microtech halo 6 legendary

So inside there is a cam that holds the blade in place. Linos Sheathworks currently has a kydex sheath on offer for less than $50.

I recommend purchasing the Microtech Halo V.I. I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t noticed it. You pull down on it ever so slightly, and that allows you to depress the firing button and let the blade loose. The Microtech Halo VI knife is large, powerful, and looks great. Site Design by, Microtech 250-1 Halo VI T/E - Black Handle - Black Blade, Microtech 250-10 Halo VI T/E - Black Handle - Stonewash Finish - Contoured, Microtech 250-11 Halo VI T/E - Black Handle - Stonewash Finish - Contoured - Partially S…, Microtech 250-2 Halo VI T/E - Black Handle - Black Blade - Partial Serrations, Microtech 250-3 Halo VI T/E - Black Handle - Two-Tone Finish - Contoured - Full Serratio…, Microtech 250-4 Halo VI T/E - Black Handle - Satin Blade, Microtech 250-4OD Halo VI T/E - Green Handle - Satin Blade, Microtech 250-5OD Halo VI T/E - Green Handle - Satin Blade - Partial Serrations, Microtech 251-1 Halo VI S/E - Black Handle - Black Blade - Contoured, Microtech 251-10 Halo VI S/E - Black Handle - Stonewash Finish - Contoured, Microtech 251-2 Halo VI S/E - Black Handle - Black Blade - Partial Serrations, Microtech 251-4 Halo VI T/E - Black Handle - Satin Blade - Contoured, Microtech 519-10DOR Halo VI Hellhound T/E - Distressed Orange Handle - Apocalyptic Stone…, Microtech 519-13 Halo VI Hellhound T/E - Black Handle - Bronze Blade, Microtech 519-13NS HALO VI Hellhound - Black Handle - Bronze Blade. The KnifeCenter offers the best Microtech knives for sale. At 4.5″ long, and over 4mm thick, it’s an imposing piece of steel. any less fascinating. This is a single action out the front, which means the blade fires out with a press of the button, but need to manually retract the blade when you are done by pulling back on the charging handle. Fits the Microtech production and Marfione custom HALO 6 models with or without safety slider on the button. Third, it looks and sounds like a weapon of mass destruction. Thank you very much. The Halo VI doesn’t come with a pocket clip. I bought my Halo V in early 2016; a purchase that i’d waited years to make due to the price and the seemingly agreed upon impractical nature of it. Lets check out the blade. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated.

I couldn’t believe it, nor could i be happier.

Generally I’m not a fan of safetys on folding knives. Usually a knife steel will either be extremely hard, so the edge holds a long time, but it’s very difficult to sharpen when the knife dulls. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. Thank you very much. I might take you up on that suggestion! He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design. It’s a high end stainless steel and is widely considered to be one of the best steels for an EDC knife on the market today. is certainly out there, but it is so well done that I can’t help but appreciate it. Yes their knives are expensive but the quality is rock solid, as is their customer service.If i had the $$$, all my knives would be Microtech.

Each detail has been considered and Microtech does a fantastic job with their machining. On that note, you will definitely want to check your local laws carefully before carrying a Halo VI. The retaining mechanism is a couple spring loaded tabs. Thankfully we don’t need to worry about being confined to using a government knife to cut our government cheese any time soon.

They are still great, and I plan on continuing to review practical knives, but exploring the outer limits is fun too. This may not be the most practical tool, but you have to admire how well it is built. It has that enviable combination of holding an edge for a long time while still being easy to sharpen. Good luck. The Microtech Halo VI is well known for its incredibly fast blade firing and raw good looks.

