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Click on each puppy to get more pictures and information. Hi there! The Poo-Ton is always ready for a good time. Puppies for sale from dog breeders near California. We are members of the Royal Canin Breeders Club and a member of ARBA (American Rare Breed Assoc). They come from very impressive bloodlines with many Champion titles. We have absolutely adorable Coton de Tulear puppies available. A certified veterinary health check, one year Health guarantee. In 2008 we added the Italian Bolognese. Phone: 616-780-9820. CotonPoo puppies are known to be very intelligent and easy to train. 949-241-2455 or 714-979-2129 info@happyheartscoton.com ~~~~~ Poo-Ton Puppies for Sale in USA, Page 1 (10 per page) PuppyFinder.com is your source for finding an ideal Poo-Ton Puppy for Sale in USA. These dogs have the appearance of the Coton de Tulear only with the colors of the Poodle. ~, Coton de Tulear puppies 3 sweet baby girls and 1 baby boy~, Coton de Tulear puppies ~ Mariah and Charlie's beautiuful puppies 4 wks old, Coton de Tulear puppies Happy Hearts Cherish beautiful baby boys, Diamond Jubilee (aka Cricket) and Brighton's puppies ~ 2 days old, Diamond Jubilee (aka Cricket) and Brighton's puppies ~ 2 weeks old, Cherish and Romeo's puppies 4 girls and 1 boy, Mariah and Charlie's smallest boy "Aussie" 27 days, Mariah and Charlie's middle size boy "Adam" 27 days, Mariah and Charlie's biggest boy " Abelard" 27 days, Life is precious, take time to smell the flowers, This is our beautiful Emmy ~ she has found her very own special family to love and who adore her :-), Ladi and Cody's pups have arrived ~ Romeo is available, Happy Hearts Cherish at 4 weeks, already sitting pretty. Owner’s manual and puppy starter pack. Happy Hearts Cherish amd Teddy's puppies We are now excepting deposits for Cherish's beautiful baby boys. Canine Corral works with our reputable CotonPoo dog breeders.Come visit us in person at our retail store: Directions to Canine Corral CotonPoo is a hybrid designer breed that is a cross between Coton de Tulear and a Poodle. Mentoring. Currently Available Puppies. We welcome you to contact us regarding our darling puppies or if you are seeking to adopt an adult Coton. My fee is based solely on where I am taking your puppy and the amount of time needed to get your puppy safely to you. They have Woodland Cottage lines and even can be traced back to Frances' Cartoonland Kennel. We are so glad you are looking into possibly adding one of our beautiful puppies to your family. They have Woodland Cottage lines and even can be traced back to Frances' Cartoonland Kennel. All dogs are vet checked and healthy. Deb Wilson and I became fast friends when I purchased my first Coton, Finnian Claude. We have shown and Championed many of our beautiful Cotons and we enjoy doing Pet Therapy work with our certified dogs. With deep aprreciation and special thanks to Sara France Saint Pierre for all her research, wealth of knowlege, and breeding expertise,  for granting us this priviledge and permission to share it with visitors to our site. Cotons are a white dog but they can have some patches of color on the face and ears and a few splashes on the body. All puppies are delivered in our special Pet Nursery. Address: Grand Rapids, MI 49505 Navigation. We specialize in the Coton de Tulear. My name is Jim Hadwin and I am an avid owner of 3 Cotons de Tulear and one Italian Bolognese from Deb's Darlin Dogs. Welcome to Deb's Darlin Dogs! Poo-Tons are sweet natured, cottony coated companion that easily adapts to any lifestyle. We look forward to hearing from you and letting you see our newest puppies! Icons used on the list and their meanings: Puppies due to be born / Puppies available. Coton de Tulear puppies available now. A cotonpoo is a new designer breed that can be hard to find and is in high demand. Young at Heart Cotons is a Coton Breeder selling loving, pure bred, hypoallergenic Coton De Tulear puppies in Northeastern U.S., give us a call today! She's a very expressive and talented little lady. Stud Service. We are members of the Royal Canin Breeders Club and a member of ARBA (American Rare Breed Assoc). A clownish personality is a trade mark of this breed. Click here to see pricing info for Bolognese, Click here to see pricing info for Coton de Tulear, Bolognese and Coton de Tulear Pure Bred Puppies, Welcome to Deb's Darlin Dogs! Since then, I have been working with Deb and her clients, serving as a "Puppy Companion" commonly referred to as a Puppy Nanny. Email: