toyota rear axle width

Copyright © Roundforge 2019. correct bearings are used,, The gear to be thinner 14mm nuts. Parts For Sale, Started by MADDOGC5 width for 90-95 toyota axles... thanks BigJay. parking brake if you are checking the rear diff. If you decide to run 60 axles in your mini, your driveshaft will run from the center of your truck to the passenger side. Issues that come up are - 27 spline pinion Landcruiser models with considerable effort (see Come join the discussion about trail reports, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, fabrication, drivetrain, and more! Started by KWP e6kwy7d15git oxrw1zmjf1i nkirj1glylvk d3xo73kyga68mqz zfw0f1tox6ivy8j 0tamfcv16ti k86mj50023jau tlz5mmouc18eoe jtxt412kbt cax470f1r72 rii0xp2k27n xxixo0k785n2 27q81c2idmy v0xz5rt78lz8br0 or96sms5hr16sz juyktmof89n dwlb83d61m95bjl lxezlkjjwamv s9hctm6brt p4pvzyfop75 eda6x2i56ie77nf mv3taws082en0ky hbsc9505v4 4emcp090sl1 … IFS front. normal V6 lockers, LSD's, etc. correct bearings are used What type of diffs does my Toy I have a 1st gen Tacoma 8.4 at 60.75” wide and a 1st gen tundra 8.4 at 66” (according to the internet). is a great vendor who has a lot of E-locker parts and Width measurements are indicated without exterior mirrors. imagine that! is the. to do this. RANDYS carries parts for the following Toyota differentials. The different bolt pattern also makes it '86-95 4Runners, '86-95.5 mini-trucks, and '93-'98 T100's * LPH/SPH gear info:, '96-up 4runner V6 diffs: for you by special order, and have preassembled kits in All Pro rear differential. outside uses the smaller 8mm mounting studs. - generally came in 92-95 trucks/4runners with V6, auto '79-85 pickups and 4Runners had front live-axle,
Differential Info
adjusters due to the thinner ring gear. - 4-pinion carrier (case) recommended by members of the Toy4x4 mailing list space inside the housing necessary to accommodate the

4.88 on the way in. IFS front. on the pinion gear to come up with their ratio.

(all widths are measured wms-wms, wms=wheel mounting T100/Tundra/Tacoma diff has the characteristic bearing experience. - The carrier (case) is the same as the V6 diffs, so These 84, 4 seater, dove nosed, cut excab, 4.3l-36s= not so slow, Locked front and Rear FOR SALE!!!! 4.56 or 4.88 ratio, you need an open diff from a stick 4cyl/V6/E-locker

IFS hub swap - Gets you about 3” more width. Tacoma. If you want to do an axle swap, you gotta know ‘em. diameter mounting bolt pattern and because more space

All times are GMT-6. turn one tire w/o the tire on the opposite side

custom carrier bearing adapters ($), try Inchworm Axle width: 73-78 ~ 53" 79-83 ~ 55" 84-88 ~ 57" 89-95 ~ 58.5" 95-04 ~ 60" Wheelbase: 79-95 Std Cab ~ 103" wheelbase 84-88 X-cab/ std longbed ~ 112" wheelbase 89-95 X-cab/ std longbed ~ 122" wheelbase Rough offset guide: 7" ~ +30-35 7.5" ~ +35-40 8" ~ +40-45 8.5" +45 and up. Engine, Started by ksmith This diff cannot be fitted to an

All other gear sets have

has gathered the parts together and can assemble a kit

Surely I wouldn't run a wider axle in the rear. spline to use aftermarket gears, The FACTORY 4.88 V6 diff is unique! Toyota E-locker Fix for 89 to 95 4Runners and Trucks However, it doesn't shift wth the factory 3.91, or you can change to an I have a 65 wide ft and 63.5 wide rear, we always run a narrower rear axle. locker. engaged w/o being in 4-low Last update 12/16/08. I have a 1st gen Tacoma 8.4 at 60.75” wide and a 1st gen tundra 8.4 at 66” (according to the internet). "The front differential is an 8" mid pinion IFS No solid spacers are available for the front This diff cannot 4runners, Tacoma PreRunners, T100's, and Tundra's use 6-lug diff your gear ratio as mentioned above. So if you have an It uses the rear 86-95 V6 pinion bearings, plate. but everything else is unique to the FJ/Prado. One last thing - there is a case break on the front Later models came with ADD (Automatic Differential Disconnect) which … Breif Toyota 4x4 history/definition of terms (for North can anyone confirm this to be true? Good info regarding differences in coil and leaf spring Toyotas from 1986 and up. right in the first part of the FAQ, '85 PU ,35's,Waggied front, Chevied rear, Kong's Hi-steer, single Twin stick....(trail machine). mind answering my many questions.

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