Sure we would all have a practical knife clipped to our pocket, but the fun in collecting would be long gone. It seems like the best option for carrying your Halo VI is with a sheath. Recently, my sheath cracked (without me knoing) and i actually lost my Halo V. My wife later found it on the street near where i part at the house. Discreet carry is a snap due to its sleek profile and shape. Long story but, my point is, Microtech is a great company. I can pull on it once it is deployed and the rest of the blade comes out. If there is ever a problem I’ll send it back to Microtech. After about 1.5 years of carrying it in my pocket, it started jamming up like Andrew mentioned (my issue was probably pocket lint). First, i absolutely love this review about as much as i love my Halo V. Couldn’t be more spot on. The entire collection totaled over 1500 pieces. Might I suggest something more handmade? I like my tool knives, and this Halo V.I. Microtech Halo VI – From $650.00 Home > Microtech > Microtech HALO 6 Hellhound DLC Tactical : ADO, SBK, Combat S/E, Combat D/E, Combat T/E, Currahee, Cypher, DOC, Driver Bits, Hell Hounds, HALO, ... DLC Jacketed Blade & Hardware HALO 6. Microtech knives, one of the most renowned knife brands out there, are durable and long-lasting, whether it's the Microtech Ultratech, Troodon or UTX 85 The fit and finish on this knife is absolutely top notch. Normally I’m not a big blade coating guy, but this is what was available with an unserrated edge, so that is what I got. Once again that requires you to use the built in safety. The Microtech Halo Series has gone through a few changes over the years. I have a heavy German chef’s knife that I use exclusively, and was thinking it might be fun to check out a Japanese blade. Learn how your comment data is processed. They got back to me and stated that obviously the damage was not due to regular use (yes, completely my fault) and therefore it was not covered. Microtech Halo VI - We are a small family business that specializes in customer service. At first i carried in the Kydex sheath provided with my purchase but soon i just threw it in my pocket (alone with no other items to keep the button from being depressed). Even more ridiculous is using the charging handle to recapture the blade. But that doesn’t make the Halo V.I. The charging rod and the mechanism that holds it into the handle is worth examining. This sheath is designed for the following carry modes:-Left handed cross draw from right side-Left handed side draw from the left side -Right handed cross draw from the small of the back This sheath will hold your halo secure until drawn.

at BladeHQ. Discreet carry is a snap due to its sleek profile and shape. I wouldn’t be opposed to reviewing more of their models in the future. The blade slides back in place with a sharp metallic twang. This single action OTF automatic fires incredibly quickly with the mere touch of a button and retracts by pulling back the charging handle. It’s all precision machined. He has personally reviewed almost 300 knives of all shapes, sizes, and price points. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

This lightning-fast automatic knife features a Bohler M390 stainless steel blade with push button deployment and an ergonomic aluminum handle perfect for concealability. Andrew, The only advice I can offer is to contact Microtech, but maybe someone else can weigh in on this. With the button depressed you then pull on the charging rod to recapture the blade. I haven’t handles a Halo V to see what kind of play, if any, is in that knife, but I can tell you this Halo VI has no play in it. At almost 11" the Halo VI is a big knife with a big blade (over 4"!). It’s unlike anything I’ve ever owned before, and it revels in its unreasonableness. Ejecting the blade of this Halo VI is arguably the single most satisfying knife event in my history as a reviewer. I thought it was a nicely made knife with some cool details. It gives you a good sense of how huge the Halo VI is.

It had been run over, causing the metal around the button to be damaged which caused the knife not to spring open fully.

You could requisition a large enough magazine pouch, make a sheath, or have a leather or kydex sheath made for it. There is plenty of room to grip this knife, and you can do so in a number of different configurations. The Halo VI feels good in the hand. It’s the closet thing I’ll come to owning a light saber. I don’t see much about them on the net, but they seem like a good company that puts out a good product. This collection was a very special treasure trove of knives and related gear built by Marfione from the mid 90s to 2018 and contained many prototypes and one offs in addition to the coveted serial 003 knives. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is a serious piece of hardware. In my book it’s mostly a collectible. I was instantly hooked.

Microtech UTX-85 D/E 232-5 Serrated Satin Blade, Microtech Troodon S/E 139-10BL Stonewash Blade Blue Handle, Microtech UTX-85 D/E 232-10TA Stonewash Blade Tan Handle, Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-12AP Apocalyptic Full Serrated, Microtech UTX-70 Hellhound 419-10 Stonewash Blade, Microtech Combat Troodon D/E 142-4OD Satin Blade OD Green Handle. My blade is made from Bohler M390, a blade steel that needs no introduction at this point, seeing how we have reviewed dozens of knives running M390 by now. It’s sheer ridiculousness is its greatest asset so this review is spot on.

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