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section 44 On that journey he came to Lampsacus brining with him great calamity and near ruin of the state. section 42 It happened -after he had demanded from Dolabella that he send him to king Nicomedes and to king Sadalas, and after he had demanded this journey that is fit more to his own advantage than that of the opportunity of the republic,- that by this journey (or through) he arrived to Lampsacus with a great misfortune and with almost a destruction for/to its citizens. section 57 section 17 section 154 section 8 At the same time, Marcus Tullius Cicero was an up-and-coming political figure. section 18 section 67 Certe maior est virtutis victoriaeque iucunditas quam ista voluptas quae percipitur ex libidine et cupiditate. section 88 Quās enim sociōrum atque amīcōrum urbēs adistī lēgātiōnis iūre et nōmine, sī in eās vī cum exercitū imperiōque invāsissēs, tamen, opīnor, quae signa atque ōrnāmenta ex iīs urbibus sustulissēs, haec nōn in tuam domum neque in suburbāna amīcōrum, sed Rōmam in pūblicum dēportāssēs. At this time it is not a concern to me; for of the times in which I am now living, I have the accounts, both yours and your fathers. section 12 In fact, on that time, O judges, this man has obtained the greatest hope for the remaining sins also; for he saw that those who wanted to be called rulers of the courts, they themselves were the slaves of these desires. section 95 What shall I say about Lucius Scipio, who waged war in Asia and conquered Antiochus, the most powerful king? All work ceased on festival days, according to Roman customs, including any ongoing trials. section 67 section 9 section 3 {Registered accounts of P. section 159 section 97 section 38 section 15 Certainly the delight of virtue and victory that is felt is greater than that pleasure which is felt from lust and greed. section 138 Cicero Pro Caelio. section 124 With Reverso you can find the French translation, definition or synonym for verres and thousands of other words. section 189 section 16 In it, Cicero took advantage of the almost unconditional freedom to speak in court to demolish Verres' case. section 110 section 39 section 157 They include: Of the planned orators, only Cicero had an opportunity to speak. section 14 [65] Quod ubi est Philodamō nūntiātum, tametsī erat ignārus quantum sibi ac līberīs suīs iam tum malī cōnstituerētur, tamen ad istum venit; ostendit mūnus illud suum nōn esse; sē, cum suae partēs essent hospitum recipiendōrum, tum ipsōs tamen praetōrēs et cōnsulēs, nōn lēgātōrum adseculās, recipere solēre. section 154 And in which town that he had set his foot, where did he leave more footprints of his own violations and outrages than his arrival? section 78 section 213 Interesting reading: Patricia Rosenmeyer. Vereor ne haec forte cuipiam nimis antiqua et iam obsoleta videantur; ita enim tum aequabiliter omnes erant eius modi ut haec laus eximiae virtutis et innocentiae non solum hominum, verum etiam temporum illorum esse videatur. P. Servīlius, vir clārissimus, maximīs rēbus gestīs, adest dē tē sententiam lātūrus: Olympum vī, cōpiīs, cōnsiliō, virtūte cēpit, urbem antīquam et omnibus rēbus auctam et ōrnātam. section 146 [1], Afterwards, he was protected to a degree by Sulla, and allowed to indulge a skill for gubernatorial extortion in Cilicia under the province's governor, Gnaeus Cornelius Dolabella in 81 BC. section 114 Publius Servilius, a very famous man, having achieved very great things, is here intending to present his opinion of you: he seized with force, with troops, with his cunning, with virtue, the ancient city Olympus, strengthened and destroyed with everything. ( Çıkış  Yap /  section 45 You see that not only numbers of the statues, but also the size, shape, and the status of each one are defined to the records, It is certain that the delight of the courage and victory is greated than the pleasure which is obtained from desire and cupidity. The main source for this translation: Ingo Gildenhard, Cicero, Against Verres, 2.1.53-86. section 107 section 21 section 103 section 58 section 221 [59] The allies and the foreign nations, at that time, firstly, gave up all their hope of their property and possessions, on account that a great number of ambassadors from Asia and Achaia were at Rome,in that time, who were worshipping statues of the gods in our forum taken from their temples, besides, when they perceived other statues and ornaments, they kept looking at each one in elsewhere weeping. section 14 section 114 section 77 section 76 section 170 section 32 section 116 Further, due to the legal system in Rome, Senators who won prosecutions were entitled to the accused's position in the Senate. section 121 It happened that when that man had demanded from Cnaeus Dolabella that he send him to king Nicomedes and King Sadala, when he demanded this journey more for himself, for his own profit rather than for the benefit of the republic. section 165 There had also been, concurrent with this, an almost perpetual scandal of