twisted wonderland opening lyrics

It was seemingly empty here as Floyd complained and was ready to leave when Jade spotted something. Did you see all of that?”. What?! You did so before asking the obvious question: 'what are you guys doing.’, “Eating breakfast, of course, can’t you tell?”. But nevertheless, it's here now! At least Jamil understood you, agreeing that Jade was going too far. “Yeah, I did.

That was the last of the voice as you stared at the hand inside of the mirror, thinking that there is no way. You got major goosebumps all over with your heart beating so fast and you could feel your face turn at least cherry red, thankful that at least these two wouldn’t see it hopefully, unbeknownst to you as they chuckled. Jade gave a smile to his brother, pointing to the coffin and a finger to be silent as the two would make their way over to it. For this theme, I decided to do something with flying lessons since that is the most obvious thing to do for this. El tema musical twisted wonderland opening movie tiene tiempo de duracion de 1:43, este tema musical está en su playlist del canal de Youtube Night Raven y cuenta con mas de 494,922 visitas y va en incremento.

affiliates. GRIM: Huh? He is certainly yours now, and this is bigger than your old pot at least,” Jade had spoken, chuckling with a knowing smirk. “I know that you’re in your Book Club meeting right now. But you fell for our trap so easily.”. It’s comfier and so much more fun!” Kalim cheered as he had flown down next to Sander, giving a big smile. …Don’t run away from me.”. You were very confused and worried, seeing a smile that looked creepy as he stared right at you. Sander screamed out as someone’s dark magic went wide and was heading towards another student close by.

Sander readjusted his eyes, only to hear the one Leech twin and look down at himself. All I can hear is proof that you’ve never looked at the school bulletin boards that have been updated since September! It was innocent enough coming from Sander’s mouth as Azul tried to hide the blush on his face, chuckling. But the difficult part would be finding an opportunity to steal it when it won’t be on Azul and without being spotted. While you didn’t realise that time what you got yourself into, after breakfast you became aware that you and the Heartslabyul boys (except Riddle) were going to make afternoon tea cakes for everyone. ( Log Out /  But instead there was Jade, standing in front of a mausoleum as he smirked at you. mods. Sander had felt the arms around him as he too hugged Azul, having gone from passionate making out to feeling Azul’s lips go down his neck. Just, a mere blink of an eye and everything disappeared, leaving you surrounded by darkness.

Then he ran out and headed straight for the Monstro Lounge, walking inside as he saw Azul. Your eyes opened wide, remembering that his lips usually tasted of earthy mushrooms due to his love of them.

So you kept going before hearing the most evil and loudest laughter possible, sounding like it was coming closer and closer. He always dreamed of leaving the island, living the kind of life he wanted to have, which is why he eagerly accepted the invitation to Night Raven College. You knocked a few times before entering, but no one seemed to answer, which caused even more fear to set in your heart. First came dark clouds appearing over the school as the rain quickly came down and turned into a heavy downpour, everyone very surprised.

Could it hold three people? I want to taste your oyster sauce tart too!”. He called out, serious and trying his best to be commanding but the students just took one look at him and laughed. GRIM: (mumbling, sleep-talking) This turkey is mine…YUU: The mirror is shining again…? But what he said was a lie as the twins weren’t going to let you sleep so easily. You jumped at the sudden words coming from right behind you, turning around to see that it was Jade and Floyd Leech as you sighed.

Why are you all in here? Sander had been smiling the whole time as he then hung up the phone, sighing. Eventually, made to an area that resembled a kitchen. Unfortunately you then felt yourself bump right back into someone before feeling arms squeeze around your body tightly. Sander felt so nervous, realizing just how high up he was and not liking it one bit. He smiled, seeing that it was Azul as he answered it.

