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I’m doing just fine!” she said. Since Sheinelle underwent surgery, the coronavirus hit the United States and more states were placing stay-at-home orders. "I just wanted you to know that I’m okay, and to thank you for all of your messages and prayers. Since the TODAY show films in New York, it makes sense that’s where her home is. "I booked a hotel room," she said on the show. "Well, we will be waiting patiently for you to come home," Hoda Kotb added. “I miss you guys.

Until next time South Carolina ! “And I have to tell you, it has been phenomenal. On a segment of TODAY that aired after her initial announcement, Jones recounted how her own family noticed how speech had become difficult for her at holidays; and public engagements suddenly became a huge point of stress. Recovery included two weeks of vocal rest and six weeks before she could be back on air. Here's wishing Sheinelle a very happy birthday this weekend! Viewers are thrilled to have her face and voice back on air even remotely as COVID-19 measures to physically distance are in place, but there was one question on people’s minds: Why is Sheinelle Jones in South Carolina? “Everything is OK. Sheinelle is broadcasting from there since going down south to recover from her recent vocal chord surgery. I just wanted you to know that I’m okay, and to thank you for all of your messages and prayers. ", How to make the most of your summer stay-cation. She said that there is a legion on her throat, which has made it difficult for her to speak for long periods of time, and it makes her sound hoarse at times. We made our way to the Hollywood sign (you can’t get as close anymore).... but the highlight for my fam? It's a routine procedure for ENT specialists, and it's expected that the television host will be back on air within six weeks, barring any complications. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. )”, (Swipe right below to see all the sweet snaps! She is the only child of her parents. The 3rd hour of TODAY host shared side-by-side pics of herself — one from when she was six years old and the other from this morning, and the similarities are uncanny. After watching her announcement and studying other instances when Jones has opened up about the condition, here's what we know: A post shared by Sheinelle Jones (@sheinelle_o) on Feb 20, 2020 at 3:01pm PST. Who is Sheinelle Jones' husband? ; The procedure that Jones underwent is … She hasn't completely checked out of her daily routine, however. Her son Kayin, 10, also served as an adorable spokesman for his mom. Since there are many stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic, Sheinelle said that although she’s cleared to be back at work, she felt it was best to “just stay put” in South Carolina, especially since her co-anchors at TODAY are broadcasting from home, too, in order to maintain physical distance. I remember when I was little I would see older people crying in church; my mom would explain that they were “moved” and “rejoicing,” with happy tears. I literally felt the power of so many well wishes and prayers. All of her TODAY cohosts seem to agree: she'll be greatly missed, but welcomed back with open arms when her voice has fully healed. Why Did Tamron Hall Leave the 'Today Show'? The co-host of the 3rd hour of … ), Sheinelle continued, writing, “When I got here, I was still on vocal rest ... months later - I leave (with a mask) .... but so thankful for what this time has taught me .... and the healing power of nature. On the 3rd hour of TODAY, co-anchors Craig Melvin, Dylan Dreyer (joined by her husband, Brian Fichera, who is recovering from COVID-19 and baby Ollie) and Al Roker made sure to throw her a surprise birthday party, while holding up homemade signs and toasting her with a little day drinking! The Philadelphia native and Today co-host has been married to Uche Ojeh since 2007. Uche works as a consultant in New York City. Sheinelle Jones shared a video update from home and revealed she is talking again after her vocal cord surgery last month.

While she's not totally through her tough recovery period just yet, it seems that Jones is off to a really good start. It is more common for people in the broadcasting/entertainment industry to get these legions because of the nature of their work. (she previously shared details about a vocal-cord polyp, A post shared by Sheinelle Jones (@sheinelle_o), it's a gift to sit still and do some soul searching, Dreyer's seat is also currently being covered, See More Precious Pics of Dylan Dreyer's New Baby, The 'Today' Show Is About to Be Really Different, Savannah Gives Fans an Update on Her Eye Surgery. "It's beautiful here in South Carolina," she said. Get the best news, information and inspiration from TODAY, all day long. Sheinelle Jones will celebrate her 42nd birthday on Sunday but from the looks of her most recent ... "It's beautiful here in South Carolina," she said. This content is imported from Third party. She was born to C. Darnell Jones II and Sheila Kinnard. “The last 5 months have been filled with so much uncertainty .... but having this time together as a family has been the silver lining.

