rexroth hydraulic pump troubleshooting

The speed and direction of the motor is determined by the variable displacement hydraulic pump. When a fluid (liquid) moves from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure (pressure drop) without performing useful work, heat is generated. And although design efficiency doesn’t vary, actual operating efficiency typically deteriorates over time from wear and tear. As the seal becomes well worn, external leakage may appear. The electric motor is driving the hydraulic pump at a speed that is higher than the pump’s rating. Because heat is generated when there is a pressure drop without useful work, using an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of individual components will quickly lead us to the hottest part of the system - and the probable location of the internal leakage. If you're skilled in reading and interpreting hydraulic symbols, the system's schematic diagram (if available) can be useful in identifying possible locations. As hydraulic oil viscosity increases, the engine works harder (burns more fuel), so the cooling fan (controlled by engine temperature) runs harder. If the line is hot, the relief valve is either stuck partially open or is set too low. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! If a new pump is installed and pressure will not build, the shaft may be rotating in the wrong direction. If the pump is delivering less oil than when it was new, the current to drive the pump will drop. Changing any one affects the symmetry of the diamond. Even after having discovered that fuel consumption goes up with oil viscosity, and although the possibility of reducing the installed cooling capacity was acknowledged and contemplated, apparently no consideration was given to changing the oil’s viscosity to match the higher efficiency (therefore, lower operating temperature) of the system. Webtec recently introduced An Introduction to Practical Hydraulic System Maintenance. If the oil level is low, determine where the leak is in the system. "We have a hydraulic system that operates two cylinders. The strainer typically is 74 or 149 microns and is used to keep “large” particles out of the pump. If you don’t consider hydraulic fluid to be a critical component of any hydraulic system, you may suffer the same fate as these engineers. Most variable displacement pumps bypass 1-3 percent of the maximum pump volume through the case drain line. A press-roll hydraulic system at a paper mill in South Carolina had a continual problem with low oil levels, but the leak could not be found. Read more about troubleshooting hydraulics: The Seven Most Common Hydraulic Equipment Mistakes, Symptoms of Common Hydraulic Problems and Their Root Causes. [Oil temperature should not exceed 140º F (60º C)] Oil foaming. Americas | RE-A 92003/04.2016, Bosch Rexroth AG Axial piston variable pump | AA4VG Series 32 Hydraulic fluids 5 Hydraulic fluids The AA4VG variable pump is designed for operation with HLP mineral oil according to DIN 51524. This led to the shaft being out of alignment, wearing the seal. The tank line should be near ambient temperature. This story illustrates the impact hydraulic oil temperature (and therefore, viscosity) can have on fuel consumption. It’s just that the input power—therefore, fuel or electricity consumption of the prime mover required to get it—keeps going up! Quadrants of the Power Efficiency Diamond of a hydraulic machine are all interrelated. Other pumps such as the gear and vane type, usually run with a slight vacuum behind the seal. On the opposite side of the diamond, Installed Cooling Capacity, as a percentage of continuous input power, should reflect the designed or native efficiency of the hydraulic system. For example, an inadequate size filter on the inlet of a pump can cause cavitation and subsequent damage to the pump. Shut down immediately. First, note if the pump shaft is rotating and in the correct direction. If the pump is rotated in the wrong direction, adequate fluid will not fill the suction port due to the pump’s internal design. Note that in all three cases, output power remains the same: 90 kW. Air leaking into the system from low oil or other cause. Fluid viscosity is one of the factors that determines whether full-film lubrication is achieved and maintained. To isolate a fixed displacement pump and relief valve from the system, close a valve or plug the line downstream (left). This will usually be more pronounced while the pump is running, and may disappear while the pump is stopped. Written in an easy-to-read style with clear concise text, it also suggests where readers can go to learn more about a particular subject. c. Mechanical noise caused by loose or worn coupling, loose set screws, badly worn internal parts, etc. Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. There usually is a lack of flow and system pressure because: Internal problems — If none of these conditions are found, the troubleshooter will have to examine the internal condition of the pump. Many times this is difficult to tell because of coupling guards and C-face mounts. If possible, this test should be made when the pump is new to establish a reference. This ensures that the obvious is never overlooked. A relief valve must be included downstream of the pump to limit the maximum pressure in the system. If the system is operating at a slower speed, a volume problem exists. After closer inspection, a crack was found in the suction line pipe. b. e. Be sure the main tank return line discharges well below the minimum oil level and not on top of the oil. the inlet line. This means the reduction in heat-load from replacing the fixed-displacement pump with a variable-displacement unit resulted in a significant reduction in hydraulic oil temperature—which is normally a good thing! At pump port. When a hydraulic issue occurs, the pump usually is one of the first components changed out, but it actually should be the last. To illustrate the above point, consider this example: In the quest for improved fuel consumption, the manufacturer of an engine-powered, mobile hydraulic machine replaced its fixed-displacement pump powering the machine’s attachment with a variable-displacement unit.

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