mgm logo green screen

The circle has the phrase "ARS GRATIA ARTIS" [Latin for "Art for Art's Sake"] inscribed at the top, and at the bottom is a marquee that reads "A GOLDWYN PICTURE".

This lion is one of the most famous icons of the movie industry. In 1997, MGM/UA began releasing its titles on DVD, just like every other major studio, managed to release over 30 titles from the Turner catalog on DVD (it was due to their video distribution deal) until it was transferred to Warner Home Video in 1999 (after MGM ended their distribution deal with Warner Bros.) and folded Orion Pictures with all its owned-library into this company.

On an advertisement for musical films that were released to home media in 1986, the logo appears 9 times (3 logos on three rows), and clips from the films flip over the logos to end one clip and start another.

On the DVS version of the Casablanca special features, a female narrator describes the logo: "A logo appears.

15th logo: Same as the 12th logo, but at the top, "Metro Goldwyn Mayer", in the same font as the 1957 logo… Example of this are the 1997 VCD of GoldenEye and the 1999 VCD of Get Shorty (both 1995 films).

The byline "From ESSELTE VIDEO", in white, appears below. The logo turns and zooms out as the light rays dim out.

This logo would also appear in sepia tone. Then the ribbons and "MGM/UA" shrink and moves to the upper right. The logotype was written in two different typefaces, with the “Metro” and “Mayer” parts in an Art-deco style serif font, with the vertical bars of both letters “M” elongated, and the “Goldwyn” was set in elegant cursive with smooth shapes and curved tails.

Around 1997, the UA name was dropped renaming it as "MGM Home Entertainment". After that, we see "HOME VIDEO" (in green, and in Alternate Gothic font) zooming out. The appearance of the MGM logo is marked with a loud explosion sound, and the 1995 roar is heard when Leo is seen. The reef and the mask is re-drawn once again, and the ribboning on the sides are stretched out even more. This special logo was used for, The Jackie the Lion video clips were added to the film strips as effects on the. 6th logo: A new MGM lion named "Jackie" appears in a slightly re-done film-like ribboning logo. 1989-1992 releases show the copyright stamp in a slightly different font, arranged to the left.

Availability: Common. Editor's Note: One of the most iconic video logos of the 80s. One of the last releases to contain it is The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, though it made surprise appearances on the 2004 releases of Lightning, the White Stallion and Little Monsters.

See CBS Home Entertainment for description. Instead of the wordmark, there was one more ribbon under the rounded badge, where the “Entertainment Co” inscription was placed. Also, the logo doesn't shine.

A big improvement over the first logo done in quite advanced CGI for the time. MGM/CBS Home Video was later renamed to "MGM/UA Home Video" in 1982 after CBS ended its venture with MGM since MGM acquired United Artists a year earlier. Music/Sounds: Leo's 1982 roar. The sound used is Tanner's first roar. In 1995 this division was renamed to "MGM/UA Home Entertainment" and also launched "MGM/UA Family Entertainment".

This was spotted on. 4th logo: None, the dark background may scare a few, but it's harmless. The roar was heard via a gramophone record because the movie was silent.. Jackie, 1928-1956, the second lion to be used in the logo.

Child's Play (1988) (Heard once in the logo, current printings only.) Closing Variant: At the end of the animated feature Tom Sawyer, a still image of the MGM logo scrolls up and the text "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" is shown below the logo in a white Roman text. There is a black and white variant for classic MGM and UA movies in B&W.

This was also used on the trailers for. In 1990, after MGM was purchased by Pathé, MGM/UA signed a deal with Warner Home Video to have them distribute its titles exclusively on video. Other movies would have the music's intro with the roar. 5Joint venture with Hearst Corporation

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In between "From" and "ESSELTE" is a circle with an ".

Mom, The Terminator, The Secret of NIMH, SpaceCamp, It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas and the Rocky 25th Anniversary DVD box set.

The words "TRADE" and "MARK" still appear on either side of the lion.
In the background, there is a pattern of the "MGM/UA HOME VIDEO" text, slanted at an angle, which scrolls from right to left while changing in many different colors. Some trailers with this logo use the 1982 roar. Also seen on the Laserdisc and VHS releases of The Golden Age of Looney Tunes. The following changing colors are: gray, red, teal blue, fuchsia, blue, and green.

Early releases had the copyright stamp in a slightly different font arranged to the left. The closing variant makes a surprise appearance at the end of a behind the scenes featurette on the 2000 DVD of Spaceballs (this was likely sourced from a 1996 Special Edition Laserdisc release).

The tune is called "Destiny" and is composed by Keith Mansfield. Music/Sounds: A short, orchestrated, majestic trumpet fanfare. Editor's Note: One of the most iconic home video logos of the 80s. Starting in 2003, this logo is only seen at the end of tapes. On Laserdisc releases, at the beginning of each side, it's a still logo replacing "HOME VIDEO" with "SIDE ONE" or "SIDE TWO" below. The Australian promo logo (with Leo actually roaring) has a different roar track. This logo appeared at the beginning of a promotional trailer for MGM/UA's video release Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever and a 1986 promo for classic MGM musicals on home video.