She then told Uche's dad that she would give him a tour around the school, and to leave him with her. “Hi everybody, guess what? “It is a mess, but if anything, I just want to be there, be part of the conversation. Though the polyp has long been gone, Sheinelle said her subsequent issues with her voice were affecting her life in many ways. Although she didn’t make any announcement formally, Sheinelle decided to rest and recover outside of New York City and she and her family headed to South Carolina. Following the shelter-in-place orders due to coronavirus, she and her family decided to stay put. ", Sheinelle told her fellow TODAY co-hosts that she's "so sad" to leave after spending five months down in South Carolina, "The last 5 months have been filled with so much uncertainty .... but having this time together as a family has been the silver lining. 21 Pumpkin Faces to Carve or Design This Halloween, 75 Creative Couple Halloween Costumes for Any Duo, 40+ Seriously Cute Halloween Cupcake Ideas, 32 Epic '80s Costumes to Try This Halloween. “Listen, I had never been to South Carolina other than that one time that we vacationed outside of Hilton Head, but other than that it is so random that I am here in South Carolina,” she told Craig Melvin and Al Roker last week on TODAY. "I finally got to a place where I just have to get it removed," she explained. Sheinelle Jones Has One of the Longest Marriages in the 'Today' Family, Peter Alexander From 'Today' Is Married to a Fellow Journalist, and They're Adorable Together, Fans Are Convinced That Savannah Guthrie Is Pregnant Again, Nicki Minaj Announces a New Single With a Never Before Seen Pregnant Pic, Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty's Relationship Is Still Going Strong, 'Morganville Vampires' Author Rachel Caine Passes From Cancer, There's Going to be a Third Season of 'You' and We've Got the Details. I just remember a male voice kindly but firmly telling me to “please stop talking.” ☺️ At the time, I was trying to tell them that I was “awake” and not to use the breathing tube yet lol - but clearly they were already finished. While it certainly sounds intense, Jones' vocal-cord lesion is actually more common for people who are consistently using their voice — singers, lawyers, actors, and other journalists may experience vocal fold trauma while on the clock. But now, her voice is starting to come back, and she sounded upbeat during her latest video message. I just remember a male voice kindly but firmly telling me to “please stop talking.” ☺️ At the time, I was trying to tell them that I was “awake” and not to use the breathing tube yet lol - but clearly they were already finished. "In the mornings, I get anxiety sometimes when the producers say, 'Can you do a story this morning at 8 o'clock?' Hi everybody! From her long, black hair to her bright eyes, Sheinelle doesn't look a day older than her elementary school self, and it's clear from her big smile that her love of life and positive outlook has endured over the years. "You look like you're 21," commented Craig, proving that pretty much everyone agrees that Sheinelle simply doesn't age. "I remember that it was a visitation day at Northwestern, and his dad was driving around and they were lost."

Ok that’s my check in. ☀️”. To understand why, we need to go back to six weeks ago, before the coronavirus hit. “Time to start a new chapter!” the 3rd hour of TODAY co-host wrote. "If that producer didn't tell me, 'Sheinelle, you should probably go to an ENT,' I probably would've put up with it for a lot longer," she said during her announcement. Thankfully, she updated her viewers after her surgery saying that all went well, and she was quickly in the recovery phase of it all. After working in news stations in Tulsa and Philadelphia, the journalist became a co-anchor for the weekend edition of the morning show. So, miss you guys, love you guys, and I will see you soon.”, Trump is reportedly telling advisers if he loses, he expects intense scrutiny from prosecutors, How He Made $2.8M Trading Stocks Part-Time At Home, 'Extremely disturbing': Montana woman gets 50 years in prison for selling 5-year-old girl for sex, 'They're like Batman and Robin gone bad': Obama targets Georgia senators in final pitch for Democrats, Live updates and results: Election Day 2020, Trump reportedly hopes to continue his rallies if he loses, 'joked' about running again in 2024, Trump supporters chanting 'LeBron James sucks' is mind-boggling ignorance, In setback to Trump, judges rule against Republican challenges to ballots in Texas and Nevada, U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden seeks dual citizenship in U.S. and Russia for sake of future son, Texan Who Appears To Boast Of Being 'Trump Train' Basher Also Drove Through BLM Protest, Howard Stern commends Taylor Swift for taking a political stance: 'That's standing up for your country', The 3 Things Kids Can't Do in Matthew McConaughey's House Are So Smart, You'll Want to Copy Him, Politicians, not voters, are to blame for delays in Pennsylvania and Michigan's vote counting, Trump says Supreme Court did a 'very bad thing for this nation', Pete Buttigieg Schools Fox News Viewers In Testy Interview On Trump's Economy, Election 2020: Betting markets see Trump losing as battlegrounds shift toward Biden, The First Election Day Results Are Already In, Thanks To A Quirky Old Law, Eagles' win over Cowboys was so ugly, they did something that hasn't been done in NFL since 1982, President Trump tells advisers that he fears prosecution if he loses the election: report, A young Navajo woman inspires her community to head to polls on horseback: 'Our ancestors fought for this right', Several injured and 1 dead after 'terror attack' in Vienna, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's Halloween Costumes Seal the Deal On Their Rekindled Romance.

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