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National Guard and Reserve Components Caucus, United Services Organization (USO) Caucus. H.R. Ah, Abortion – A license to kill…….the unborn.

This is a critical time in our nation. In Congress, Gus is seeking to improve access to care and support systems which enable those suffering from mental illness to become active members of our community.

Government doesn’t create jobs, small businesses do. Representative Bilirakis was proud to be part of the core group of bipartisan legislators who worked with Majority Leader Cantor to get H.R. As a father of four boys, all of whom graduated from or currently attend public school, he understands the link between a robust public education system and a … In an effort to help you make informed decisions during the General Election, ABC Action News has reached out to dozens of candidates running for office. I NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN!!! Bilirakis Building Room 38. He and his staff have been ignoring me for over FOUR YEARS. CAREER POLITICIANS. Congratulations to my Deputy Chief of Staff, Summer Robertson, on her marriage this week to Paul Blevins, who is a combat Veteran. Why????

Gus Bilirakis on the Issues on Gus Bilirakis; House of Representatives issue stances; Tired of media reports of fundraising and poll results instead of policy issues? He and his ilk are what is wrong in Washington. Gus’s daddy decides to retire in 2006 after 24 years and here comes old Gus to step in knowing damn well voters will vote for the Bilirakis name. I believe we must work together to pass a consensus bill that will provide immediate relief to individuals, small businesses and essential systems (schools, hospitals, first responders, etc.) He has been doing teleconference calls with constituents because he doesn’t have the BALLS TO COME HOME AND FACE US. 2020-08-10 » More from our DevBlog. Florida's 12th Congressional District is located in western Florida and includes all of Pasco County, as well as parts of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. Congressman Bilirakis is proud to support our nation’s women and men in uniform and understands the importance of providing our brave men and women of the Armed Forces with the resources they need, and to ensure the Department of Defense (DOD) has the ability to develop new technologies and maintain existing infrastructures to meet those emerging threats. New and emerging technologies will allow the United States to better harness the existing swath of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources that are available. Again he and his daddy are what is wrong with Washington. Part of his Committee assignment includes serving on the Health Subcommittee, with jurisdiction over Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act – better known as Obamacare – and the rest of the American health care system. For example, our nation’s medical supply chain has become far too reliant on other countries, such as China and India. Congressman Bilirakis has been a long-time proponent of the public education system, both in the Florida Legislature and now in Congress.

As a former member of the House Committee on Foreign affairs and current member of the Caucus on International Religious Freedom, Congressman Bilirakis’ desire to support our allies, protect religious freedom, and prevent attacks from our enemies have kept him apprised of major world events. I was recently named the Most Bipartisan Member of Congress from the state of Florida by the Lugar Center (2020) and Florida's most Effective Member of Congress from Vanderbilt University (2018-this is the most recent time the distinction was given as it is only evaluated every 2 years). We will be in touch soon!

Overall, I think the National Pandemic Task Force spearheaded by Vice President Pence has done a very good job responding to this unprecedented pandemic and while many people are still hurting, the economy is rebounding more quickly than anyone anticipated. Congressman Bilirakis also supports the Medicare program. The region is vital to American interests, and Greece is a strong ally of the United States. Representative Bilirakis strongly believes that Congress must make serious fiscal reforms to ensure our financial stability while still ensuring that we uphold the commitments we have made to our seniors. It is important to stress that the reforms made to the NFIP were not intended to cause the dramatic increases that homeowners are currently experiencing. Gus introduced H.R. So finally I sent a letter to Gus Bilirakis’ Washington office. We need to demand term limits and not take no for an answer. Contact Team Bilirakis Today! Congressman Bilirakis supports reforming the tax code, which will eliminate a barrier to economic growth for everyone.

In an increasingly connected world, it is important to recognize that upheaval and unrest in the Middle East can have ripples that echo across the Atlantic. Please visit the tour request and help with a federal agency pages to complete those tasks. 3370 passed in the House of Representatives.

It would also incentivize states to conduct their own prescription drug monitoring programs. Bilirakis recognizes the need to eliminate the incentives that encourage individuals to come here illegally, by reforming immigration process in such a way that rewards legal immigration and punishes those who break the law. We need term limits because voters will keep voting these pathetic people into office. Some of these people die in office like John McCain and Ted Kennedy. THE SWAMP IS DEEP AND DIRTY. Congressman Bilirakis has introduced two pieces of legislation to help preserve Medicare for current and future beneficiaries. They tell us term limits can’t be done……BULLSHIT!!! He knows that effective immigration control requires strong border enforcement and visa enforcement – nearly half of all illegal immigrants are visa overstays, not individuals who cross the border.