wealthy senators and knights bribing juries to gain verdicts favorable to them. section 33 section 197 section 126 Dices tua quoque signa et tabulas pictas ornamento urbi foroque populi Romani fuisse. section 56 section 131 We hear that someone has never prepared accounts; which is the false opinion of humans about Antonius; for he made (them) carefully; this may be a possible approach, in the smallest degree to be approved. section 218 section 66 section 103 section 122 At the same time, Marcus Tullius Cicero was an up-and-coming political figure. In Verrem ("Against Verres") is a series of speeches made by Cicero in 70 BC, during the corruption and extortion trial of Gaius Verres, the former governor of Sicily. section 146 section 180 section 47 There is a town in the Hellespont, Lampsacus,gentlemen of the jury, among the first in the province of Asia in fame and nobility; the men of Lampsacus themselves are not only intensely attentive towards all the Roman citizens but also are very calm and orderly besides, almost exceeding the rest of the Greeks in being inclined towards their extreme leisure rather than towards any force of tumult. quid dē L. Scīpiōne, quī bellum in Asiā gessit Antiochumque, rēgem potentissimum, vīcit? section 71 section 34 [61] Aliō locō hoc cuius modī sit cōnsīderābimus; nunc nihil ad mē attinet; hōrum enim temporum in quibus nunc versor habeō tabulās et tuās et patris. section 83 section 118 section 144 section 200 These were that he subverted Roman security by accepting a bribe from the city of Messana to release them from their duty of providing a ship for the Roman fleet and that he fraudulently discharged men from fleet service, did not mark them down as discharged, and pocketed their active duty pay. section 125 Servilius.} section 13 137, no. Cicero would serve in Sicily in 75 BC as a quaestor, and in doing so made contacts with a number of Sicilian towns. section 90 section 183 By the end of 70 BC, Verres was living in exile in Massilia, modern-day Marseilles, where he would live the rest of his life (history records he was killed during the proscriptions of the Second Triumvirate over a sculpture desired by Mark Antony). section 175 But I will exclude everything that can be denied, even I will abandon those things that are the most certain and the most clear; I will pick out another from his abominable deeds; by which I may finally be able to arrive to Sicily which imposed the burden of this occupation to me. section 67 section 7 book 2 Instare Rubrius. He seized Olympus by force, soldiers, wisdom, and bravery -an ancient city, enriched and furnished by all means. section 204 section 48 section 102 Homo, qui semper hospitalissimus amicissimusque nostrorum hominum existimatus esset, noluit videri ipsum illum Rubrium invitus domum suam recepisse; magnifice et ornate, ut erat in primis inter suos copiosus, convivium comparat; rogat Rubrium. The response that this man gave us is unprecedented and ridiculous when we asked for the accounts from him [he said that] he had kept accounts up to the consulship of Marcus Terentius and Gaius Cassius, but after that he stopped. ( Çıkış  Yap /  section 82 [55] What should I say about M. Marcellus who seized Syracuse, the most eminent city? section 100 section 16 section 105 section 80 section 20 section 27 Quorum domus, cum honore ac virtute florerent, signis et tabulis pictis erant vacuae; at vero urbem totam templaque deorum omnesque Italiae partes illorum donis ac monumentis exornatas videmus. Know from the public records the effort of this very great man. section 43 You can not deny that you have taken plenty of the most beautiful statues away and the great number of noblest paintings. Is ad eum rem istam defert, Philodamum esse quendam, genere, honore, copiis, existimatione facile principem Lampsacenorum; eius esse filiam, quae cum patre habitaret propterea quod virum non haberet, mulierem eximia pulchritudine; sed eam summa integritate pudicitiaque existimari. section 99 section 158 This gave Cicero's career a boost, in a large part because this allowed him a freedom to speak not usually granted to a newly enrolled member of the Senate. section 65 section 5 section 122 section 30 section 123 section 156 section 149 section 44 section 87 section 91 section 30 [56] Vereor nē haec forte cuipiam nimis antīqua et iam obsolēta videantur; ita enim tum aequābiliter omnēs erant eius modī ut haec laus eximiae virtūtis et innocentiae nōn sōlum hominum, vērum etiam temporum illōrum esse videātur. section 81 section 148 section 166 section 96 After defending Sextus Roscius of Ameria in 80 BC on a highly politically charged case of parricide, Cicero left for a voyage to Greece and Rhodes. ): I saw the forum and the Comitium together with the Roman people, that was furnished magficiently for the sight, but to the senses and thoughts was harsch and sorrowing; I (also) say that all were shining in your robberies, pillage of the provinces and spoils of allies and friends.

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