Then you coughed when he started squeezing you tighter and tighter, kicking your legs and finding it hard to breathe. You said happily with your cheeks stuffed. I mean it when I say that I want you all for myself. Looking past all the counters and fridge and such you saw a back door, opened wide, allowing you to hear people chattering. “Ah, (Y/N)! !ACE: Is food all that runs in your mind? From there, he would eventually meet his fairytale prince as he comes riding in on a white horse, the two falling madly in love before getting married and living happily together. Finally the project was done, relieved before Jade sent a text asking for you to come to the greenhouse. Sander then felt as he was quickly pulled by Azul and pushed into an empty coffin before Azul got in too, pulling the lid back on top. He didn’t like it when you wanted to go hang out with friends for a while or do something by yourself, insisting that he be there with you. You grumbled and groaned, annoyed but knew that you couldn’t say no to him. It was unfinished and rather unkempt since it was only used for storage and hardly anyone came up here. But then you got a text from Kalim, asking you to come over in a little and hang out as they were gonna have their own Halloween party with lots of candy and sweets. TwstOBer 12. He didn’t mind working so late, especially since it gave the two of them some actual alone time. Did something happen during the holiday? He was walking through a hallway and looking out at the courtyard when he noticed students fighting and using magic against each other. Come and join us!”, Cater waved to you, calling you over to the table. But still, this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you and it may never come again. It would be just his luck that when he thought he could get away from them, they followed him all the way here. Quédate calmado. “Now, you stole Azul’s magic wand didn’t you? “See? He quickly caught up to you, wrapping his arms around you as he started to squeeze. If those auditions were based on singing alone, you would have made it hands down.”. Omg, all of Twisted Wonderland knows who the Great Seven were but they don’t know Mickey Mouse. Finally came the thunder, a flash when it struck down right in the middle of the courtyard so close to the group of students as everyone just screamed. Happy first part of Pomefiore story~!!

Thinking about it, you remember that during Flying class no one has their magic wand on them at all. The fog had come rolling back in again, much thicker than before as you could not see the path back to the gated entrance. Deuce asked, smiling at how you nodded so enthusiastically while munching some more. Scarabia - Scarabia x reader, Since this theme is Scarabia, I decided to also do something with Halloween for them. So go bother someone else then.”. “Flying on a magic carpet?! If that Mickey guy shows up again in the mirror, why don’t you try taking a pic of him using the Ghost Camera the Headmaster gave you?ACE: That’s a magical tool that can snap anything with a soul, right? But Deuce had heard this as he got excited now.

Of course there were a lot of items that had gotten blown away by the wind and ended up being found damaged or lost and not able to be found. You were shocked as somehow he had gotten photos of you in your mummy state, thinking that you couldn’t let those be seen by anyone. “This is ‘entirely’ what you had wished for.”.

It was so new to you, and you couldn’t help but gawk, seeing the use of magic in real life. You looked at everyone wondering if you said something wrong, but a hearty laugh resonated the room. Perhaps we’ll place you in a tomb and leave you there alone all night long until morning.”. He gulped, feeling himself start floating upwards on the broom before panicking once again. Jade knew how dangerous that snake was, especially with that Unique Magic of his and afraid that he would steal you away from him.

You are just like Azul and Jade!”. That would be stupid.”.

“Ace, what’s going on? Karma Bites Back | A Twisted Wonderland Oneshot TwstOBer 20.

We get a treat, or we get to trick you. But then you remembered that the attic needed to be cleaned up, figuring that you might as well do it now. Cater patted your head, snapping a picture of the creations once placed on a cooling rack. Mornin’~DEUCE: Good morning to you both. Sander nodded, hearing Azul as he watched the other walk over to a grand piano and sit down at it. No, it was not because you didn’t have a costume to wear, you just didn’t want to wear one after all.

“That was great! He figured that since you weren’t wearing a costume unlike everyone else, you were the only one suitable for the job. Sander finished up cleaning and organizing the inventory as Azul still had his office door shut, not wanting to disturb him in his work. He just sincerely loves you so much, not wanting to lose you at all. To be honest, you were also beyond terrified of Jade and Floyd after all they did last night as from then on, you became their toy to play with whenever they feel like it. It was the one thing in the room that wasn’t covered in dust, wondering if someone had just placed it up here. But the moment Floyd weakened his hold to let Jade do his thing, you took the chance as you broke free and made a run for it. You were wiping up all the dust, coughing from just how much there was when you noticed something that you swore wasn’t here before. If only I wasn’t so clumsy and could dance, then I could have joined and represented Octavinelle to get the Monstro Lounge more business.”. You were stumbling to find the exit in the dark, taking a brief glance at the window only to notice it. Now give us a treat!”. Try and trick me, see if I care,” you call out as you waved and kept going, quickly getting away from them. He fixed up his hair that had gotten messed up a bit as he coughed. projects. maichiruhanabira Mod Marzi kibadreams Mod Athy .

Omg, I can’t believe we get to Crewel-sensei. You were shivering, afraid of what kind of punishment he would give. “I’m so glad that I get to be a piece of your world.”. Speaking of, I’ll have to see about borrowing one so we could go riding.”. “Say, Shrimpy? But we need someone to cover a shift for a worker who didn’t want to come into work today. Sure it was a little odd for a book club, but at least it gave him time to read what he wants for fun. GRIM: Wha—?! The two brothers pulled you out of the tomb as Jade magically undid all the bandages around you, but tied your arms behind your back with them while smirking as Floyd squeezed you again. You didn’t have any special skills or talents either, having no clue about your future and just going through your boring life day by day really.

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