American interests must be protected at all cost, and Congressman Bilirakis embraces the opportunity to work with world leaders to ensure a peaceful future in the Middle East and at home. Request a Meeting in Florida’s 12th District, Business Opportunities with the Federal Government, Bilirakis Briefs Senior EPA Officials on Important Public Safety and Environmental Issues. We have learned lessons during this experience. S. 3202 requires the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide caskets or urns for veterans with no next of kin and insufficient resources to cover burial and funeral expenses. Request a Meeting in Florida’s 12th District, Business Opportunities with the Federal Government. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

2330, the bi-partisan Medicare Audiology Services Enhancement Act, which clarifies current Medicare rules to expand access to audiology services for seniors who are hearing impaired. Social Security and Medicare must remain fiscally solvent to ensure retirement security for current seniors, our children and grandchildren.

We will be in touch soon! He is absolutely opposed to legislation that will cut Social Security for seniors in order to pay for overseas operations, health care for others or any other program. However, instead of contemplating serious relief measures with bipartisan support, the Speaker of the House has opted to play politics. For example, our committee examined racial disparities in maternal mortality rates. Public offices all over the country have term limits, governors, state legislatures, mayors and the list goes on and on but the slime in Washington continue to fight it. There are 15 state legislatures with term limits and more than half are NOT lifetime term limits. Then I started to get pissed and told them I deserved better treatment than this and so do the rest of us. Concrete plans are in place to build upon what has already been accomplished. Gus has introduced two major pieces of legislation to protect Medicare, and save money within the program without impacting benefits or beneficiaries. The following statements have been submitted to ABC Action News by the candidate. The voters today in this country and around America are lazy voters. The federal tax code has grown far too complicated for individuals and small businesses. I was kind of worried when Trump said “drain the swamp.” Why? It doesn’t matter the experience or … Copyright 2020 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. !. Seniors are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19 complications. 2828, the Medicare Abuse Prevention (MAP) Act, would remove Social Security Numbers from Medicare cards and strengthens the civil and criminal penalties for Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP abuse. For example, we are tripling the amount of available rapid-response tests for vulnerable populations, working to develop and distribute a safe and effective vaccine and facilitating new job growth. He opposed the legislation when it passed in 2009, and has worked to repeal and replace the law. Email: info@ Phone: (727) 216-6495 Address: P.O.

The first, H.R. Gus is working to combat this by supporting grants that help fund educational programs, treatment centers, law enforcement resources, physician training, among other strategies. BULLSHIT!!!

Tarpon Springs, FL 34689. OMG NOOOOO. Too many veterans wait too long for care, and too many find the appeals process onerous.

Israel is a strategic ally in the region as well, sharing a common defense strategy with the United States, Greece, Cyprus, and other allies to thwart existential threats from bad actors in the region. 1411, to assist state and local governments in preparing for and responding to mass casualty incidents resulting from acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

Elizabeth Hittos is Chief of Staff at Office of the Representative from Florida's 12th District, Gus Bilirakis. By the way she lied to me and told me they didn’t get my emails.

727-232-2921This office cannot accept mail. He is also a cosponsor of legislation to build the Keystone Pipeline – an instant boost to domestic energy production that will create tens of thousands of jobs in areas where job opportunities are scarce. LegiStorm adds two new states to state legislative staff directories. H.R. Bilirakis introduced the Student Visa Security Improvement Act, which would ensure the United States properly vets potential students before they are granted visas for admission and would ensure they abide by the terms of that visa. H.R. You and I are only ONE voter so he can afford to piss off ONE voter here and there. You can send an email below by entering your zip code to complete step one of the two step process or contact one of our offices. Hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms oh my!!! Congressman Bilirakis strongly opposes illegal immigration but, as a grandchild of Greek immigrants, he recognizes the cultural, intellectual, and economic benefit of legal, law-abiding immigrants. Unless Social Security is modernized and strengthened, these deficits may cause the annual cost-of-living adjustments to shrink or disappear entirely in the future. This started about four years ago when I sent an email to Gus Bilirakis asking some questions.

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