my husband keeps the house too cold

I had to laugh at the mention of layers of sweatpants, shirts and multiple pairs of socks in bed during 95 degree weather!

And for the most part, that’s true when it comes to my hubby and me; except for one thing. I was fine in our cold house but he worked elsewhere and thought the home was frigid.) I would ask a physician, because as long as she doesn’t become hypothermic, the chill might actually be … My first reaction is to say he’s being inconsiderate, but I am a cold prone person and my boyfriend sweats like a dog. So, the result of this is: I melt in the winter and freeze in the summer. An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. I have learned to drink a mug of hot tea before bed, put on socks and warm pajamas, and, if necessary, heat a corn heating pad in the microwave for my feet. My feet are going to go to the fan next (probably not so cool given that I'm at work – no pun intended). He will wear multiple layers in the house and claims that his father was the same way. They believe it is the healthiest. Which just kills me.

But I will take all the suggestions I've read on this forum to heart and give them a try. My husband is always hot. You actually get used to it — your body adjusts and you don’t feel cold.

I wear summer clothing in the winter. I got to the restaurant later than everyone else and as I … Think dry skin, chapped lips, and static electricity. There are different factors that can affect whether our inner thermostats go up or down.

I see no need to shed clothes when I come inside my static caravan; the inside temperature rarely rises above 10 degrees Celsius (I have a thermometer: outside it’s around 1.5 degrees C. I feel toasty: if I get too warm I can unzip, layer by layer down to my thermal vests. My husband, on the other hand, is forever cold. Thanks in advance!! They're not sexy, but they do help to keep the entire body warmer).

I keep my place at 80f. As for rest of the house heating doesn’t go on until November and later the better and goes off in March end of!!! I am tired of being cold , while he is always hot. The perfect temperature is 68 for our house ,Ir is to warm then I cannot sleep a wink i just toss and turn. This works well for me because each room can be closed off from the rest so I don’t heat the other 4 bedrooms and several other rooms unless the temperature inside falls below 38. I’m married to a German and lived in Germany.

Very interesting information from everyone. It doesn’t make sense!! We argue about this every day – I can't stand being so hot and need fresh air. Keeping your home on the cooler side, deters these unwelcome guests. This way I get things done around the house and get my work out for the day! And because we are mammals and not reptiles, our bodies adapt to cold and hot by either shivering or sweating, depending on our body temperature. cotton blend socks that are like thigh high or knee high for skiing this kept me warm, silk holds in heat so it is good investment for people that run cold. I am a hot box. I also made sure to have cashmere and alpaca blend coats and scarves I also drank lots of hot herbal organic teas it really helped me. IN THE NORTH YOU MUST TRAVEL WITH MITTENS .. NO GLOVES...DOWN COATES AND ALWAYS BLANKETS IN YOUR CAR. I am just always cold and my body temp is usually 97.6. I’m not sure how you would get this to work but that is the least that could be done. A couple years ago my furnace died. My husband likes it warmer than I do. I am a 70-year-old man who lives alone in a well-insulated but ventilated static caravan in Scotland. Hi. I wear shorts in the snow and the cold does not affect me. Soooo, I think I'm just whining now, but it feels better to know there are "others" like me out there.. . I really do sleep better in a cooler room ♥. Editor’s Note: Medical news is a popular but sensitive subject rooted in science. I have always been one of those people who feel warm all the time. How fascinating to know that bugs will stay away if cold temperatures are maintained. We’re from Pa and it’s cold but I sweat the minute I walk in from work. My [27/F] husband [27/M] keeps the house cold to where I’m uncomfortable and would have it lower if the air system could go lower. So our utility bills are through the roof and I'm ready to file for divorce : ). It’s chilly. The times i have been pregnant, i literally felt i could set things on fire by simply touching them! We receive many comments on this blog each day; not all are posted. I was wondering the same, I struggle with anemia and I get super cold when I have it and then it gets better once I’m not. Dual controls of course. Intimacy is a thing of the past, because of body temperatures and that frustrates me heaps. We have had some really colder weather than usual. As for the car thing, that is still always a problem, for the past few years we have only bought cars where you can adjust the temperature on each side, I wish I could do this with our bed.. LOL. Apart from the bathroom which has no thermostat in any case, I don’t have the heating switch on upstairs at all. (Something I discovered with my husband.

In winter months, I set my thermostat to 72, and after winter ends, we completely turn off the heater.

In extreme cases, low humidity can even crack wooden furniture. I had only thought of a few of them. My husband and I have been married for 38 years and his thermostat is driving me crazy.

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