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As the final cat to be unlocked, the Battle Cats Titan Cat is a great addition to your team. Area attacks have powerful knockback vs Zombies. Keep in mind that while Titan Cat is brilliant in short-range fights where it easily clears the field, it lacks that speed and range for fights with enemies that have long-range. He has Mythical Titan Cat’s bigger hands and wears a T-shirt with the Japanese phrase for “I love mackerel”. True Form increases health and knockbacks. Team up with Dragon Cat, Paris Cat or Drama Cat for the best defense & attack strategy. As the final cat to be unlocked, the Battle Cats Titan Cat is a great addition to your team. Battle Cats Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The spunky interns of Cat Corps of Engineers built a super sweet tactical aircraft. Utilize his True Form (Jamiera) knockback ability to defeat Flappy Cat and bosses including Master A and Sunfish Jones. Mythical Titan Cat: The evolved form of Titan Cat, it has the same body form (with added sixpack) but instead of the face of a cat its face is big, dark and scary-looking and the hands are bigger. So, if you'd excuse me, I'd like to create another Special Cat usage thread, for me to ask my question, and for everyone else to see if needed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It attacks by dropping a wooden bomb that breaks upon hitting the ground. I'm sorry if I missed an up-to-date post about Special Cats (If so, please point me to it), I'm a noob both in-game and "out-game" . The steel hawk that controls the sky has deployed a high-profile crew! Here's your chance to raise and play with them for free! While being a bit slow, it has the much-needed ability to knock back enemies when in True Form (Jamiera) mode. Mighty Bomburr is an excellent support unit against Zombies, especially hordes. Mighty Bomburr is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Frontline Assault Iron Legion and Best of the Best events. True Form: Similar to the evolved form, except the entirety appears to be tinted blue. Titan Cat. Kung Fu is kind of useless later into the game, and nothing else is really worth getting. 0 + Follow - Unfollow 4px arm (Classic) Background Titan Cat Bbruner37. The ultimate aerial threat, dropping endless megatons of munition on ground threats. It has a good attack rate combined with loads of stamina, strength and a damage and health status that last a long time! Short attack animation compared to other Uber Rares. None, the only good specials you get for free just playing the game, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Evolves into NEK-0 Sky Fortress at level 10. You can obtain True Form (Jamiera) Cat at level 20+10 with Cat Tickets. Collect all the cats in the Battle Cats! Evolves into NEK-02 Air Citadel at level 30 using Catfruit. True Form (Jamiera) Cat is brilliant at playing defense due to its crazy amount of stamina, the ability to knockback its enemies and not getting knocked back itself until it actually dies. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The True Form's "Fat Rice Cat" is located at the very top middle of the ship, above the chef cat. The commander appears during the attack animation, two panels on the top slide apart and a platform emerges from within that has him on it. Yuru-i GeGeGe no Kitarou: Youkai Dotabata Daisensou, https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/Mighty_Bomburr_(Uber_Rare_Cat)?oldid=479978. Nothing like having the double-research combo, and spamming BOOSTED RAMEN(Reget reference!) Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. This cat is also from Battle cats! The True Form has the exact same body and looks of the original Battle Cats Titan Cat, just a tad taller. as both a meat shield/tank/DPS all in one. The commander appears to be wearing a top hat and holding a cane. Area attacks deliver powerful knockback vs Zombies. However, I think most of them are just outdated or not really good enough. I'd like to buy Kung-fu next, because of his True Form, but I'm wondering if he's good even AFTER the update. Here is an up-to-date one by LucasTheFourth. Evolved Form: A metal vehicle resembling a combination between an airship and a plane. One of the worst cats in the entire game. Download and play The Battle Cats on PC / Mac now. Apart from the two of them, I find no Cats worth buying, but then I've seen some of the most experienced players out there using Sumo and Zombie, and I got curious. I'd like to buy Kung-fu next, because of his True Form, but I'm wondering if he's good even AFTER the update. Sign In Register. 441 . He is especially useful in the final stages of the game. Its knockback ability can forever keep Zombies from your front line, allowing. You can work up your level to even gain the ability to tank Assassin Bears! A force of total aerial domination and a key weapon in the Cat's quest to create an ideal world. Any advices would be greatly appreciated ^. The steel fence that dominated the sky raises higher spirits.Creat the world of the ideal with the ultimate weapon NE-KO2 breaks.Always blow up zombies. Well, about my problem, I know Samba Cat is a thing, and had bought him already. This cat is also from Battle cats! Appearance-wise, the evolved form of this unit is similar to. Some of the airmen's hats are also tinted blue and the clothes flying from a flagpole are now in color. While being a bit slow, it has the much-needed ability to knock back enemies when in True Form (Jamiera) mode. Adorable cats go wild all over the world! 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