pkgj games not showing

and I’m a bit stuck on what to do next.

Go to Settings/ Henkaku Settings/ Enable Unsafe Homebrew? (From the readme) pkgj allows to install original pkg files on your Vita. You have all the prerequisites installed such as nonpdrm and adrenaline if you are running psp/psx games? Scroll all the way down and you should see a bouncing bubble of your file. Do you also have nonpdrm installed?

What is the game and DLC called? Is it asking you to install iTLS-Enso? If so, you can install it here: I found a post on reddit that gave a psa work around with only the comppack url here’s link. Do you have any other plugins installed, I might have to see your config.txt file. can’t get list: HttpError: sceHttpGetResponseContentLength failed: 0x80431071 Required fields are marked *. i did everything in the instruction but it still says cant get list httperror. Remove from all addresses word ‘beta’ – address of official web has changed. Well, I was Having the same issue but I ended Up Editing the ux0;tai/config.txt and it worked for me. If im already using pkgj and have even downloaded a compat pack (here for p5d for example), I simply need to install repatch to get everything working, right? my mind is blank Now…. Am facing the same problem but i am sure i have followed all the steps correctly. It could also be how you set up your tai folder and the config.txt file in the tai folder. Adrenaline needed to run PSP and PSX games: When i click on refresh it loads the game on 1/10 (loading games) Then its saying cant get list: HttpError: sceHttpSendRequest failed: 0x8041210c. See guide to install. Or I get easely flagged on PSNProfiles? I don’t have an sd card just the official sony memory card, so i changed the config file portion in blue to uma0: like I was supposed to (right? Press X to save your modifications. (More Info found Please login or register to see this link. Last modified October 26, 2019. Did that temporary solution work for you because I think we have to wait for new working links or find another solution for comp packs such as the reFOOD plugin. If you go to ux0:addcont do you see the gameid? Great guide, everything went smooth. Your email address will not be published. You should only have one nonpdrm.skprx. i also intalled itls-enso and deleted the config.txt in pkgj folder i basically did everything i also have intalled the 0syscall6. I deleted the tai folder out of my ur0 folder but that didn’t seem to help.

Thank you for the super useful and easy to follow guide. It seems nopaystation has changed from beta but I can’t find any new working links. Where is your tai folder located at, make sure the config.txt in that tai folder is correcting referencing the all the plugins like nonpdrm.

The NoNpDrm plugin will be required to play downloaded backups and the ref00d plugin will also be needed if you wish to play games that require a firmware update so these two plugins are highly recommended. DLC and patches will have to match the region of game. Hope it won’t give me issues with my previous games and hope other features would be added on 0.55 pkgj. Hi, Delete the file that has the GameID of your incomplete game. I need more information about your set-up, you were able to get it to work before but it doesn’t? Meaning you properly installed NoNpDrm and still get the message? There are 2 ways you can handle this. Your downloads will run in the background using the LiveArea queue so you’ll be able to download your games and still carry out other activities concurrently.

I keep getting (C0-9250-6). Thank you. Would like to know the answer to this as well! Hey I’m completely new to this, and maybe I’m doing this wrong, i thought I followed all the steps correctly. No problem, these things happen. So your problem is pkgj used to worked for you but now it doesn’t? I recommend installing Adrenaline here:, Hi it’s nice to see you’re still helping people after this time! Privacy Policy  | Terms & Conditions | Contact Us |.

I was able to successfully install pkgi and even downloaded a game. Yes that would be my first step, move all the contents to ur0 and then delete the tai folder in ux0. hello i need help! I can’t install patches or DLCs no matter what I do. I followed this guide and installed all of the required files for pkgj, but when i launch it it says “NoNpDrm not found. Oh yes, pretty active with this site lately with the news of the Trinity released. I followed bothof your NoPdRm and PKGJ guides, and yet, small apps like YouTube won’t even install, it will download 100%, and then will either say unable to install, or wait to install.

Yes,I already follow that step… but it didn’t work… the Blue dot already to white… I try to restart or shutting down console, but result is same, I really want to install this dlc…. The confiq.txt file I provided is telling PKGj where to stored those games. My mind is boggled about PKGj! For example i had 890 ( pal ) games, i refreshed games list and now there is 910 but i dont know whats new thats been added since last refresh.

