how much was a beaver pelt worth in the 1800s

Staple furs are sought for their wool. The most important of these arrangements led to the formation of the Northwest Company, which for the first two decades of the nineteenth century, competed with the Hudson’s Bay Company (Carlos and Hoffman, 1986). [At shops in towns at that time, people had to pay the price a shopkeeper asked, like at stores now.] Shammas, Carole. or Best Offer. background on my source: Slacum’s report was published as HBC's pricing policies meant that the Company was getting widely differing numbers of Made Beaver for different trade items. Over the first six decades of the eighteenth century, these markets grew dramatically, such that the value of beaver hat sales to Portugal alone was £89,000 in 1756-1760, representing about 300,000 hats or two-thirds of the entire export trade. By 1848, beaver hats could be purchased for as little as 12 shillings. Could you be so kind and share a link to other resources that have data about this theme just in case you know any. "Exports are tied to the prevailing fashion trends, primarily in Europe," Hamilton explains. These were the official prices at York Factory.

[2] => student exhibit either via the comment box below or by direct email to Indeed, the 1742 return of 38,791 skins was the largest since the French had established any posts in the region. Photographer - Cliff White Carlos, Ann M., and Frank D. Lewis. Natives only bought goods they wanted.

Surprisingly perhaps, given the increased competition, trade in beaver pelts at the Hudson’s Bay Company post increased to an average of 34,300, this over the period 1740 to 1743. In 1825, the Osage, under pressure from the American government, signed away their Missouri and Arkansas territory. Today, the best symbol of fur trade days may be the antique wooden trunk sitting beside University of Missouri at St. Louis historian Fred Fausz's desk. (1) This is a hypothetical example for purposes of illustration.

York or London $5 per pound; value $7.50. A final note — a beaver pelt in a circular frame was called a plus, pronounced “ploo.” It was also called a “blanket,” and still is. Prices then continued to increase. The number of beaver skins in a pack depended on the season in which the animals were trapped. He brought in a prime beaver pelt, worth 10 shillings.

That makes me think prices didn’t change much. Their decline was systematic. For roughly the next hundred years, this northern region saw competition of varying intensity between the French and the English.

with natives and trappers a common unit of value within the HBC trading network
“Agency Problems in Early Chartered Companies: The Case of the Hudson’s Bay Company.” Journal of Economic History 50, no. It was these higher fur prices that led to over-harvesting and, ultimately, a decline in beaver stocks. Figure 3 illustrates the rise in the price of furs at York Factory and Fort Albany in response to higher beaver prices in London and Paris, as well as to a greater French presence in the region (Carlos and Lewis, 1999). What was worth the most? When furs were brought to Vancouver, 11s 6d might be allowed for a beaver skin, and the first American merchants received them at $2.20." The process was difficult to refine and entailed considerable experimentation by felt-makers. 4 (1990): 853-75. At the same time, the American beaver population, besieged by some 60 years of overhunting, began to dwindle. Although the art of felting disappeared from much of western Europe during the first millennium, felt-making survived in Russia, Sweden, and Asia Minor. Any permanent increase, however, was ultimately dependent on the animal resource base.

Today's St. Louis is a hurried, 21st-century city. Thus the closer is a system to open access the more likely it is that the resource will be depleted. 1837 be worth today? Other items included knives, axes, fishhooks and kettles, which made their work easier. Carlos, Ann and Nicholas, Stephen. On the animal these hairs were naturally covered with keratin to prevent the barbs from opening, thus to make felt, the keratin had to be stripped from at least some of the hairs. Art Editor - Dickson Stauffer (6) The value/price of a common Indian gun in Made Beaver at Ft. Vancouver in 1843-44 was also much less than the comparable values in the earlier examples of Standards of Trade linked in the text, which were in the range of 10 to 14 Made Beaver per gun. The pattern at York Factory was similar. Copyright © 2020 USU Digital Exhibits

The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Compagnie d’Occident, although similar in title, had very different internal structures. All staple furs have a double coating of hair with long, stiff, smooth hairs called guard hairs which protect the shorter, softer hair, called wool, that grows next to the animal skin. He spoke fluent French and Osage, though not English.

After some low returns early on (from 1716 to 1720), the number of beaver pelts increased to an average of 35,000. Required fields are marked *. Ray, Arthur J. Fancy furs are those demanded for the beauty and luster of their pelt. The highest quality hats would be made fully from beaver wool, whereas lower quality hats included inferior wool, such as rabbit.

Weights are based on the trade in these types of furs at Fort Albany. Beavers were a top trade animal. Parchment beaver were from freshly caught animals, whose skins were simply dried before being presented for trade. Indians moved to Oklahoma reservations. In 1748 and 1749, returns increased to an average of nearly 23,000.

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