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Now, have them replicate the process with their own drafts. Where am I and where not? What makes transitions “effective”?) Support your position with convincing arguments from your own experience, observations, and/or reading. As a class discuss why it is important to be able to “see” the pieces of the prompt in the essay. Discuss with non-ELA colleagues: What elements cross into the types of writing you want students to produce in your class? Now present students with the original paragraph from the essay and have them compare their drafts to the original, high-scoring transitions. When you release the cursor, a menu will pop-up again. Once they have a draft, give them the original prompt. Again, have students create transitions to show relationships between and among ideas. Extension: Choose an exemplar that scores poorly for organization. Discuss the purpose of a conclusion and its relationship to other parts of an essay. Start your free trial today. Revision Assistant’s source-based prompts include Lexile measures. Have students add to paragraphs and ideas that need to be developed further. Present students with a high-scoring exemplar essay. Do I have sufficient evidence? Check the content of your essay first. Present students with this version and ask them to decide where the breaks should be. Select the icons along the side to see specific examples of your strengths and struggle areas. Now, repeat that process with the student’s own argument. Give students a collection of exemplars that reflect final drafts of various writing prompts over the course of time. What language constitutes a 3 vs. a 4?). Extension: Have students add an explanation to the quotes to connect to the essay’s central idea or claim. Identification of strengths and weakness in their writing. Below you'll find a series of example essays (called "Exemplars") created by the Revision Assistant Curriculum Team for some of the most popular prompts in the system. Writing your essays in Revision Assistant is easy. Afterward, have individual writers replicate the process with a piece of their own writing and come back together to share and evaluate new language choices. What would we need to do instructionally to help our students meet these expectations? Below is a list of writing analysis activities for all grade levels that you can implement in your classroom using our Exemplar Essays. These example essays can help teachers understand how Revision Assistant assesses student work by showing what Emerging (1), Developing (2), Proficient (3), and Advanced (4) essays look like. Discuss highlighted information (and lack thereof) as it correlates to the scores received. Have groups “score” the revised work with the rubric and make suggestions. Signal Checks provide feedback whenever you need it and help you understand how to improve your work before you turn it in. What would I need to do to achieve this level? Some prompts will have sources (e.g., such as articles, poems, pictures, or videos) shown below them that you'll have to analyze in order to write your essay. Ask students to consider why these words stuck out for them. Have students identify key places where language could be improved with domain-specific, academic, or precise vocabulary. the claim or thesis for Argumentative, Informative, or Analysis essays, elements of the exposition in a Narrative essay, evidence that matches the central idea/claim/thesis, analysis/explanation of evidence and its relation to claim/thesis, organization (text structure, paragraphs for introduction, support, and conclusion), transitions between and among paragraphs and ideas, word choice (academic/advanced vocabulary, formal tone, vivid imagery, etc. Use high-scoring exemplars for a writing assignment as a communication tool for parents. Big History Project provides original writing prompts on social studies topics in Revision Assistant. Star words that are repeated. Now, give students an exemplar without its conclusion. Use two highlighters to identify A) evidence and B) explanation of evidence within a high-performing exemplar. Your latest draft (the one that is at the top of your screen now) will start downloading automatically. AP writing prompts are featured in Revision Assistant. Pssst! Have the student write a plan of action that assesses his/her work in comparison to the exemplars and proposes specific actions for what he/she should do to improve his/her writing. Collect the essays and ask students to individually generate a list of the most vivid words they remember from the essay. Extension: Have students revise the exemplar to include any missing content. When you release the cursor, a menu will pop-up. Choose a high-scoring exemplar and remove the breaks/spaces between paragraphs so that it appears as one continuous text. When people think of revision, they often think of correcting … Using a collection of exemplars from multiple prompts, have students perform a scavenger hunt to find and highlight the claim in each essay. Use feedback in … Try Revision Assistant Empower students to improve their writing with immediate, actionable feedback. Share the highest scoring exemplar and identify the key components. Talk about why you remembered specific words and how they may or may not be different from the class’s list. Give students 2-3 minutes to read the exemplar. Clarify criteria from the rubric (What is the difference between a “clear” and “significant” claim? Write an argumentative essay to a newspaper reflecting your views on censorship in libraries. Have students revise individually or in groups to improve the lower scoring exemplar. Writing Your Essay. Choose one focus area of which students will find and highlight examples: Review