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Motor cars are increasing in number, to the extent of causing occasional traffic jams known locally as "the rush minute". Canadian North serves Iqaluit from Ottawa, Yellowknife, and several communities in Nunavut. Nunavut Population Estimates by Inuit and Non-Inuit, Region and Community, 2001 to 2016 (3 tables).xlsx. In the mid-1950s, the population of Frobisher Bay increased rapidly during the construction of the Distant Early Warning Line (DEW line), a system of defensive radar stations—see North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). On a ridge overlooking the city is the distinctive blue and white Inuksuk High School. The altar was built by the parishioners, under the guidance of Markoosie Peter, a traditional master carpenter. Frobisher Bay extends for almost 110 kilometres (70 mi) to the east, with moderate hills, glaciers and traditional and summer camp sites, opening into the Davis Strait which divides Nunavut from Greenland. In December 1995, Iqaluit was selected by a territory-wide referendum to serve as Nunavut's future capital; it was chosen over Rankin Inlet. Iqaluit has a tundra climate (Köppen: ET) typical of the Arctic region, although it is well outside the Arctic Circle. Iqaluit is the largest community in the eastern Canadian Arctic. On a ridge overlooking the city is the distinctive blue and white Inuksuk High School. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Despite the larger towns being more cosmopolitan, the whole territory is largely inhabited with people with an Inuit ethnic background. The Inuit population grew rapidly in response, as the government encouraged Inuit to settle permanently in communities supported by government services. Much of Iqaluit's architecture is functional – designed to minimize material costs, while retaining heat and withstanding the climate. In 1949, after the war, the Hudson's Bay Company moved its south Baffin operations to the neighbouring valley of Niaqunngut, officially called Apex, in order to use the airfield. Iqaluit has been a traditional fishing location used by Inuit for thousands of years. These include the Arctic willow (Salix arctica), which is hard to recognize as a tree because of its low height. The city is also the location of the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum, which houses a large collection of Inuit and Arctic objects. The surface had dropped more than two metres, with islands appearing in the middle of the lake for the first time. The racial make up is:[31], There is no "majority mother tongue" in Iqaluit, as 45.4% reported their mother tongue as being English, and 45.4% also reported their mother tongue as Inuktitut. The 2016 census reported that there were 7,740, people living in Iqaluit, a 15.5% increase from 2011 census. There are two dental clinics in the city. English and Inuktitut are spoken regularly in Iqaluit. Iqaluit, is the largest community in Nunavut, with a population more than 7,740 (2016 census). Iqaluit is located in the Everett Mountains rising from Koojesse Inlet,[11] an inlet of Frobisher Bay, on the southeast part of Baffin Island. What’s more, Iqaluit is a growing community: its population—now 8,000—increased by 10 per cent between 2011 and 2016, and by 40 per cent since the territory was formed in 1999. This means that the tree line is much further south in the eastern part of Canada, being as southbound, in spite of low elevation, as northern Labrador.[15]. It’s very rare that a scientist can say with absolute certainty that this is going to happen, but that’s how basic this problem was.”, The issue came to the fore in mid-July, when city councillor Joanasie Akumalik handed out photos at a council meeting showing dangerously low water levels around Lake Geraldine. For the film, see, Territorial capital city in Nunavut, Canada. [37] Their fleet consists of: Policing in Iqaluit, as with the rest of Nunavut is contracted to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) V Division.[38]. The port, which will cost approximately $72 million dollars, will provide all-tide access to ships and will have space for one ship to dock and unload, with the ability to offload a second using a barge-and-ramp method. But the proposal failed amid concerns it would lead to privatization of the water supply. [14] Iqaluit averages just over 400 mm (16 in) of precipitation annually, much wetter than many other localities in the Arctic Archipelago, with the summer being the wettest season. Also, 53.3% of the population is either married or living with a common law partner. In 1964, the first local elections were held for a community council, and in 1979 for the first mayor. The founding of the Gordon Robertson Educational Centre, now Inuksuk High School, in the early 1970s at Iqaluit confirmed the government's commitment to the community as an administrative centre. Iqaluit's first permanent resident was Nakasuk, an Inuk guide who helped United States Army Air Forces planners to choose a site with a large flat area suitable for a landing strip. The wartime airstrip was known as Crystal Two, was part of the Crimson Route and operates today as Iqaluit Airport. In winter, the nearby Qaummaarviit Territorial Park and the more remote Katannilik Territorial Park Reserve are only accessible by snowmobile, dog sled or foot. For example, the Norwegian city of Trondheim has an annual mean temperature that is 15.2 °C (27.4 °F) milder. Unlike southern communities, where groundwater can replenish water sources, water supply in the Arctic is comparable to a bowl of water: it remains static until topped up by rain or snow. 2011 census numbers show both registered a population growth of eight per cent since the 2006 census.Nunavut’s capital city now counts 6,699 residents. Locally based airlines Air Nunavut, Canadian Helicopters, Nunasi Helicopters, and Unaalik Aviation provide air charters, and Air Nunavut and Keewatin Air provide MEDIVAC/air ambulance service. It is located on a small peninsula separating Koojesse Inlet from Tarr Inlet. Another distinctive building was St. Jude's Anglican Cathedral, see of the Anglican Diocese of The Arctic, which was a white building shaped like an igloo. It struck a task force comprised of its own officials along with consultants and officials from the Nunavut and federal governments; it is now waiting on regulatory permission to begin pumping water into Lake Geraldine from a nearby water source, says Deputy Mayor Romeyn Stevenson. 1964 – First community council formed; population of Frobisher Bay is 900. Iqaluit has the most Inuit people in both numbers (3,900) and percentages (59.1%), of all Canadian cities with populations greater than 5,000. The development driving that growth shows no signs of letting up. Following a fire at the airport in 1998, the Government of Nunavut re-opened the fire station at the airport. Iqaluit Gateway to the Arctic. 1970 – Frobisher Bay officially recognized as a settlement. Premier Joe Savikataaq was selected by his colleagues in the 5th Legislative Assembly of Nunavut to lead Nunavut on June 14, 2018. It was known as Frobisher Bay from 1942 to 1987, after the large bay on the coast of which the city is situated. Locally based airlines Air Nunavut, Canadian Helicopters, Nunasi Helicopters, and Unaalik Aviation provide air charters, and Air Nunavut and Keewatin Air provide MEDIVAC/air ambulance service. [49], The city's infrastructure is stressed by growth and lack of means to upgrade. Emergency services (fire and ambulance) are provided by city from a single station on Niaqunngusiariaq.[36]. Nunavut is the home for the many indigenous populations for many thousand years. Early architecture runs from the 1950s military barracks of the original DEW line installation, through the 1970s white hyper-modernist fibreglass block of the Nakasuk School and Municipal Offices and Arena, to the lines of the steel-reinforced concrete high-rise complex on the hill above it. Ottawa: Geological Survey of Canada, 2005. The population density of the city is 147.4 persons per square kilometer. Iqaluit is the smallest Canadian capital in terms of population, and the only capital that is not connected to other settlements by a highway. A new legislative building is in planning to be developed and built outside the city on the Apex Road. Most major roads within Iqaluit are paved with asphalt, but local and smaller roads are gravel. Not surprisingly, 70% of the residents of Nunavut report their mother tongue as Inuktitut. Moreover, much archaeological evidence has found within the region of Nunavut. [46] Experienced locals also cross the Hudson Strait from the Canadian mainland when it freezes over, either on foot or by dog sled or snowmobile, a distance of over 100 km (62 mi). The school is made up of four square sections joined together that give a cloverleaf shape when viewed from the air.

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