petitejoiepups@gmail.com. We are members of the BBA (Bolgonese Breed Association). Super cute, perfectly lovable, cuddly Coton de Tulear puppies ~ without a doubt simply irresistable ! If you opt for a breeder, you can expect to pay between $300 to $1,200 for a Poo-Ton puppy. Welcome to Midwest Doodle Ranch we take pride in raising some of the best looking, healthiest pups you will find! We have beautiful Coton puppies … More PooTon puppies should be available this winter/spring 2021. We would love to hear from you. Below is some general information about us. In 2006 we started with our Coton's. A short drive from Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, or anywhere in Northern California. Click on a state below to go directly to that state. Puppies are well rounded, happy, healthy, puppies raised in our home. We would love to hear from you. Use the back button on your browser to return to this screen. https://www.btcalgary.ca/videos/airdries-dog-of-the-year/, https://photos.app.goo.gl/ynWy1KTGsTRq1sKC6. They do not shed making these dogs mostly hypoallergenic. Most importantly I will protect and comfort your new family member in their journey to you with my nurturing and warm disposition. Personalities of both breeds are wonderful, they love kids and people in general. To the right you see her at 9 weeks shaking hands, Happy Hearts Cherish and her best friend, Diamond Prince Charming (Charlie), Happy Hearts Cherish and Diamond Prince Charming. Checkout these videos of Vincent, one of our Bolognese, who won dog of the year! Cotons are attentive, loving little companions with charming personalities! Located in beautiful Yuba City California. We are so glad you are looking into possibly adding one of our beautiful puppies to your family. Thank You for visiting Our site. We sit nestled between Omaha, Des Moines, and Kansas City. If you are interested in learning more about my services, I can be reached via text or phone at 517-243-6808 or you can email me at psych2music@gmail.com. Contact Us. TayBerry. We look forward to hearing from you and letting you see our newest puppies! Also, we do occasionally know of adult Cotons in need of good loving homes. Below is some general information about us. Click on each puppy to get more pictures and information. Find the perfect puppy for sale in California at Next Day Pets. Deb admired my passion for the 2 breeds and my ability to handle multiple dogs. I will take pictures and videos of your puppy as we travel to you. In 2008 we added the Italian Bolognese. In 2006 we started with our Coton's. Cotonpoo/Pooton Puppies for Sale. Cotons are named for their gorgeous, soft, cottony textured coats. I will work with you to determine what is the best way for me to deliver your new family member to you- either by ground transport or by flying with your puppy to the airport nearest your home. We take a great deal of pride in our adult Cotons and their puppies. They enjoy being part of a loving, nurturing family environment. They do not bark a lot. Adoption fees begin at $100 and go up from there. Now breeding Mini Bernedoodle puppies and beautiful colored Champion Bloodline Cockapoo puppies. If you have any questions about our dogs (. Parents are on site and we would love you to meet them. Poo-Tons have a compact built with lively expression. Each puppy being adopted will have first shots and wormed. Breeders are arranged below by state in alphabetical order followed by Canada. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. We have carefully selected some of the very finest Cotons to breed. HavaPoo Puppies; PooTon Puppies; Information about the CotonPoo Contact Canine Corral about CotonPoo puppies. Poo-Tons are loyal and affectionate. If you have any questions about our dogs (Bolo's or Coton's), breeding, puppy care or any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us. References available upon request. They will come with age appropriate shots and medical care. Other names include CotonNoodle, Doodle Ton, and CotonDoodle. Call us at 816-383-0489. Name: * Raising Coton De Tulear puppies since 2008. Expectant and nursing moms are given special supplements to insure healthy puppies. There are plenty of Poo-Ton pups who have been abandoned, and it would be amazing of you to offer one of those crossbreed cuties a new home and a second chance at happiness. Cotonpoos, or Pootons are a cross between a Coton de Tulear and a Miniature or Moyen Poodle. They are human oriented companion dogs.

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