sig sauer mcx 300 blackout

The ability to shoot subsonic ammo creates the optimal platform for sound and flash suppressed firearms and provides an AR-15 platform ideal for tactical use, self- defense, and having fun. The 300 Blackout cartridge owes its popularity and versatility due to the fact that it can be equally efficient in rifles and pistol-length barrels. While the ergonomic and textured pistol grip offers perfect control. SIG SAUER® Unveils the Next Evolution in Rifle Technology: The SIG MCXTM Page 2 The accessory compatible rail and handguard allows the user to mount lights, lasers, and optics to improve the overall functionality for different applications. The gun is precisely made, with quality parts, by competent engineers, from a solid company that makes rock-solid guns…so why they didn’t spend a little more time on a better trigger is beyond me. That being said, you can put another bang switch in there, and even with the factory one, you’re getting an incredibly well-made, thoughtfully-designed, modular rifle. In order to stabilize the .300 BLK, the Rattler`s hammer forged 5.5-inch barrel features a 1:5 rifling twist.The free-floating, carbon steel barrel with nitride finish is topped with a two-position, adjustable gas piston system where the muzzle has a three-prong flash suppressor. A full-length picatinny top rail allows for the mounting of lights or optics. Recoil was typically light as you’d expect for something in 5.56, and I didn’t mind shooting 300 or so rounds through the gun over the course of a few hours, even with the Sig Brace shouldered. Did I forget to mention this trigger sucks!!! Considering its price, the weapon is also good for beginners and casual shooters just wanting to add a 300blk pistol to their inventory. The heavy profile barrel features a 1 in 8" twist rate and muzzle with an A2 flash hider.Interestingly, this rifle configuration firearm utilizes a pistol-length gas system instead of a carbine gas system, because the shorter pistol gas system is most preferred for reliability and when using a suppressor, which the .300 AAC Blackout was made for. The barrel is also threaded to let you add a suppressor. Ideally, this pistol is an amazing weapon for tactical operations. Its very good, doesn’t require an adaptor, and takes standard STANAG-type AR mags. NEWINGTON, N.H. (January 12, 2015) — SIG SAUER, Inc., continues to set new standards in firearm design, innovation, and performance with the introduction of the SIG MCXTM. Now, bearing in mind the short barrel, my unfamiliarity with the gun, the pistol brace for a stock, and the lack of a great trigger, I wasn’t expecting this accuracy to be super great here.

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