jekyll and hyde musical script pdf

As Lucy have sung clearly time have passed by, she is back in her show girl dress, it's dark outside in the middle of the night, Lucy sighs and Nellie enters. About Jekyll & Hyde Jekyll & Hyde, which has a score by Frank Wildhorn and book and lyrics by two-time Academy Award-winning lyricist Leslie Bricusse, opened on Broadway on April 28, 1997. GOD, YOU MUST HELP ME CARRY ON!WHEN IT SEEMS ALL HOPE HAS GONEI HAVE GOT TO CARRY ON! THE MEN OF THE COMPANYTHEY MUST GO OUT AN' NAIL HIM! He places themon the table) I have some rather sad news. OLD HAG! Spider approaches Lucy and after striking her hard across the face, threatens to kill her if she is late again. Jekyll & Hyde is a 1990 musical loosely based on the 1886 novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.Originally conceived for the stage by Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden, it features music by Frank Wildhorn, a book by Leslie Bricusse and lyrics by all of them. -What is it, Poole? SIR DANVERS; Ah Henry! UTTERSON; exactly (points at Jekyll.) << i know his hiding place! The first professional production in Australia (English-speaking) was a concert version in 2019. Someone unafraid to take a chance? LUCYThis must me your lucky night. JEKYLLJOHN, I DON'T NEED YOU TO TURN ON ME AS WELL!MORE THAN EVER NOW I NEED A FRIEND!CAN'T YOU SEE AND DON'T YOU KNOWI'VE BEEN THROUGH HELL?DON'T CONDEMN WHAT YOU DON'T COMPREHEND! and an adaptation of Frank Wildhorns musical version of "Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" This really is just me fiddling around with Frank Wildhorns Jekyll and Hyde script using the original musical script as ground basis, some stuff is the same, like.. the music number lyrics.. other stuff I changed.. MURDER, MURDER!ONCE THERE'S ONE DONEMURDER, MURDER!CAN'T BE UNDONE! BOTH;EVERYTHING WORTH LIVING FORIS THERE IN HIS EYES! DRAMATIS PERSONAE Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is written for five actors. Opera Plaza San Francisco For Sale, JEKYLLGentleman? Jekyll raises with her and grabs her hand, to lift it up and kiss it lightly. IT'S THE FEELING OF BEING ALIVEFILLED WITH EVIL, BUT TRULY ALIVE!IT'S A TRUTH I CANNOT BE DENIEDIT'S THE FEELING OF BEINGEDWARD HYDE! Sondheim, Stephen - Follies. MALE STREET MEMBERTO KILL OUTSIDE ST. PAUL'S. Utterson insists on seeing Jekyll, threatening to alert the police otherwise. The musical was adapted into a concert version which toured North America and South Korea with Rob Evan playing Jekyll/Hyde. /Length 1159 He then turns and walks away holding herhand) Good night my angle. Ashton United Fc Contact, (The COMPANY now segues and from the front doorway of a home with their bodies, as LORD SAVAGE,SIR PROOPS and LADY BEACONSFIELDS exit through the archway to center stage.). /Rotate 0 UTTERSON; (Loads the gun.) As the pictures comes back we are in the middle of the night and in front of Jekylls front door, Hyde comes walking towards it, he is happy, he is even humming the tune to a dangerous game, delighted by it all, he finds his key and is just about to stuff it in the lock as a cain is laid against his shoulder, Hyde twirls around with a mad look in his eyes and sees Utterson who shocked takes a step back but composes himself quietly. Later, Utterson tells the audience that Jekyll had given up his task of "finding the truth," condemning his father to the darkness. And from inside, I heard these noises. I can't believe how lucky you were.. UTTERSON; (slowly walks down and stops the Officers coming his way.) She looks at him in puzzlement) He saidhe owes you a debt. JEKYLL; I believe in the duality of man, that inside each and every-one of us, there is two personalities, one good and one evil. (The dancers perform their various acts for the crowd as the music plays on). JEKYLL; Though it was quite a ride while it lasted.. oh if they could only see me.. if they could fell it.. all those damned hyppocrits.. narrowminded fools, they said it couldn't be done (A sneer comes into his voice.) If it isn't the Romeo of the cloth, and the Juliet of