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Paladins. Smite account for sale or for merge to PS4, CHEAP, EXCLUSIVE. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Welcome to why console players want a way, even if just once a year, to buy previous skins that they had no means of getting ahold of *coughArchonThanatoscough*,, If this is your first visit, be sure to I think it might be coming soon again. You pay me through: PAYPAL only as a gift so I can use the money imediatly becouse I just made my paypal account; CS:GO Skins; PAYSAFECARD; Steam Wallet Code. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1. First tracks announced for Guitar Hero Live! How we'll do the deal: Hi-Rez studios are due to announce that the account merge feature for Smite is now available.

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Not that I want compensation, I just want to avoid duplicates in the first place, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

PlayStation™Vue, Xperia Lounge If you ask me, they should have left the feature of at least merging gods owned and skins owned. Archived. To link your accounts, visit a participating service and sign in. I merge my SMITE PC Account to PlayStation 4 for 40 EURO !

Then classes started back up so I took a break until about a week ago when I started playing on my roommate's PS4, getting to around level 17 using my PSN account.

To link your accounts, visit a participating service and sign in. Press J to jump to the feed. PlayStation™Now But i just wanted to double check that I am not missing something. I understand now this was a temporary feature offered when the game left Beta or … Posted by 1 year ago. PlayStation™Music Now just one sign-in ID and password provide access to the … Close. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Account XP has been added together from all your accounts. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Follow the instructions to update your account. And I am pretty sure duplicates dont get compensated. We don’t know yet, they might fit it so you cab merge skins etc but not yet. Own the Legends with the latest Project CARS 3 DLC, Feel the Bass hit with the Fishing Sim World: Bass Pro Shops Edition, Race The World as DIRT 5 launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts – 3rd-9th November 2020, Looking Back to 2015 and the Yoof Culture Stylings of Need For Speed, Supraland Review – A Little-Big Adventure, Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball: Volume 6 Review, Join the resistance as Watch Dogs: Legion comes to Xbox One, PS4, Stadia and PC, The classics return as Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle get Remastered for Xbox One and Game Pass, Car Mechanic Simulator to open the Xbox One and PS4 garage doors come June 2019, Ranking All 6 Devil May Cry Games: from Dismal to Smokin’ Sexy, Get ahead of the competition with the Forza Horizon 4 Welcome Pack on Xbox One and PC. Developer World. Say a lot with a little When you see a Tweet you love, tap the heart — … © 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, Modern Slavery Transparency Act Statement. SMITE, the world's No. Smite PC to Xbox account merge now available.

SMITE Partner Program Forum Esports Official ... Get this exclusive skin on all Cross-Progression platforms when you link your Playstation account.

Press J to jump to the feed.


So I have a quick question about the PS4/PC seperate accounts merging. Ok. Share. All the links related to this I find are either old or conflicting.

0. My SMITE PC Account is: 2801-smite-account-level-30-god-pack-poolseidon-sk in-odyssey-2016-rising-dawn-40-a.html I first played SMITE on PS4, bought the god packed, more or less lvl 100 etc. Here is the source:, The more time i play on the PC the more likely I will be getting duplicate skins and whatnot I already own on the PS4 lol.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Smite always has been and always will be completely free-to-play. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I merge my SMITE PC Account to PlayStation 4 for 20 EURO ! 1. Is it really happening? Back. You have entered an incorrect email address! By.

Be sure to check out our. check out the, Welcome to the forums Unregistered! Hello, I want to sell this account, also I'm willing to let someone merge it to PS4. Store.

Xperia Care Not that I want compensation, I just want to avoid duplicates in the first place.

1. Yeah...Right...Sure...And I'm The King of England! Fuck Sony. Covering only the best in the latest news and reviews for all things Xbox related – Series X|S, One, 360 – we aim to be a one stop hub for all your Xbox needs, without all the useless guff that you really don’t want to know about. Please answer this question to prove you are a real person * You will be able to sign in to those services using the same sign-in ID and password. Now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, & Mac! Or you have this limited skin that will never be released again that was never re-released for console players to get it. When you are done come back and sign in to PlayStation Network to link your account.

PS4/PC account merge. Finally here’s the official account merging tutorial video from Hi-Rez.

Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios on PC, XB1, PS4 and Switch. Cross-progression isn't available with PS4 at the moment and HiRez said that theyre working with Sony to try to get it online for PS4 players. The transfer which adds your PC data on top of any current Xbox data, and while it will be open from now for Alpha and early access users until after the official release on Xbox One, this is a one-time merge, so after this both accounts will run independantly, so you might want to hold off until you’ve spent those gems if you’re a regular P.C player. Be sure to check back soon as TXH bring you more news on Smite closer to the official release. Sadly Gems, Mastery levels, Stats & achievements won’t carry over, so be sure to use your gems to unlock any skins you’d like to carry over. My SMITE PC Account is: tml (H) 2 smite early access codes (W) account merge. Realm Royale. Got a PC, made an account with the same name and realized I would have to start from scratch. PS4/PC account merge. And I am pretty sure duplicates dont get compensated. My Account 2.

I then linked my accounts expecting the data to merge. Ubisoft come to London with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. It’s a pretty straightforward process of linking your accounts, by confirming both your Xbox and HiRez accounts, and then accepting the link to also unlock the Zeus ‘X’ skin for both accounts, so if you want to jump straight in, you can do so by CLICKING HERE. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. So I have a quick question about the PS4/PC seperate accounts merging. Exclusive Xbox Zeus Skin. If you wish to exercise any privacy rights you may have in relation to a particular Sony service, you should still contact the specific Sony group company responsible – see the service’s privacy policy for contact details. Hahaha you really thought so.... nope. You give me your PlayStation 4 account, I log in, I put my SMITE PC Account and after I COPY my PC Smite account. Follow the instructions to update your account.

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