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This is when Browns refusal to properly fund SDR98 really began to bite. OK. What exactly is the situation with T45 as regards to CBRN / NCB? Should of course say T45…no edit function.. The 8,500-tonne ship’s last deployment was to the Gulf in 2015, where she supported the battle against Isis in the Middle East. 48 missiles was the amount the T42’s carried in their magazines and one may have thought The Falklands demonstrated how quickly stocks dwindle when they start being fired off in a hot scenario. eg Canada currently has zero destroyers (last one decommissioned a few years ago). Yes. Conservative/Libs (Laws in particular) cancelled Sheffield Forgemasters investment, but labour used this as a poltical tool too. Yet two down votes. I agree Wars are the really expensive things, which happen when you don’t have a deterrent or if your opponent concludes you wont use force. ‘Our key priority is working with suppliers to support their compliance with government guidelines and maintain their critical outputs to defence.’. No wonder the Yanks are jealous. You want the T45 to be able to cue the T26 & the T26 to be able to cue the T45 to get the most out of CEC. In all fairness, very high power dynamic electrical control systems are now at a totally different level to where they were when T45 was designed. Undaunted was one of eight U-class destroyers ordered as the 7th Emergency Flotilla on 12 June 1941. The Sejong might be able to stay on station longer, but it’s not necessarily any better, indeed possibly worse than the T45 at getting missiles into the air with the limited engagement time it would have. Swiss forward Xherdan Shaqiri played a major role in securing the win over West Ham. Swapping the main gun out, reintegrating something else; expensive, time consuming, not much useful to be gained by doing that? We have insufficient marutime helicopters , most of our surface fleet is fitted for but not with. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Let’s be clear on terminology. The chances are the T45’s will have significant refits around the 20-25 year mark and keep going into the 2040’s. Lives saved. I suspect they don’t know themselves…the choices are many: Anti-Air – SM-3 – The only Standard series missile that makes sense, but only if the RN upgrade the T45 for full Ballistic Missile defence. With Seacat you have to break it down by the 4 different versions. Wildcat is not excellent for the Navy at all. In March 2018 BAE Systems, BMT Defence Services and Cammell Laird signed a contract with the MoD to deliver the PIP. I have never known site that allows trolls who add nothing and knowingly cause discord to get away with so much. The Type 23’s had a projected service life of 18 years but the remaining 13 will all do over 30! Difference in doctrine, but also the belief that a highly manoeuverable active RF seeker missile is in a different league to Standard or ESSM. Don’t be fooled again, Fine. There are three choices, give them to the Rivers or the T45 or put them in the shed. So far the France option isn’t going too well with UK being shut out of Galileo and next fighter project. She was also joined by the Royal Canadian Navy ships Algonquin and Sioux. A truly modern muti-mission warship, would most likely to exceed $3 billion +. She also flew the flags of France, United States, China and Poland, as well as the personal flag of Dwight D. Eisenhower. It was the trigger. Building far too few from the beginning, and whilst it’s right to fix propulsion first, it shouldn’t have taken over a decade. For T26 Mk.41 will be baked in. Leonardo have also mentioned a laser guided version of Vulcano, that can use 3rd party designation for even more accuracy over range. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thanks, I was Just asking as they are noisy Ships. The Mk.41 launched Japanese Type-07 has a range of 18 miles. She then went on to Bari, Brindisi and Taranto (Italy), where crew members earned the Italy Medal for operations such as bombarding the Coast Road by Ancona, to help the Army and she was also engaged in operations off the coast of Yugoslavia. T45 isn’t going on to the gunline. Inexplicably the staff requirement for these vessels did not mandate strictly enough their ability to operate in high ambient air temperatures, despite it being obvious the ships would be deployed in warm climates. He did nothing to cool the housing market until it was too late. Cammell Laird is a British shipbuilding company. Cammell Laird is also preparing for the start of the next ferry season, which will see the return of all four Calmac Ferries for their annual maintenance periods. Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson condemns Labour leader Ed Miliband for supporting The Sun newspaper, Watch: Former girlfriend of 17-year-old killed at Hillsborough disgusted at receiving the Sun in post, Watch: Woman who raised thousands while caring for sick son wins Mum of the Year, Man accused of trying to take baby tells court he only wanted to make it safe, HMS Dauntless sets sail for the Falklands Islands on her maiden deployment, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. It also has no data link back to the ship. Cannot see gov parting with the money. And when the big gun capital ship had its day the debate shifted to variations on the carriers with armoured decks or not , or double or single hangars….ahh debates. Thats not an issue nornally as the overhead for spare power is so large. That will leave the Mk.41 rather empty… Basically, the RN’s inexplicable decision not to demand Mk.41 for Aster has complicated their lives immeasurably for the next 30 years…I’d even go as far to say its been left that long that it now makes no sense. UK posture (and expense) has never fitted with Land Attack missions from Surface Ships. Dauntless is now alongside in Cammell Laird, Birkenhead for PIP. Leave strike & ASW to the T26 (& potentially T31 if they want to spend the money). If ASW can not be done on the cheap then why does anyone expect expect unmanned ASW to work? She remained part of the Squadron until 1961. The same trend is likely to play out in Land (Javelin’s replacement is likely to be MMP or Spike), GMLRS is a co-operative endeavour already. All the while Blair was more than happy to throw billions and billions at the european project with absolutely naff all in return for the uk. The project is necessary as the ships’ gas turbines experienced problems delivering enough power to engines in warmer waters. The Royal Marines Band Scotland will lead the parade from Dauntless across The Strand to  Our Lady & St Nicholas Parish Church where the bell will go on permanent display. I seen the schematic of that area. If you want to do 30knots you need lots of power for propulsion which limits whats available for other systems. They are also several meters shorter (than strike length mk41), which may allow continued use of the space underneath. But the UK is unlikely to use the vast majority of them ever. In addition there is a massive East Asia military buildup underway. And don’t forget he lied to parliament when he said extra ones would cost a billion each. The Theatre of the Sea will be based aboard Liverpool-based own tall ship Zebu, a century-old former Baltic trader, moored at Albert Dock. This has been demonstrated by the US Navy welcoming them to co-ordinate air defence around its aircraft carriers in the high threat environment of the Arabian Gulf. Regarding South Korea, distance can make it seem more dire. Though I agree, it seems as if these vessels were designed exclusively for a large Carrier Strike Group before we even knew we were getting one. A Type 285 fire control radar integrated with the ship's high-angle gun director, while the Hazemayer mount had an integrated Type 282 radar. RFA Wave Knight arrived at Cammell Laird in March, following a six-month deployment in the Middle East and spent eight weeks in Cammell Laird’s Dry Dock number five, before being moved to the South Berth West Basin. Will the Everton manager regret letting any of these leave Goodison? most likely cancelled after Brown although labour started the destrution of the armed forces when they got into office. Which is why she’s been brought to a referencable baseline before they start. (The RCN Iroquois-class destroyers were in a similar mould.) Undaunted had a long, distinguished and industrious career, which started soon after her launching and acceptance into the fleet in 1944. Work under the project will be completed under a £160 million (approx. Drug dealer stopped on M6 with 30kg of cocaine worth over £4m, Thomas Cave, from Speke, had picked up 30kg of the Class A drug on the sout coast, Carlo Ancelotti makes Cenk Tosun vow as Everton striker makes return after injury, Tosun had not played for Everton since December 2019 but came off the bench against Newcastle, Everton news and transfers LIVE - Andre Gomes injury, Samuel Chukwueze eyed, Emerson Royal move. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The flag is thin and crudely made, and has Eisenhower's signature on two of the four stars sewn on. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Don’t forget to add in politics & money, just to muddy the waters. The MoD said it would increase the ‘propulsion capable engines from two to five’. [6][7] The close-in anti-aircraft armament for the class was one Hazemayer stabilised twin mount for the Bofors 40 mm gun and four twin Oerlikon 20 mm cannons. The joke used to be the Mk 8 Mod 0 was fitted to ships to give the weapons engineers something to do as it was a monster with all those hydraulics. Indeed, I’d go as far as to take out the main gun and replace it with something smaller, like the OTO 76 or the 57mm being touted for the T31 frigate, to give the T45 a bit more long range CIWS capability. Current spec UK T26 adds very little to the picture that CEC can create. On the other hand, if I was given the project and the money to overhaul the weapon fit of the T45, iwould undoubtedly use the space afforded to add more cells.

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