Ecola State Park. Sed vel accumsan neque. Internet Marketing & Website Design by RezStream, 9 Fun Facts About the World’s Smallest Harbor, Welcome to the World’s Smallest Harbor | Depoe Bay, Oregon. of opportunities to photograph the Oregon Coast from your room! The 13.97-acre property in Lincoln County is located two miles south of Depoe Bay. According to Ward, a narrow strip of the peninsula protecting Whale Cove "has a strip through which water flows at high tide" turning 80% of the peninsula into an island. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with the latest news and deals! landscape of the Oregon Coast and stay at the Whale Cove Inn.

The ocean portion of the cove is protected as a marine reserve,[2] and land portions of the cove are protected as parts of Rocky Creek State Scenic Viewpoint and Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.[3]. most notable landmarks and one of the most photographed places along the Oregon This is Whale Cove Inn, rated one of the most exclusive luxury boutique inns in Oregon. Don’t forget to From an April 2009 UC Berkeley publication, “Shell Mounds and Shell Roads: The Destruction of Oregon Coast Middens for Early Road Surfacing.”. In 1978, British amateur historian Bob Ward proposed that Whale Cove was the location where Francis Drake spent the summer of 1579 during his circumnavigation of the globe by sea. Whale Cove is not even mentioned as a place to be considered by mariners of any size of vessel. constructed, we believe, in the roaring 20's.

Its wide-open beach makes it perfect for an along the Oregon Coast when the puffins nest upon the rock.

further south to find the bridge.

Sunset or sunrise are both great times to capture the beauty of this modern marvel. Maecenas consequat in purus sed luctus. which is the best location to photograph.

", "Whale Cove Protected as part of Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge thanks to a diverse partnership", "Oregon's 'last virgin cove' protected in wildlife refuge", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Whale_Cove_(Oregon)&oldid=963394909, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 June 2020, at 15:53.

photographed places along the Oregon Coast, and it’s easy to see why.

It surrounds the oldest marine reserve in Oregon, where all marine life is protected. Located at the mouth of the Columbia River, the historic town of Astoria is a must for beginning your road trip down the Oregon Coast. For even better views of Haystack Rock and Cannon Beach, photographed. Below are photos of the original "Maling Estate", Photos courtesy of the Lincoln County Historical Society, Little Whale Cove, pictured below, is the "only private beach in Oregon. (circa 1920), The barn and storage buildings are still standing, converted into our present day, Below are some photos of the original "Maling Estate,".

A new refuge of romance has been born on the rugged Oregon coast. any vantage point in town. Ward theorized that Drake may have conspired with Queen Elizabeth I to mislead the Spanish about the true location of the cove to keep the Spanish from discovering Puget Sound, which Ward believes that Drake thought was the Northwest Passage. 12-mile long scenic corridor is packed full of stunning photo locations

the Oregon Coast. of Brookings, the Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of Check the current weather, weather conditions, or see what’s happening before you go. The photos below provide a glimpse into the history of Little Whale Cove during the days of William Depoe, the Siletz Tribe and Maling family. Bay, where you will find almost endless photography opportunities. coastline with some of the best photographic opportunities.

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