the gutter. As the Minister begins the ceremony, Jekyll doubles over in pain and transforms into Hyde. then at least promise to stay close to me! God help us all! LUCY tries to get away from him but HYDE pullsher back), LUCY;(HYDE grabs her again and this time pulls the knife across her throat, she speaks out) Henry...! Jekyll is left to stand alone in his living room, he looks both exhausted an wasted as he hunch over the fireplace, Poole slowly and carefully enters. EMMA; Edward Hyde? We open up to another scene while UTTERSONS and JEKYLLS song still goes on, and the two scenes cut together as a dance, this new scene shows Emma and her father, also singing about their worries for Jekylls well being. JEKYLL; (Halts.) JEKYLL;(Shrugs) just unwinding my friend, that is what you told me to do was it not? I BEG OF YOU! (UTTERSON does not move. EMMA;IF I'M WISEI WILL WALK AWAYAND GLADLY, LUCYBUT SADLY, I'M NOT WISEIT'S HARD TO TALK AWAYTHE MEM'RIES THAT YOU PRIZE. (slaps her.) Edward Hyde. MURDER, MURDER!ONCE THERE'S ONE DONE!MURDER, MURDER!CAN'T BE UNDONE!MURDER, MURDER!LIVES IN LONDON!BLOODY MURDERIN THE NIGHT! If I really did make the movie, some of the songs would become abridged, most noticeable "Facade." The original stage conception was by Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn. The stunning music is horribly overshadowed by wooden, stilted acting by the principle characters with few notable exceptions, and excruciatingly bad choreography draw the eye precisely where it is not supposed to go.The acting is painful, Hasselhoff unwatchable, though the direction and the choreography are what really doom what could otherwise have been an incredibly powerful show. JEKYLL;(Slowly rising) I warned you, John...even as Hyde I warned you! Henry could never hurt any-body. Experience teaches him how evil Hyde can be: he kills Ivy who earlier expressed interest in Jekyll and Sir Charles, Jekyll's fiancée's father. JEKYLL;SO MANY YEARS AGOI STARTED OUT ON THIS ALONE,AND IT'S ALONE I'LL SEE ITTHROUGH TO IT'S CONCLUSION. He turns to LORDSAVAGE) A little gift for you from the late, Lady Beaconsfield! 1ST. Please I beg of you! Lisa and Henry (As the guest leave they continue to softly speak) Lisa andHenry... EMMA CAREW;(To JEKYLL) My dear doctor. UTTERSON; HENRY! waiting, hopin... With purity in our hearts... with intolerance of all evil. HYDEIT'S A SIN WITH NO NAMELIKE A TIGER TO TAME! EMMA CAREW UTTERSON JEKYLL;THERE'S NOT ALL! DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE The script . {"SYMPATHY - TENDERNESS"}LUCY(She sings)SYMPATHY - TENDERNESSWARM AS THE SUMMEROFFER ME THEIR EMBRACE. No.. no he didn't get out.. he is still here. And you and God know ...(Pause) that you tried... ComeLisa. I ALWAYS KNEW - - I ALWAYS SAIDTHAT SILK AN' LACE - - IN BLACK AN' REDWILL DRIVE A MAN RIGHT OFF HIS HEADIT'S EASY! You said you were running out.. and he is getting stronger each day.. how long do you think you have? DOES SHE JUST RUN AWAY?DOES SHE RISK IT AND STAY?EITHER WAY, THERE'S NO WAY TO WIN! UTTERSON; Henry really? Coming officer? endobj But I believe, if we could just expose this devil inside of us, we could fight it as well, and by understanding that devil.. we would be able to understand human nature a whole lot better. The third US tour to run was a Non-Equity production featuring a Non-Equity cast. HYDE: MOVE AWAY! I.. just tell her to stay please.. POOLE; Oh that's delightful sir, splendid, i'll go inform the Miss Carew at ones. JEKYLL; John really, how on earth you got my dragged in here is really beyond me. There! (They begin to circle each other). And right in front of her on the other side of the door, stands Hyde looking down at her with a sneer. He pays Guinevere and arranges to see the attendant next Wednesday. Your language, to condemn so easily is not prober behaviour. HE IS THE MURDERE! HYDE; Sorry little dove, my name is Edward Hyde, Henry is gone little love. UTTERSON;AND YET THE FACT REMAINSTHOSE BASTARDS HOLD THE REINS! BISSET(Handing JEKYLL the chemical) All but two, sir. JEKYLL; That is putting it lightly, it was a