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All of the metal fabric shows evidence of extensive corrosion with the majority of fittings and fixtures (e.g. The place is important in demonstrating aesthetic characteristics and/or a high degree of creative or technical achievement in New South Wales. On 6 March 1919, in company of HMA Ships Melbourne, Huon, Yarra and Warrego, she sailed for Australia, joined by Swan and Torrens at Malta. On 27 April the Flotilla left Port Phillip on a cruise which included visits to Jervis Bay, Port Jackson, Port Stephens and points along the Barrier Reef.

AE2 – Stoker’s Submarine, Musical Composition by Lieutenant Matthew Klohs RAN. At the outbreak of World War I, Australia’s duty was to the `Mother Country’ and Sydney, in company with the British cruiser Minotaur, Melbourne and the Japanese cruiser Ibuki had the job of escorting the first convoy of troops from Australia. Left: Swan under construction on the slipway, 23 April 1915.

She recommissioned in 1925, spending much of the following two years in Tasmanian waters. They were equipped with one four-inch gun, three twelve pounders and three eighteen inch torpedo tubes.

[1], The wreck demonstrates the pattern of commissioning British-built vessels for the new Australian navy into the early twentieth century, and in the subsequent disposal of such vessels when obsolete. [2], Swan was laid down by the Cockatoo Docks and Engineering Company at Sydney in New South Wales on 22 January 1913. The internal spaces of the wreck are littered with miscellaneous plating, piping and introduced rubbish. HMAS Parramatta (I) was laid down by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Limited, at their shipyard in Govan, Scotland on 17 March 1909. On this work the destroyers were responsible for blocking the southward passage of submarines through the Adriatic Narrows into the Mediterranean and also the safe transit of Italian transports to and from Albania.

Swan and her sister ship Parramatta were then used a accommodation vessels, by the NSW Department of Prisons, for men working on road repair in the nearby region. Painting by Phil Belbin. However, funding and other constraints delayed the project with the stern finally being mounted in Queens Wharf Reserve, Parramatta in 1981 and the bow at Garden Island in 1986. The place possesses uncommon, rare or endangered aspects of the cultural or natural history of New South Wales. The first seaplane flight in the world had already been made by H. Fabre in France on March 28 1910, and Curtiss made the first hydroplane flight in America on January 26 1911. This included a conservation program to limit water ingress into the memorial, stabilise rust activity, and to replace damaged sections of external plating. During the First World War they formed the Australian Destroyer Flotilla. Naval Historical Society of Australia Inc. Here they were individually decommissioned between 1919 and 1928. [1], With the outbreak of war in 1914, Parramatta (I) immediately saw active service in German New Guinea serving with the Australian fleet led by HMAS Australia (I).

[1] Maximum range was 2,690 nautical miles (4,980 km; 3,100 mi) at 11.5 knots (21.3 km/h; 13.2 mph). Originally mounted on a brick support structure, the memorial saw extensive restoration by Parramatta City Council in 2003–4. The domed building in the background is the Dolmabahce Mosque.

Group Captain Keith Isaacs is well qualified to write about military aircraft for he has flown with three air forces – the Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Air Force and United States Air Force. On that and the following day the bow and stern sections were salvaged and later transported to a site on the north bank of the Parramatta River, upstream from the Silverwater Bridge. Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA); HMAS Parramatta shipwreck and memorials; HMAS Parramatta (I); HMAS Parramatta (II), Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering at Govan, Scotland. He was born at Drummoyne, New South Wales, on May 30 1921 and educated at the local St. Mark’s School, and St. Joseph’s High School, Rozelle.