Once it’s open, press Triangle to get a menu, and then scroll down and select. regex didn’t match. Please refer to the "Already Installed" section for the prerequisites needed before you can use PKGj. Did you download and install all the prerequisites such as nonpdrm? PKGj uses the same database as NoPayStation so it is possible to download backup games for PS Vita, PSP, PSX and also downloadable content. I will update that information in my guide. PS Vita 1000 (Fat) Models require an official Sony Memory Card to install homebrew, PKGj can be easily installed without a PC using the, Follow this guide on setting up the SD2Vita, The PKGj homebrew app is only compatible with a PS Vita running CFW such as, You will need a Wi-Fi or USB connection to transfer the install files via FTP or USB with VitaShell, The NoNpDrm and ref00d plugins combined will allow you to play virtually all PS Vita game backups and DLC on any homebrew enabled PS Vita, The official PSP emulator is required to play PSP and PSX games on your PS Vita, Greatly expand your storage options with the MicroSD to PSVita (SD2Vita) adapter, Convert the PS Vita game slot into a MicroSD slot. Halo, im have question to download dlc…. ie you cannot install the NTSC game then the dlc from another region and vice versa. Downloaded the confiq.txt and where it says install_psp_psx_location ux0: change that to uma0. I am using 0.54 and today recent update popped up on my pkgj saying 0.55 asking if I want to download it…..
That all. Make sure you have the nodpdrm plugin in the tai folder at ur0 and don’t have a tai folder in the ux0. I have nopdrm and ref00d. Hi just a heads up, really appreciate your help but I think your config file is out of date. Hmmm, you need repatch for the compatibility packs to work and it is stored in the repatch folder. When trying to refresh I get the “can’t get list error 0x80436007” Did you also install nonpdrm? I might try to download it myself. Pkgj’s latest update brings support to download and install PSX games. im on 3.70 and NONE of the psvita or dlc not downloading fyi i dont have repatch on my vitashell so what could be the REAL PROBLEM??? can’t get list: failed to parrse line NoNpDrm needed to run games,updates, and DLCs: I’m not sure if my wifi is too slow, I have tried reconnecting with my vita and it seems to connect properly. Thanks a lot for this tutorial but I have a problem. I am trying to install games on PKGj, but I keep get the same error:C0-9250-6. I don’t know how to install vpk versions of games, that seems to be an outdated method. I did the trinity exploit, downgraded to 3.60, installed henkaku, vitashell, adrenaline and am trying to get pkgj to work but I cant get the final part to work. What is NoNpDRM? Games that are not supported on the current firmware are now hidden; When the list fails to download, there is no more need to exit pkgj; What is PKGJ? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. yes i installed repatch and nonpdrm (correctly i believe, they are in my ur0 directory and shown in config.txt under kernel, also no tai folder in ux0) im on 3.60 and i dont have enso it wont install for some reason. Your email address will not be published.

I currently have version 3.60 and I have the NoNpDrm file located in the tai folder of my ux0 section. PSV Games PSV DLCs PSV Themes PSV Updates PSV Demos. Hi I have the same kind of issue. Have you try downloading the DLC from NoPayStation?

Downloaded PKGJ from the github, installed it in my PS vita (i have a folder PKGJ00000 in my uxO:app + i can see it with the content manager) but the app does not show on the LiveArea, can you help me? If you are interested in a different color vita (like my pink one), I got mine online from an eBay seller in Japan at I’m not used to vita, I hacked my 3ds, and yet this feels much different. Upgrade your Micro SD Card to store more files.

I want to download dlc “shin Gundam musou”, example “additional Mobile suit: Wing gundam ew”, I’ve already installed, but I check to my game its not there/show… I’m newbie,pls help What is problem that…? I can see the library, but if i try to install a vita game it says install failed, scedownload change_state dc0 failed. Not sure what you mean by your games not saving when using VitaShell, VitaShell doesn’t save your game. ; Step 2: Launch Vitashell and Connect via USB. You can press [Triangle] to open the PKGj menu to filter between backups for PSX, PSP, DLC, themes and more. Hey! Are you sure the DLC is something you could get at the very beginning of the game? Since you don’t have Enso, you lose your hacks everytime you shut down or restart.

Inside the config.txt, the links had beta in them so I was asking you to remove those or download the new config.txt from my site. I’m having the same issue of can’t get list: HttpError: sceHttpGetResponseContentLength failed: 0x80431071 with user TTR above and you already answered his query. Hi, did you remove from all addresses word ‘beta’? (c1-6703-6) i got all the plugin correct and my config.txt file. Are you using the config.txt from my site, it sounds like an issue with the text file. I am having an issue with my Psvita I’m sorry it’s not really related to issue but it’s kinda is I have a 32 sd card am my Psvita system use is taking 9gig out of it how should I resolve this problem. (Pack of 2) Screen Protector For PS Vita 2000/Slim, Resources for Modding & Hacking your PlayStation Vita Console. On your computer, download the pkgj.vpk file.

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