Music/Sounds: Same as the second CBS Video logo: in other words, an extension of the second MGM/CBS logo music, but with a different ending. As the logo fades out, the lion's growling can be heard. Editor's Note: For some reason, there was never a copyright stamp with the years 1991, 1994, or 2005 on it. Trailer variants and closing variants have been respectively moved here and here. United Artists Television | United Artists Associated | United Artists Classics | United Artists Broadcasting | United Artists Records | Ziv-United Artists | Metro-Goldwyn Pictures | MGM International Television Distribution | MGM Records | MGM Children's Matinees | American International Pictures | American International Television | Filmways Pictures | Filmways Television (Others) | Orion Television Syndication | Orion Home Video | The Samuel Goldwyn Company | Goldwyn Entertainment Company | Goldwyn Films | G2 Films | Samuel Goldwyn Television | Heatter-Quigley Inc. | Cannon Films | HBO/Cannon Video | Cannon Video | CIC Video | Embassy Home Entertainment | Nelson Entertainment | One Three Media | United Artists Media Group | MGM Cartoons | MGM Interactive | Orion Interactive | The Works | MGM Animation | MGM HD (UK and Ireland) | MGM Channel | MGM on Stage | Metrocolor | Midnite Movies | MGM Channel (Canada). It's also seen on a VHS of The Secret of NIMH. Seen on, This logo strangely appeared in black & white and with Jackie's roar due to a plastering error on a TCM Australia airing of. NOTE: This gallery is reserved for opening logos. The company name is now golden colored, and will remain this way from this point forward. 13th logo: Some movies would only have Leo's roar. A big improvement over the first logo done in quite advanced CGI for the time. Metro Goldwyn Mayer Home Entertainment.". Black and White rendition of the 1957 logo, Cartoon version from 1961-1962 on Gene Dietch's Tom and Jerry cartoons.

In the 1993 MGM/UA Home Video logo, this logo was edited to make Jackie roar once instead of three times for the CGI filmstrip animation. The byline was used intermittently from 1990-1992, including the trailer for, September 19, 1986-1987, 1988, 1989-2001, 2008: The MGM/UA Communications byline isn't shown. It can be seen on MGM/UA movies of the VHS era (excluding LaserDiscs) at both beginning and end of their videos such as All Dogs Go to Heaven and all the 007 VHS releases of the era. Around 1997, the UA name was dropped renaming it as "MGM Home Entertainment".

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1 1924–1928 2 1926–1956 2.1 1926–1953 2.2 1953–1956 3 1928?

Availability: Rare.

Seen on all DVDs of MGM-owned output released from 2003 up until the mid-2010s, especially those released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment or 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, such as Good Boy!, Agent Cody Banks, the James Bond: Ultimate Collection, Legally Blonde 2, the Collector's Editions of Rocky and Red Dawn (1984 version) and the Rocky Anthology box set. Around 1997, the UA name was dropped renaming it as "MGM Home Entertainment". The mask appears in a darker red color. Strangely, this appears on a 1985 Betamax release of Forbidden Planet, but in an MGM/CBS case and with MGM/CBS labels. Makes a surprise appearance on the 1995 Australian VHS of 'Getting Even with Dad, a 1999 VHS of Annie Hall, and at the end of the documentary Something a Little Less Serious: A Tribute to It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, which can be found on the 2001 MGM flipper disc release of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

FX/SFX: Pretty much the entire formation of the logo, and the shine. Availability: Quite rare. We see the original lion, name unknown, nicknamed "Leo" by Samuel Goldwyn, in the circle of a ribbon-like filmstrips which has two filmstrips flowing out the bottom side, which looks like it's in twos.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) is a leading entertainment company focused on the production and global distribution of film and TV content across all platforms.
The Laserdisc quality, which is also seen on some DVDs, has this cropped off and re-positioned a little.

MGM/CBS Home Video was later renamed to "MGM/UA Home Video" in 1982 after CBS ended its venture with MGM since MGM acquired United Artists a year earlier. Found on many VHS and Laserdisc videos from MGM and UA, and the logo lasted for a pretty good amount of time, eleven years to be exact. After that, we see "HOME VIDEO" (in green, and in Alternate Gothic font) zooming out. This was seen on the, This has appeared superimposed over scenes on trailers of 1930s films, such as.

Nicknames: "Leo the Lion VII", "CGI MGM DVD", "Gold Ribboning VII".

On the game 007 Legends and Skyfall, the logo is darker and appears more golden. Logo: We see a metallic forward slash mark on a dark background dropping down.

9th logo: Another two-strip Technicolor lion by the name of "Coffee" appears in a slightly re-drawn film-like ribboning and mask of the MGM logo. 18th logo: Medium. Seen on all 1998-2003 MGM Home Entertainment DVDs such as Overboard, UHF, Fluke, The Care Bears Movie, Legally Blonde, Spaceballs, Mr. Publication date 2016-02-13 Topics Leo would roar again two more times. MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) is an American media corporation.

Editions by Bob Fish, V of Doom, TheMisterFree, Logophile, Jeffrey Gray, Mr. Availability: Pretty common. On the closing variant and in 2009 on cable broadcasts (otherwise the MGM Television logo), there is a bright gold logo.

The golden letters "MGM DVD" zoom out onto the oval one-by-one.

After that, we see "HOME VIDEO" (in green, and in Alternate Gothic font) zooming out. The reef is yellow and on the MGM marquee, the letters "M", "G", and "M" are red, with the remainder of the letters in yellow. Opening: On a black background, a golden 3D CGI filmstrip swerves in the screen, and the camera pans down, around, and then upwards on it in a rollercoaster-style fashion. From 1929-1930, Jackie's actual roar was used. This was also used for Coming Attraction screens from around 1988-1990. However, early MGM/UA releases with the MGM/CBS Polaroid seal or tape labels would still use the MGM/UA Home Video logo, and some later MGM/CBS releases, such as select copies of Viva Las Vegas, go straight to the MGM logo used by the film.

The ribboning in the logo looks more stretched out than the earlier versions. However to the world, he's known as "Leo".

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