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Ponte pa' lo serio que andamo' con cautiverio ¡Ah-ah. "Tu Amiga (With Justin Quiles & Dylan Fuentes Feat.

J Balvin. (Uah, uah, bebé, yo soy adicto a tu piel, uah), (Yo trato de explicarte y tú no quiere' entender que), I tried to explain but you don't want to understand. Eh Ah!

Not any longer! Can you help us out? LetsSingIt comes to you in your own language! Translation of 'Más que tu amiga' by Maribel Guardia (Maribel del Rocío Fernández-García) from Spanish to English

TU AMIGA (with Justin Quiles & Dylan Fuentes feat. Unfortunately we don't have the lyrics for the song "Tu Amiga (With Justin Quiles & Dylan Fuentes Feat. Enjoyed everywhere, Cauty, El Guaynabichy, mi chi-chi (Prr-prr), Cauty, the Guaynaabichy, my chi-chi (Prr-Prr), Yo sé que lo hace' con toda la intención (Ey, ey), I know you made it with all the intention (ey, ey), De que me dé un infarto en el corazón (Ah-ah), Tú ta' caliente conmigo chicharrón, chicharrón, You are kinky with me, pork rind, pork rind, Tú 'tá caliente conmigo chicharrón, chicharrón, You're hot whit me chicharron, chicharron, Tú ta' caliente, te vo' a tirar la chispa que te hace falta, You're hot, I'll throw you the missing spark, You realese yourself when you smoke from Maria Teresa, Se ve flaquita, pero el booty-booty pesa-pesa, Looks skinny but the booty booty heavy heavy, Bendita esa chapa pa' el que fue mi perdición, Blessed that girl from the one was my downfall, Hoy tú va' a abrir to' lo que no sea corazón, dale (dale), Today you're gonna open everything wouldn't be heart go (go), Caso contigo porque tú ere' como caso federal, I marry you cause you're like a federal case, Por favor, no me tagueen el story de Instagram (No), Please, don't tag me on the Ig story (don't), Búscate a tu amiga, dime, ¿dónde e' que está?

Tainy. Quiero a tu mamá, pa' pedirle bendición I want your mom to ask for her blessing Hoy tú va' a abrir to' lo que no sea corazón, dale (dale) Today you're gonna open everything wouldn't be heart go (go)

Anuel AA & Ozuna.

Enjoyed everywhere, Esto, esto, hey, esto e' un party por debajo 'el agua (J Balvin, man), This, this, hey, this is a party underwater (J Balvin, man), 'Tamo' bailando como pez en el agua, ey (Tainy, Tainy), We're dancin' like a fish in the water, ey (Tainy, Tainy), Every time it happens, he winks at me, hey, Esto e' un party por debajo 'el agua (uh), We're dancin' like a fish in the water, hey, Dizque me reconoció, mmm, no fue un error, hey (yeah), Dizque recognized me, um, it wasn't a mistake, hey (Yeah), Dale, sonríe, que bien la estamo' pasando (hey, ay), Come on, smile, how well we've been passing (Hey, oh), Y estamo' al Gary, ay, montamo' el party (party, party), And we're' al Gary, oh, I ride the party (Party, party), 'Tamo en Bikini con to'a la' mami' (to'a la' mami', yeah), 'Tamo in Bikini with to'a' Mommy' (To'a la' Mommy', yeah), Y debajo del mar tú me va' a encontrar (yeah), And under the sea you're going to find me (Yeah), For a long time I see that he wants to 'dance, Esto e' un party por debajo 'el agua (¡ra! Que esta noche, por mi madre, que también se va, Cuando como gabete, suelto, suelto, nunca trinco, Go on like a gable, loose, loose, never trot, Yo corto, puyo, y pa' que sepa' también hinco, ¿Te gusta el dembow?, pues Mister Greenz te hizo 70 por siete, cinco, Do you like dembow?

You're not logged in. Reggaeton Mix 2019 Vol 3 HD Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Enrique Iglesias, Ozuna, J. Balvin - Duration: 1:07:14. Copyright: Writer(s): Marcos Efrain Masis, Dylan Fuentes, Juan David Castano Montoya, Jorge Luis Perez-castano, Justin Rafael Quiles, Gabriel Enrique Pizarro Lyrics Terms of Use. Oops, we don't have these lyrics yet. Look for you friend, tell me, where is she? English translation of lyrics for Callaita by Bad Bunny feat. Choose your language below.

lyrics Tainy. Han pasado varios día' y 'toy enfermo de ti Dime, ¿qué me hiciste, ma'? Not all languages are fully translated. Is your language not listed? Read more about it here. Latin Urban; Are you this artist?

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well, Mister Greenz made you 70 for seven, five, Abusando el poder, mujer, con esos dos melone' (Abusando), Abusing power, woman, with those 2 melons (abusing), ¿Dónde te pongo el paquete?, que el Guaynabichy hoy lo pone, Where I put the pack, today Guaynabichy put on you, Pa' lamberte el bacala'o y no en piñone', ey, To lick your codfish fritter but not in piñones. (Uh).

), 'Tamo' bailando como pez en el agua, hey (uh), We're dancin' like a fish in the water, hey (uh), We are 'dancing like a fish in the water (Wuh), hey, But dancin' you can see my judgement, hey, Soy una estrella pero no soy Patricio, no, Y sonríe que así te ve' bonita, wow, de revista, And he smiles that this is how he sees you 'pretty, wow, from the magazine, Bajo el sol pa' que quede' morenita, hay party, Under the sun just to keep you tanned, there's party. Overview; Contributors; Albums; Lyrics for top songs by Tainy. Not any longer! Adicto (with Anuel AA & Ozuna) Tainy, Anuel AA, Ozuna. (Oh-oh, oh-oh). 23 Boy Band Slow Jams That Made You Believe In Love, POPULAR SONG: J Balvin, Tainy - "Agua" (Music From 'Sponge On The Run' Movie) - LYRICS, HOT SONG: Jennifer Lopez & Maluma – "Pa Ti" - LYRICS, 15 Huge Stars Who Were Backup Singers First, HOT SONG: Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA & Kendo Kaponi - "Don Don" - LYRICS, 27 Best Ever Songs From Movie Soundtracks. Tainy lyrics Tu Amiga (With Justin Quiles & Dylan Fuentes Feat.

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