the rubric criteria for the corresponding category and discuss why the element identified is a strong model. Give students an essay prompt. Writing your essays in Revision Assistant is easy. How can you use exemplars in your classes? Select the top feedback to see how you did on certain skills overall. If there are multiple sources, you can find each one by clicking the arrow above and to the right of each source title. Have students identify any missing content as compared to the required content. Consider doing this activity with several prompts and exemplars over the course of multiple days. Print a high scoring exemplar text for all students. They can then join together with another pair to compare and discuss the poor word choices, their improvements, and the rationale for the changes made. Discuss as a class. After one Signal Check on a Signal Check assignment (. The prompt that you'll be writing to will be at the top of the page. You can exit this mode at any time. Tell them to focus on the writer’s use of interesting or vivid word choices and not the topic or the overall writing. Add a title to your essay in the special "title" section above the main writing area. Choose a mid-scoring exemplar of a narrative prompt. Drag your cursor over the section you want to highlight in the prompt or sources. Compare this exemplar to a lower scoring exemplar and pinpoint which key elements are missing. Now repeat the same process with the student’s own essay. Extension: Apply the scavenger hunt strategy to any focus area listed above, or for different types of evidence, vivid verbs, colorful modifiers, specific sentence structures or variety, etc. In a quad, come to a consensus about the improved word choices and submit to the teacher for rescoring. Have students score their own work against the rubric and compare it to the exemplar given (within a trait or across traits). Have students write the conclusion, based on the parts of the essay they have. Deconstruct a high scoring exemplar, in particular, one strong in organization. Give each pair the originally written conclusion and have them compare all three, ranking them in order of quality. Have them compare the exemplar to their own work and answer the following questions: Am I writing at this level? Repeat the process with a low-performing exemplar. Have students compare their work to a high performing exemplar. After you've written a paragraph on a Signal Check assignment (. Do you believe that certain materials, such as books, music, movies, magazines, etc., should be removed from the shelves if they are found offensive? Have them answer basic questions about the prompt, such as: Then have students write a step-by-step list of what would need to be included in this specific prompt. Extension: Present students with another deconstructed exemplar, this time missing transitions between paragraphs. Grades 7-8 | Argumentative | Source-Based, Grades 9-12 | Historical Analysis | Source-Based, Grades 9-10 | Argumentative | Source-Based, Grades | 11-12 | Historical Analysis | Source-Based, Grades 11-12 | Argumentative | Source-Based. ETS e-rater® engine powers Revision Assistant's grammar and spelling feedback. Open the assignment you'd like to work on. Then have students rank the claims from strongest to weakest and write rationales for their ranking. Discuss as a class. Compare the class’s list to yours. Choose an Informative exemplar text that clearly demonstrates a biased viewpoint or definitive opinion. Actionable, instant feedback in specific areas such as structure, use of language, and ideas. Provide students with an exemplar that uses long quotes or many quotes without explanation. How does breaking the text into paragraphs help the reader? These example essays can help teachers understand how Revision Assistant assesses student work by showing what Emerging (1), Developing (2), Proficient (3), and Advanced (4) essays look like. Whether you're preparing your students to write to a Revision Assistant prompt, or teaching them how to spot the key features of a strong essay, the activities below paired with our Exemplar Essays are a fun, hands-on way to enhance your writing analysis lessons. Give students an exemplar with exceptional word choices. When your Writing Space comes up, locate the formatting buttons below it. Present students with a low-scoring exemplar, one with particularly bland or poor word choices. Now, have them replicate the process with their own portfolio of writing over time. Have them work together in groups to identify changes over time and where they see improvements. Have the student answer the questions: Do I have all these pieces? Switch on the toggle below your essay to enter Proofread Mode. 15-30 Minute Activities. Then, present teachers with lower-scoring exemplars and repeat the process. Present faculty with the highest-scoring exemplar for a particular prompt ask them to identify evidence of the corresponding rubric criteria. Open the assignment you'd like to work on. Extension: Create your own list of vivid words from the essay prior to distributing to your students. Teachers can access the drafts that students improved with Revision Assistant and see the feedback, which lets them: Gain insight to student progress over time. Once students finish, brainstorm a list from the whole class. Revision Assistant offers students: A template to help them create an outline. Have students attempt to complete the sentences with appropriate transitions to reconstruct the essay. Students may work in pairs and use a thesaurus to select appropriate language and make substitutions. Be sure to check out 25 Ways to Use Exemplar Essays also for ideas on how to use Exemplars in the classroom.

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