headache in back of head

Apart from all these forms of headaches, have you heard of headaches in the back of the head? Treatment generally includes warm compresses and gentle massage. The types of pain, location, and other symptoms you’re feeling can help your doctor diagnose what’s causing your headache and how to treat it. Usually it’s a dull pain that doesn’t throb. Get in touch with us and we'll talk... ↬ Migraine↬ Fatigue or overexertion↬ Eye strain↬ Mental stress (depression and tension)↬ Dental issues (jaw clenching and teeth grinding)↬ Smoking and alcohol addiction (or their sudden withdrawal)↬ Keeping the head in one position for a long time (continuous driving or working in front of the computer)↬ Improper posture, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of regular exercise↬ Some secondary causes include cluster headaches and sinus infection↬ In some cases, heredity factors might also be a potential reason behind headaches. Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Kids get headaches and migraines too. A migraine can be more than just a whopping headache. Treatment for cluster headaches focuses on shortening the headache period, reducing the severity of attacks, and preventing further attacks from occurring. Lifestyle modifications, hormonal therapy, and anti-migraine. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Poor posture: If you tend to slouch when you sit or stand, that can strain the muscles in the back of your head, upper back, neck, and jaw. Headaches caused by poor posture can be treated immediately with acetaminophen. If you're plagued with headaches, our Headaches Quiz may help you identify causes, triggers, symptoms, and treatments for headache pain caused by different types of headaches such as migraines, sinus, cluster, tension, or stress. People with cluster headaches experience frequent attacks. Arthritis headaches are best treated with anti-inflammatories and heat to reduce inflammation. Cluster headaches don't happen as often, but men are five times more likely to get them. Would you like to write for us? Migraine headaches may start on the left side of the head, and then move around the temple to the back of the head. They are the most frequent type of headache, but the underlying cause is somewhat unknown. These herbal medicines, including phytoestrogenic supplements and hormone-regulating supplements, help remedy the hormonal imbalance that provoke stress, anxiety, fatigue, and other causes of headaches. Cervicogenic headache: This may feel like a headache with pain in the back of your head, but the issue actually is in the neck. It also can put pressure on the nerves in those areas. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. It is believed that tension headaches are caused due to muscle spasms in the back of the neck and head region. Occipital neuralgia is a condition in which the nerves that run from the top of the spinal cord up through the scalp, called the occipital nerves, are inflamed or injured. It is also termed as a secondary headache – these are headaches resulting from a different illness or physical problem in the neck than an issue in the head. Over-the-counter pain relievers may help as well. They feel like a dull, tight constricting pain that isn’t throbbing. Pain is usually severe with burning or shooting sensation; the pain remains on one side of the head but often worsens with neck movement. For example, patients suffering from retropharyngeal tendinitis, Parkinson's disease, a brain tumor, sleep apnea, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, dengue fever, adult aqueductal stenosis, or an overactive thyroid gland, may also experience headache in this location. Arthritis headaches are caused by inflammation and swelling in the neck area. There are a number of different causes that can lead to headaches occurring at the back of the head. Treatment options include applying heat packs, resting, massage, physical therapy, and taking painkillers, which can reduce swelling. For some people, it might be the entire head that aches, in others, it might be a one-sided pain (commonly called migraine), and in a few others, it would be only the upper or lower part of the head. Aleve, Anaprox, Naprelan, Naprosyn, etc. Doctors aren’t sure what causes occipital neuralgia. Muscle relaxants such as Tizanidine, and massaging sore muscles might also help. For migraines, your doctor may prescribe both a preventative medication, like a beta-blocker, and an immediate pain-relief medication. Keep reading to know more. ©Copyright 2020. While quick relief is simple, starting with stress-reducing techniques to relax muscle tightness, long-term reprieve involves treating the underlying hormonal imbalance at fault. Occipital (back of the head) headaches in children. Treatment for herniated disks include physical therapy, gentle stretching, chiropractic manipulation, epidural injections for inflammation, and surgery if needed. Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! Also, since tension headaches occur more frequently in women than in men, the fluctuation of hormones - estrogen and progesterone - is believed to influence headache patterns, especially headaches during menopause. Arthritis Headache. What are the different types of headaches occurring at the back of the head? They get their name from the “cluster periods” in which they occur. If the head and neck joint is compromised, this can lead to headaches. Yes, these kinds of headaches are medically termed as tension headaches. You can measure dehydration by looking at the color of your urine. Dental issues (jaw clenching and teeth grinding), Smoking and alcohol addiction (or their sudden withdrawal), Keeping the head in one position for a long time (continuous driving or working in front of the computer), Improper