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LIDAR scanners are commonly mounted to aircraft or vehicles. Digital access or digital and print delivery. He was ferociously skeptical of institutions and spoke openly about stashing money, specifically gold — in the freezer, buried in the hedge maze, or somewhere else on the property. McLemore had even said, to Reed and to Goodson himself, that he wanted to leave his (considerable) assets to Goodson when he died — a major source conflict as the podcast progresses. S-Town tells the story of an alleged murder and another death, and winds up focusing on John McLemore's tortured relationship with the town of Woodstock, his own inner demons, and Goodson (pictured), Goodson (pictured) will receive a 10-year suspended sentence and spend five years on probation under an agreement. Goodson struggles with law enforcement, Mary Grace (McLemore’s mother), and Rita (McLemore’s cousin) as he attempts to collect items he had allegedly been promised and even some property he said he already owned — including McLemore’s secret treasure. If you're finished with "Chapter II" of S-Town, you know that the story delves in an entirely different direction than it started out. Jackson said Goodson will receive a 10-year suspended sentence and spend five years on probation under an agreement. In an interview with TuscaloosaNews.com, Goodson spoke candidly about his relationship with McLemore: Though it's clear from the way he talks about McLemore that there was a deep connection between the two men, Goodson's story hasn't been one filled with redemption ever since the death of his friend.

John B. McLemore, the main character of the podcast, practices fire-guilding (a process that melts mercury and gold together to restore clocks), and it is rumored that there are gold bars hidden in, under, and around his house, which is situated on a large wooded property in Woodstock, Alabama. “It’s caused a lot of stress in my life, and my life’s been pretty stressful as it is,” he said in an interview with WVTM-13, a central Alabama news station. Before he died, McLemore told Reed on the podcast about possibly leaving money to Goodson's family. Tyler Goodson, the sidekick to John B. McLemore, the protagonist of “S-Town,” has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty, a felony, adding to his legal woes.

As Reed points out in "Chapter IV," for every finger directing blame at someone else, there are two more pointing blame right back. Mr. Goodson had been out on bond. Hicks was also featured in the hit podcast about Woodstock, Alabama. Lawrence said Goodson complicated things by continuing to visit  the property, even after she and others had asked him to wait for her to be legally granted guardianship of the McLemore property.

The case was initially set for trial on Feb. 13, but was continued.
Separately, a judge in neighboring Jefferson County last month dismissed charges of domestic violence, burglary and child endangerment filed against Goodson in February alleging he broke into an estranged girlfriend's home in 2015 waving a gun and making threats. Calls to his office and an email were not immediately returned. “S-Town,” hosted by Brian Reed, began as a murder investigation, but quickly became something else entirely: a chronicle of Mr. McLemore’s life in his small town of Woodstock, Ala. Trump threatens legal action to stop Pennsylvania counting votes three days after the election in 'dangerous' decision he says cause 'violence on the streets' and 'rampant cheating', Lady Gaga tells Joe's rally crowd to 'vote against Trump because he thinks he has the right to grab your daughters' as Obama, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen help the Dems' final push, 'Why should we trust Joe?' If you’re one of the many that have binged S-Town, the hit podcast from the producers of This American Life and Serial that dropped last week, you will have noticed that gold plays a central role in the story. An Alabama man featured in the hit podcast 'S-Town' pleaded guilty to criminal charges linked to events that occurred in the series. Goodson worked on the older man's property, was so close with the family he called McLemore's mother "Mama," and spent the day leading up to his friend's suicide with him celebrating their own Father's Day. Bryan Jones, an assistant district attorney for Bibb County who is prosecuting the case, said the release of “S-Town” has had an effect on the case. Michael Jackson, the Bibb County district attorney, says Tyler Goodson pleaded guilty Monday to a felony burglary charge and two misdemeanor counts of theft and criminal trespassing. Reed confirmed that the alleged murder McLemore brought him down to Woodstock to investigate never happened. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. "We do not speak as often or as loudly as those who support Adnan Syed, but we care just as much about this case," they said in a statement after he was granted a new trial in July, according to The New York Times. The alleged victim did not want the case to go forward. Hence McLemore’s pockmarked forest, and Goodson’s fruitless efforts. McLemore's cousins allege Goodson is a "conman," adding that all the circumstances that would leave Goodson open to take goods from McLemore's estate just don't add up. This may or may not have led him to treasure, but in conjunction with his metal detector it certainly would have helped narrow the field and push the odds in his favor. According to the final episodes of S-Town, the story leaves off with Goodson awaiting trial for trespassing onto McLemore's property in addition to the charges against him for removing vehicles from the property. "I’ve often thought I can continue to live and burn up my saved money or I could donate it to someone that might need it more that’s younger who’s life is ahead of them," McLemore said. Tyler Goodson, 26, faces felony charges in connection with allegations that Goodson took items he says are his from the property of John McLemore. Join Facebook to connect with Tyler Goodson and others you may know. Both Serial and S-Town represent storytelling in its highest form. The story twists, turns, and all together leaves its central arc behind, but what happens to its main "characters"? (Seriously, stop reading now if you haven't finished "Chapter II"!)

“Honestly, by looking at it, a younger guy trying to get guardianship of a lady that he is not related to in any way, the fact that he disobeyed a judge’s orders and the fact he went on the property after it was well established that he was not supposed to, an impartial jury would be more of a concern for the defense than the prosecution,” he said. After McLemore died, Mary Grace was placed in the care of Reta Lawrence, McLemore’s cousin who ended up taking ownership of the property. “All I asked for was my own belongings and they won’t even do that, so I will fight it to the bitter end.”. All rights reserved. By Dailymail.com Reporter and Associated Press, Published: 15:10 EST, 16 October 2017 | Updated: 17:43 EST, 16 October 2017. Reach Drew Taylor at drew.taylor@tuscaloosanews.com or 205-722-0204. McLemore is an antique clock repairman and central figure in “S-Town,” an online podcast that has been downloaded more than 16 million times since March 28 and remains the top downloaded podcast on iTunes’ podcast chart as of Saturday.

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