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Shigure Sohma is very laid-back, and anything but solemn. The reason that she clung so desperately to the Juunishi bonds was that she feared that, without them, she would be all alone, and her existence meaningless, just as her mother had always claimed. Soon thereafter, Kazuma says his farewells to Kyo, as he takes his leave. After a month, the high school was the midterm exams. According to Shigure, if Akito had been brought up as a female, she would have been a spitting image of Ren. Tohru grasps his arm and tells him that she is frightened by his true form, but still wants to be together with him. In the 2001 anime, he is seen playing "Cops and Robbers" with three older boys in the school hall. Yuki warns Tohru to not be alone with Hatori. However, Tohru, in an attempt to stop the chaos,accidentally embracing each of them, finds out that Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure turn into a cat, a Rat, and Dog, respectively. Kyo becomes aggravated, knowing that she could have spent all the money for herself rather than for everyone else. On Valentine's Day, Tohru decides to buy chocolates for Sohma relatives that she had recently met to thank them for everything they've done for her. Although Momiji was seen near the end of the series wearing the boys' uniform, looking more mature. Arisa and Saki, unaware of their transformations, become very suspicious, and Tohru gets increasingly nervous after each close call. She tried to love and care for Momiji, but it just was too much for her to handle. Her mother brushed it off, but Momo remains suspicious of Momiji ever since. Tohru learns from Hatori that Yuki has asthma, though it is steadily becoming less severe. Ren Sohma appears on the front cover of Volume 21 of the Fruits Basket manga. Shigure asks Yuki If he has dictionaries in his Back Pack. When he didn't tell her about the curse, Rin told Shigure that he could use her however he wanted, but he said no for Hatsuharu's sake. Later that night, when Akito returns home, Shigure is waiting in her room. Momiji then informs Kyo that his curse was broken (hence the strange feeling between the four of them) and tells Kyo with a sad smile on his face that Tohru would be happier if Kyo's curse was broken first. Both are childish, cute, blond and somehow associated with rabbits. She is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, who also voices Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler, Quinella in Sword Art Online: Alicization and Crona in Soul Eater in the Japanese dubbed version. He has white with black roots for hair. Yuki also made a claim that he's more like a pedophile and Hatsuharu admits that it's amazing how he hasn't been arrested yet for his behaviour around Tohru. It is shown that Hatsuharu also has dissociative identity disorder, and he intentionally trips Kyo during the challenge against Yuki. Akito was Kureno's initial crush before Arisa. Shigure says he only slept with Ren because she looks exactly like Akito would've looked like, had she been raised normally. Shigure had a complicated relationship with Akito Sohma in the Manga, but not in the anime. Evil-doer In one of the Sohma family's New Years celebrations, Ren snapped and attempted to kill Shiki by stabbing him with a knife, but Akito protected him and took the blow in his stead.[7][8]. Soon thereafter, Momiji Sohma and Hatori Sohma, the Rabbit and Dragon of the Chinese zodiac respectively, pay a visit. Although Tohru tries to convince him to stay home, he accepts a challenge from Kyo to a contest: he must win the endurance run at school the following day. Shigure, Yuki and Kyo turn back to normal. Shigure was actually the first of the Sohmas to meet Tohru, other than Yuki at school. Akito has short black hair due to her mother's command on bringing her up as a male. Ren, logically, does not take this well at all. That is almost certainly because his own mother doesn't know that he is her son. He came from a rich family, as his father is a business man. Tohru finally ascertain Kyo by a lake, however he lashes out at her but is saved by Yuki, who restrains him. The high school is planning cultural festival, blueprinting a creative idea regarding rice balls. He seems to take after his mother a lot more than his father in personality and looks. Towards the end of the manga, after Kureno left to live in the country with Arisa Uotani, a close friend of Tohru's, and the curse was broken, Akito and Shigure finally confessed their true feelings for each other and reconciled. Tohru accidentally turns Ayame into a Snake, and Yuki throws Ayame into the lake. Interestingly, they share the same seiyuu. Soon after, Momiji's father convinced Hatori to erase his wife's memories and ultimately forget Momiji, her only son. Shigure ridicules Kyo after he notices Kyo wearing a gas mask and goggles while cooking the leek soup, as. Shigure also states that he slept with Akito's mother, Ren, because she looked like what Akito could have been, if she had she been raised as a woman. Since Ren couldn't be there when he died, she became depressed and hated Akito even more. Although his Curse broke, Momiji felt even lonelier, but swears to find his own happiness. She at times interacts with her grandson, Shigure and Akito's son Shiki, who's the next in line to lead the family. Not long after, Kyo Sohma invades the dwelling to challenge Yuki. He bears a striking resemblance to Katsuya Honda. Tohru realizes that Yuki and Kyo admire each other, comparing them to rice balls with pickled plums on their backs. all information on Sohma Ren came from http://fruitsbasket.wikia.com/wiki/Ren_Sohma. As he sees that she acts just like the main character but can't stand when others refer to her as an idiot. His blood type is O and his star sign is the Pisces. She cheers Hiro up by saying that he is courageous for always caring for Kisa. Because of that incident, Shigure stated that he hated Kureno for having an affair with Akito. Later on, Kyo meets Tohru in the forest on her way home to apologize for all the trouble he caused. Additionally, she made a deal with Kyo Sohma, the cat. Tohru Honda once heard her voice, but mistook it for Akito's. For a large part of the series, Momiji is seen wearing childish, lacy, ruffly clothing. She brought a knife with her to try to claim a box that Akito has that is supposed to contain Akira's soul. As the two appear at the household residence, Ritsu gives some presents to Shigure. Kisa is mute due to being bullied as a child. The three struggle as they try to get acquainted with the girls while hiding their nervousness. Ren and Akito truly hate each other, because Ren was afraid that Akira would love Akito more than her, and jealous when that self-fulfilling prophecy came true. She's more often than not seen in form-fitting dresses. Ren tells Rin to bring her a box that Akito has in her room and is supposed to contain Akira's soul, claiming that she'll tell her how to break the Zodiac Curse if she does.

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