posture, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of regular exercise, Some secondary causes include cluster headaches and sinus infection, In some cases, heredity factors might also be a potential reason behind headaches, Naproxen (e.g. MenopauseNow.com. What does a migraine headache feel like compared to a tension headache? The pain is almost always there, though it may vary over the course of a day. Movement … Usually, headaches in the back of head are the result of stress, muscle tightness, tension, the overuse of medications, and tiredness. Occipital neuralgia is a rare but severe headache that tends to begin at the base of the neck and spreads up to the back of the head, then behind the ears. Rather, the pain comes from the neck but seems as though it's happening in your head. A spinal tap or an epidural block can cause a spinal headache. These headaches occur in the back and right side of the head. Although headaches in the back of the head are a common occurrence, the real cause(s) of such kind of headaches are still unknown. In many cases, these headaches also cause pain in other locations, or are triggered by certain events. Precipitating Factors: Cause of pain is unknown Treatment: Anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants Prevention: None While the hands are soaked in the water, try to open and close your fists; this method will give you relief from this form of headache. A migraine may cause sensitivity to light and visual disturbances. Trigger point injections are given to inactivate your trigger points, resulting in prompt relief from chronic pain. Mostly, painkillers are widely used to get relief from tension headaches. What causes pain in the back of the head? Tension headaches are characterized by mild to moderate diffuse aches that can feel as though a band is tightening around your head. Learn to spot migraine symptoms early, how to identify your triggers, and get more information on migraine headache medications and treatments. They likely will use a series of tests and imaging studies to diagnose the condition. Symptoms to…. Dehydration, mineral loss, sun glare, and heat exhaustion can all cause heat-induced headaches and migraines. This causes excruciating pain in the head and usually painkillers are ineffective at treating the pain. Finding relief from any type of headache first involves pinpointing the underlying cause and then tackling that issue for optimal results. Tension headache: This is the most common type of headache. However, these prescribed medications can be addictive, and hence should be taken only if extremely necessary, and that too for a very short period of time. Headache can be prompted by a number of physical stimuli. Although headaches in the back of the head are a common occurrence, the real cause(s) of such kind of headaches are still unknown. ©1996-2020 MedicineNet, Inc. All rights reserved. The coldness of the water distends the blood vessels and eases the nerve pressure in the head. Patients may feel the headache on one or both sides of the head (unilateral and bilateral headache respectively). This happens when there’s a spinal fluid leak in your neck or back. The location of the headache varies; it can be at the front or back of the head, or in the temple. Such headaches, sometimes become so severe, that it gets very difficult for a person to concentrate on his work. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Learn how to recognize, treat, and prevent this type of headache. Maintain a proper posture while working, reading, etc. They often cause pain in the back of the head and neck. The muscles begin to shrink and pull on the muscles. You may feel a dull, throbbing pain at the base of your skull. MenopauseNow.com is dedicated to providing reliable, up-to-date information and advice on the most common topics in women's health, including PMS, menopause, natural hormones, hormonal conditions, and fertility. Trigger point injections can be an alternative for pain management in people with myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic or episodic headaches or tension headaches, jaw pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and groin pain. Headaches in the back of the head can have a number of different causes; it might only be due to a minor injury or it can be a secondary symptom of other problems in the body. Afterward, you may feel a dull ache. Copyright © Health Hearty & Buzzle.com, Inc. When they’re injured or inflamed, you may feel pain in the back of your head or behind your ears. Low-pressure headaches usually get better after you lie down for half an hour. Here, we'll discuss possible causes of headache in back of head. Pain associated with headaches can be concentrated in any area of the head; however, women may wonder why theirs always occurs in the back of the head and if it's a cause for concern. Underlying diseases, neck tension, or other unknown factors might cause nerve damage or irritation. Another key…. This can result in potentially fatal complications, such as seizures and blood clots. Over-the-counter pain relievers:-↬ Aspirin↬ Naproxen (e.g. A tension headache isn’t a sign of another medical issue. Types include tension headache, migraines, cluster headaches and others. What aura looks like, triggers, and more. Patients may also feel: The following video shows massaging techniques to treat this headache: The term migraine is used to refer to recurring moderate to severe headaches commonly associated with other autonomic nervous system symptoms. 2) Preventive prescription medications, or 3) surgery which involves blocking the trigeminal nerve. We hope you are enjoying HealthHearty! Poor body positioning creates tension in your back, shoulders, and neck. Headaches are felt in many parts of the head.

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