mucus thread in urine

One of the more serious causes of a large amount of mucus in urine is ulcerative colitis. Patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome will have mucus in their urine. The reason is, in such patients the urine shall get mixed up the mucus from the anus when they urinate and defecates at the same time. The body may produce mucus as an attempt to try and deal with this issue. If you have mucus threads in urine, it is also very important to have proper personal hygiene. This situation will result in frequent urination with pain, dribbling of urine, pain in the lower back portion and hypogastric pain. It is known that urinary tract infections are very common in women who are pregnant. Things like bowel movement urgency are signs of IBS. However, if excessive threads are seen then they might indicate an underlying pathology, which can include inflammation and infection of the urinary tract. It may come out in the form of crystals, threads,or other secretions. There are also some other symptoms of bladder cancer, such as pain during the urination, as well as blood in the urine. Both membranes are composed of epithelial cells. In the case of sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, antibiotics such as erythromycin can be used to clear the disease in a week or two. You should stay away from foods that are gassy like carbonated drinks, foods that cause you to bloat or cause any form of abdominal pain. The urine carries the proteins on its way out of the kidneys.

Thank you for your grateful and positive post. And are there natural ways to deal with mucus in urine? The mucus appears as crystals, secretions or threads. IBS can boil down to your bowels not working in a regular manner for six months or more. But, if there is a high concentration of mucus threads in urine, then it may be an infection of the urinary tract or some other medical problem. Kidney stone patients will have symptoms such as back and abdominal pain and dark colored urine. Mucus protects the sensitive linings of the body and it can be found in the stomach, large intestines, lungs and nose. If this is a continuous happening, lab tests are recommended. What should you do in order to get rid of mucus threads in urine. When these mucus threads are present in your urine, it may indicate underlying conditions that may affect your urinary, digestive, excretory and reproductive systems among others in the long run. If you have ulcerative colitis, anti-inflammatory medication such as corticosteroids, sulfasalazine and mesalamine can help a great deal with dealing with the condition. They will have more mucus in urine during their pregnancy period. Mucus threads in urine are common and thus are not reported as abnormal from a urinalysis report. Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Changes in Diet. In this way, the excessive production of mucus decreases. This is freaking me out a bit. The most common causes of mucus threads are urinary tract infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

The mucus could be due to damage that was done to the epithelium of the mucus membrane by the UTI, which causes the mucus to become noticeable in your urine. It appears that you have disabled your Javascript.

There are also anti-inflammatory medicines that may be helpful if you have mucus threads in your urine. Most common sexually transmitted diseases that may cause mucus threads in urine are gonorrhea and chlamydia. For physiological and normal causes of mucus in urine, you do not need to worry unless there are other signs that indicate a certain serious condition. Other symptoms of bladder cancer include blood in urine, painful urination and pelvic pain. In ladies during menstruation and ovulation time the cervical mucus and vaginal secretions are flown out along with the urine. Balanced foods with more fiber content can control the irritable bowel syndrome and can control the mucus threads in urine. One of the most common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are mucus threads that may appear in your urine. Urine originates from the kidneys where the proteins contained in mucus are produced. These remedies will at least make it a little better until a doctor can be consulted. However, if the threads of mucus are in excess, it could be an indication of a medical problem. Most important is to avoid the foods that will cause bloating, such as raw vegetables, fried and greasy foods and carbonated drinks. Probably nothing: Mucous threads may appear microscopically in urine with or without infection.

What Causes Mucus in Urine? Bacteria may appear in your genital area and spread to your bladder. Presence of mucus in urine is linked to urinary stone disease which is also known as kidney stone disease. In most cases it is normal to have mucus in urine, but sometimes it may be a serious condition, so you have to be careful. Urine originates from the kidneys where the proteins contained in mucus are produced. For people suffering from STD diseases, erythromycin can be taken for a week or more which can clear the infection.

Answered by Dr. James Ellis: Usually nothing: Mucus frequently appears in the urine. Basically, mucus is a slimy secretion that originates from the mucous membranes and glands. We hope that you will not have any serious problem related to mucus threads and that you will treat it properly. Gonorrhea results to a yellowish emission and chlamydia render a whitish one. TMI but I fished one out and it’s mucus. Raw vegetables should be avoided as they can cause gas to build up. The patients will have bleeding diarrhea, fecal urgency, and pain in the lower abdomen side.

It is a good to know the information to raise awareness. But there are times that urine will look cloudy and murky in the presence of mucus.

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