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Her ten-year-old brother attends a government school and has a part-time job cutting banana leafs for weddings. Another Daughters Of Destiny student, Karthika, attended law school after Shanti Bhavan to become a human rights lawyer and has dreams of being the Indian prime minister. His brother works long hours as a carpenter, from eight in the morning until late at night every day. “When I go back home, it reminds me of my past and the difficulties that my mother faced after my father left us,” he said. Reddy said he’s excited about the prospect of Shanti Bhavan opening a second school to foster those positive changes in society. Roth had already been sharing stories of vulnerable children and families for some time. Thenmozhi, also known as Thenm, is in the seventh grade at Shanti Bhavan. Shanti Bhavan, a boarding school in Tamil Nadu in southern India, has provided free education to the poor for 20 years, in exchange for a sense … educating girls is to breaking the poverty cycle, educating girls globally could end poverty. Thenmozhi is originally from Krishnagiri, in Tamil Nadu. Her primary goal has always been to make enough money to pay for her younger sister to go to medical school. Whenever Shan’s classmates are struggling, he always reaches out a hand to help. They are also given an enormous responsibility – to help their families, communities and others beyond them, to emerge from the grips of poverty. It's tremendous pressure for these young people to feel solely responsible to improve their families' circumstances. This tragic loss stimulated her interest in helping children struggling with complex emotional and psychological distress, which is often exacerbated by conditions of poverty. ), Shilpa Raj was one of the first girls admitted, at age 4.

With your help, we will construct a second school that will change the lives of hundreds of new children. Shiney is originally from Bangalore and lives with her mother and stepfather. Each child remains in the Shanti Bhavan program for 17+ years, during which time some families achieve a degree of financial stability. Log in. Manjula's sister notes, "The only difference between us is education." After watching the first episode, “The Untouchables”, I contacted the school’s staff to learn more about how they had been impacted by the documentary, and to share their story. Founded by Indian-American Dr. Abraham George, Shanti Bhavan is a school dedicated to raising children of the Dalit caste out of poverty through education. All rights reserved. Another graduate, Prasanth Kumar Reddy, 22, was raised by a single mother after his alcoholic father left the family.

Two values Kishore appreciates are taking responsibility for one’s actions and being a leader. Tamil professionals worldwide.

His mother was working as a housemaid at the time, but her salary alone was not enough to fully support the family. “She reached a point in her life when she felt there was no hope, and I never want anyone, a child or adult, to go through that again.”. The Shanti Bhavan Children's Project (in Hindi: "haven of peace") is a U.S. 501(c)(3) and India 80-G non-profit organisation based in Bangalore, India, that operates a pre-K-12 residential school in Baliganapalli, Tamil Nadu. And the benefits are undeniable. Every holiday, graduation, and special event at Shanti Bhavan is filled with dance, music, singing, and performances by students of all ages.

Shanti Bhavan has taught Janani to dream for herself, and to not simply follow the plans others decide for her. This choice led to an in-depth examination of the way gender roles impact those living in poverty, and how they intersect with caste and class. There is also an annual arts camp held in June each year. Yes! A former Indian army captain, turned American businessman, Dr. George at the age of 50 decided to sell his business to a fortune 500 company. The International Dalit Solidarity Network wrote that a 2014 report from UNICEF and UNESCO found that Dalit girls have the highest primary school exclusion rate in India.

Join now to network with The results are compassionate perspectives, which openly share many of the uplifting and heart wrenching moments students experience, living as they do with one foot in the world they were born into, and one in the world they are being guided toward. 7:16.

Children are selected by an experienced recruitment team using the following criteria: 1) the family must be under the poverty threshold of $2.00 per day, with preference given to single parent households, 2) the family must be committed to keeping the child at Shanti Bhavan for the duration of the program, and 3) the family must pledge not to withdraw the child early for marriage or work purposes. It has 80-G tax exemption status and is FCRA approved in India. James is working hard to prepare for college; he would like to study Finance and International Affairs at a top university in Bangalore. 4 min read. Buy from small Tamil shops or create your own shop and start selling today. One of his favorite things to do at Shanti Bhavan is to manage all of the technology, especially organizing components such as music, sound, and lighting for performances. She also attests to how her path in life has diverged from her sister's path. "From a very young age, Dr. George would talk about our future," Shilpa, a student of Shanti Bhavan says in the first episode.

Her father is a house broker but also an alcoholic.

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