[1], Parramatta (II), a Grimsby class escort sloop, was sunk by the German U-boat U-559 on 27 November 1941. SWAN DESTROYER 1916-1934, wreck, wreck database. With the bow and stern sections removed in the 1970s, the remainder of the wreck retains significant form. HMAS Parramatta (I) spent the period of September 1916 to May 1917 on patrol in Australian waters. Location: Historic Shipwreck: Cascade Gully Hawkesbury River, Bar Point, NSW 2150. Their duty was to flush out the feared German Pacific cruiser squadron under Admiral Maximilian von Spee (which had in fact already fled). [1], 1973: The memorial to HMAS Parramatta (II), sunk in combat in the Mediterranean in World War Two, originally comprised a metal plaque established in the grounds of the Parramatta Bowling Club in 1973. While the hull was reduced by the removal of the bow and stern sections for later dedication as public memorials, the central section of the original hull is retained to main deck level. She then broke surface and dived again passing directly under Parramatta (I). Adriatic operations ended for Parramatta (I) on 28 September 1918 when she proceeded to Piraeus for refitting. Being the first completed and commissioned vessel of the wholly Australian naval fleet, ordered initially from British dockyards post federation, this River Class Torpedo Boat Destroyer, by design, had a successful military service during World War One. The stern section of Parramatta (I) mounted at Queens Wharf Reserve as a permanent tribute to the ship. However, funding and other constraints delayed the project with the stern finally being mounted in Queens Wharf Reserve, Parramatta in 1981 and the bow at Garden Island in 1986. The purpose of the patrol was to prevent the passage into the Mediterranean of enemy submarines based at Austrian Adriatic ports.

The hulls of HMA Ships PARRAMATTA and SWAN, (torpedo boat destroyers), were sold by public auction for £12 each. [1], The Parramatta (II) memorial was established in Queens Wharf Reserve in 1986 by the Naval Association of Australia (NSW sub-branch) and Parramatta Council to commemorate the loss of Parramatta (II). The memorial has not seen recent conservation assessment. She was launched on 9 February 1910 by Mrs Margot Asquith, wife of British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.

She then sailed in December with the French destroyer Bisson to report on conditions in the eastern Ukraine, although they reached their destination, an advance by Bolshevik forces caused the cancellation of the mission. These trials convinced the United States Navy that aircraft would be of use to warships and, in fact, could well become ‘the eyes of the fleet’. The Australian Flag flying from the bow of HMAS Parramatta (I) on her arrival at Constantinople.

The society today includes notable ex-military and serving members of the naval forces of Australia and is a key naval historical body nationally.

The bow is now mounted ashore at Garden Island and the stern embedded into a monument at Queens Park, Parramatta. Various proposals were forwarded for the modernisation and expansion of the navy which lead to the construction of Parramatta between 1909 and 1910.

Front page of a booklet advertising the Arrival of HMAS Yarra (I) and Parramatta (I) to Melbourne.

Later she took part in the capture of the German Colonies in the South West Pacific, and a number of her sailors were landed at Kabakaul (New Britain), under the command of Lieutenant Gerald Hill RNR, of HMAS Yarra (I) to take part in the operations ashore against the Germans. She commissioned in the RAN at Sydney on 16 August 1916 under the command of Commander Arthur Bond, RN. Left: Crew members fitting a warhead to a torpedo in the Mediterranean, 1917. The captain and crew of the Australian Destroyer HMAS Parramatta (I) are greeted on her arrival in Fremantle, November 1910. Swan began her seagoing service as a unit of the British Far East Patrol. HMAS Swan was laid down at Cockatoo Island Dockyard, Sydney, NSW on 22 January 1915.

Swan was decommissioned in 1928, stripped of parts, and sold for use as prisoner accommodation on the Hawkesbury River. [1] Later in the ship's career, two depth charge throwers and four depth charge chutes were installed.

He climaxed a career of over 5,000 hours in the air by flying at Mach 2 in a Dassault Mirage 111-D while he was Commanding Off8icer, Base Squadron, RAAF Williamtown. [1] Propulsion machinery consisted of three Yarrow boilers feeding Parsons turbines, which supplied 10,000 shaft horsepower (7,500 kW) to the ship's three propeller shafts. The hulk of HMAS SWAN, (former torpedo boat destroyer), sank during a gale on the Hawkesbury River, NSW. Her sister ship PARRAMATTA was blown ashore onto a mud flat where the wreck remains to this day. On 17 October 1929 she was handed over to Cockatoo Dockyard for dismantling. In each case special platforms had been erected on the cruisers.

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