motorcycle tyre pressure calculator

Here’s what the manual says for my Honda Goldwing: NOTE: For those that have a Honda Goldwing and are curious, these stats are from the owner’s manual for a 2004 GL1800. I did fix some busted links to the pressure app, though. Place the gauge on surface of the tire groove and pin of the gauge will go to the bottom of the groove. Slide a piece of string (or something thin, like a ruler) just in front of the tire as a marker and then something behind the tire. I usually just run the front 5 lbs lower than the back. Once in the morning before you get started and again in the evening. If you want to do Triathlon bikes, just use “Low Trail” and switch front and rear tire values. This has resulted in various size markings. Measure the width of your motorcycle tire. Google Sheets couldn’t keep the protected cells protected, and the human visitors just made a giant mess of everything. Once you’ve ridden you motorcycle enough and become familiar with it, you’ll good feel for how the bike handles and even how the tires look when they are at the proper pressure. If you’re a Dunlop tire owner or you’re thinking about checking out there tire this website has a very thorough pdf that you can download that should help you out. If there are any problems with these links, please let me know. Let’s say the tire recommends that you have 45lbs of pressure in the front tire. This is why double checking your motorcycle tire pressure and the condition of the tire are critical to your riding safety. A quick and easy tire check – Every time you get on your motorcycle…, I’ve noticed this about dealing with GL1800 tire pressure –. 4917. Have an enquiry? That is 33.2/67.3% ratio. Pay attention to whether the tire pressure indicated is for a tire that’s hot or cold (like we just discussed). Try doing google searches with and without the plus sign. This is what’s commonly referred to as the contact patch. Although there are tire pressures listed on the sidewall of the tire, follow your motorcycle manufacturers specifications. Will this spreadsheet ever show all the bikes you mentioned at the beginning of your blog? Download this XLS file for your own use: Tire Pressure – salvaged doc. The answers are varied and complex. See the “check your tire tread” section above if you haven’t already. It may also tell you under what conditions to take a tire pressure reading under (remember, take the pressure when the tire is cold, and yes I keep harping on this). I don’t know that that “didn’t work.” It sounds like you can run at the minimum pressure, and get that 15% drop. If you don’t have your owner’s manual, find the sticker that has your motorcycles VIN (vehicle identification number) usually located on the frame in the front. Your tires are the only thing keeping you from having fun cruising to sheer disaster at any given time while you’re on the road. You shouldn’t run into any conflicts between manufacturers specs and the tire sidewall specs. You’ll need a new tire, no repair shop will touch it. Both of these pressures are below the maximum pressure for my tires, which is 42 psi. If Schwalbe recommends a different pressure, try them both and see which one is faster or more comfortable for you.

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