sheer disaster! And the busy street of mockers, ladies and prostetues sings as if the are almost mocking the fine gentleman hurrying through them. I think if you picked a few numbers you could find the 2012 version, though, I'm trying to make a list by listening while reading the script, you have the full on script, i fell in love with this musical after 2 songs & have been looking for the script to read everywhere thank you so much now i can finally read it. John, we must go there at ones! JEKYLL; Thank you Emma, for being way better than I deserve, a way better woman than any man deserves really, I love you so much. ��Z�ӆ�\p4/>!�U֋�!T���>:A�ҍ��A�:����7 Really? I don't control the transformations! BOTHAT THE TOUCH OF YOUR HANDAT THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICEAT THE MOMENT YOUR EYES MEET MINEI AM OUT OF MY MINDI AM OUT OF CONTROLFULL OF FEELINGS I CAN'T DEFINE! While there are a few (and very far between) watchable moments in this show, by and large it is the most ghastly, amateurish production I have ever seen in my life. Frenchette Corkage, I did it.. the greatest break through in science this century, what a great moment.. the greatest.. (Smiles even wider.). IT'S A SIN WITH NO NAMELIKE A TIGER TO TAMEAND MY SENSES PROCLAIMIT'S A DANGEROUS GAME! JEKYLL(Recovering is composure somewhat) Emma! HYDE; (chuckles.) JEKYLL;Especially then! Vox Cinema Riyadh Front, THE BISHOP OF BASINGSTOKEDo you know who I am? No it cannot be! Jekyll gasps and scrambles up knocking over the chair. (To JEKYLL) Henry, may all of your research result in discoveries as wonderful as this one. MALE STREET MEMBER(He sings)READ ABOUT THE HIDEOUS MURDERPROFANE, RELIGIOUS MURDERTHE POOR OLD BISHOP,WHAT A SHOCK! LUCY(To JEKYLL) I'm the one you and your friend met that night...remember? JEKYLL; (nods.) Utterson was Jekyll's lawyer and best friend while Sir Danvers was Jekyll's future father-in-law. The musical made its UK debut, when a national tour launched in Eastbourne on August 24, 2004. Ah, but Striker, you see that's how you don't know dear Henry as good as I do, Henry is an idealist to the last, a passionate idealist, and quite frankly, if the world had some more of those, I do believe our place could be a bit brighter. In some versions Hyde reveals that he feels that Lucy has betrayed him by being in love with Jekyll and by going to see him every day. endobj Paul is an average guy. BOTHNO ONE SPEAKSNOT ONE WORDALL THE WORDS ARE IN OUR EYES! “Jekyll & Hyde the Musical” is an adaptation of “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, which Stevenson published in 1886. View production, box office, & company info, Danvers leaves and Hyde appears on the platform, Movies Where the Protagonist is a Villain, Films Depicting "Multiple Personality Disorder", Favorite oft-adapted male literary character from the 19th century. Help me! SIR DANVERSTHERE'S SOMETHINGSTRANGEUNLESS I'M BLINDI SEE A CHANGEOF A BIZARRE KIND! LUCY;(She sings)I SIT AND WATCH THE RAIN...AND SEE MY TEARS RUN DOWN THE WINDOW-PANE... EMMA;I SIT AND WATCH THE SKY...AND I CAN HEAVE A SIGH... EMMA;IN HIS EYES I CAN SEEWHERE MY HEART LONGS TO BE! There must be a way out there must be! I need to rest.. As poole leaves Jekyll leans back as he closes his eyes. Redditch V Bromsgrove, JEKYLL; I can assure you John, Hyde is no problem, I can get rid of him when-ever I want! I am his perfect hiding place...I know how Hyde fears my power to cut him off by suicide, and oh am I tempted, so tempted, and I am even ashamed to say the only thing keeping me from it is fear, fear of the pitch of hell I would be send to, as I so surely deserve now...and yet I find it in my heart to pity him. HYDELIKE IT OR NOT,YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE!AFTER TONIGHT, YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE! POOLE; Why, that is very good sir, and may I see it's good to see you in such good mood, I shall go prepare breakfast. I'm sorry, I cannot stay longer.. but soon enough we'll have all the time in the world.

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