neverwinter nights crypt tower

He will attempt to tell you his story, but he cannot remember very much. If you take the rubies, the statue will come to life and attack. Note that this damage is not multiplied for critical hits. The priest burial room contains four coffins, each with some decent treasure. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Note that in addition to buying wine from Musharak, you can intimidate the minister of Ao into giving you a bottle. You can kill Karsus, if you choose--he's a 15th-level wizard--but you'd be wise to let him live. (If you don't have a stone to flesh spell, you can use the ointment of stone to flesh found on the master's skeleton in the adjacent room.) A. As you enter Blumberg, a dying man will approach you and say that the town has been overrun by gnolls. Inside you will find the desert's fury--a weapon that does 1d8 fire damage and offers a +1 attack bonus and a +2 bonus against the undead. Ferran will also tell you about the shadow hart, and how he needs its horns to make medicine for his ailing wife. Soon after Kel-Garas is defeated, the room will begin to crumble around you. Look at the lights shining on the tiles. Note that the southwest altar also contains a harp of charming (a bard-only item that can cast charm monster, charm person or animal, and mass charm). Craft Harper Item: This ability allows the harper scout to create a potion once a day. This is it--the final fight. Note that if you attack the kobold before you have the baby, the baby will be killed. To obtain shadow gems, kill the shadovar as they appear. Kill everything, and then head down the hole into the hive. Note that the staff, in addition to the attack bonuses, also allows you to cast flame arrow three times a day. Read the confessions of Karsus to return to the great library. Along the way, you can stop in the orc cave to kill some orcs (including a level-one humanoid/level-four ranger orc chieftain) for loot and experience. The extra damage is applied to attacks successfully executed while the assassin is hidden or invisible. Place the shank of meat on the empty altar, and the beast will be lured to it for a brief moment, allowing you to cross the central area in safety. J'Nah orchestrated the attack on Hilltop. First, you can persuade Rumgut that Becka will never get any bigger. Slightly to the northwest of this same head, there is a pixie lance (a +2 dagger that casts sleep on a successful strike). Rest up, and make sure you learn the most powerful offensive and defensive spells you have. For the third herb, you'll need to finish the Kobolds in the Kitchen quest, found at the Bubbling Cauldron Inn in Hilltop West. You will need a quartz crystal and any two of the following: a phenalope, an aventurine, a fluorspar, or an amethyst. Inside the northwest chest, you'll find red dragon armor (+5 AC, 20 fire resistance, and 80-percent base item weight reduction). They are everywhere, and they need to be dealt with. There is a great deal of opposition--almost every area is crawling with monsters. Received From: Ashtara Location: Asabi Camp Experience: 5,000* Status: Required *More experience is awarded for disabling the golems than destroying them. There you'll find the greenleaf armor, which grants +5 to AC and +5 to the hide skill. Enter the temple and speak with William, who will agree to help you catch the wise wind. You must take the rod of blight to the altar for Lathander located in the House of the Morninglord. Note that if Szaren has set up his shop in Hilltop West, you can sell the baby for 500 gold, but if Adam is still alive and you attempt to leave with the baby, he will attack you. Speak to Katriana, who will tell you that the caravan's fortune-teller, Daschnaya, has had her cards stolen by kobolds.

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