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We have one of the largest selections of cold water and native fish in the UK available for delivery to your door, Meadow Farm Fishery Green Street East Worldham Alton Hampshire GU343AU, 07872 926 344, ©2020 DC Freshwater Fish. Your email address will not be published. As they wish to congregate in small teams, it’s best to maintain three or extra specimens collectively. Add to Wishlist. This shy fish lives close to the pond floor and can grow up to 35cm. Refine. Golden Tench prefers nonetheless water, overgrown with a cane, and is relatively warmth-loving. VAT Number 353 5634 93. The Golden Tench stays within the backside water and avoids daylight. The Golden Tench belongs to the family of fishes, collectively known as cyprinids of the carp family. Golden Tench facts . Comet/Shubunkin/Orfe/Tench Mix bred in the UK. My Story; Services ; Gallery. Goldfish/Shubunkins/Orfe/Tench/Carp suitable for Garden ponds. Latin Name: Tinca tinca. The adhesive inexperienced eggs, which persist with the aquatic vegetation, can quantity within the whole bunch of 1000’s. "If you are an overseas buyer, please contact me for postage costs before purchasing" All listings - Current page Auction Buy it now Classified Ads. Required fields are marked *, At DC Freshwater Fish we take pride in all the fish we produce. Sort: Best Match. Flame Angelfish – Profile | Facts | Size | Tank Mates | Care | Reef, Harlequin Shrimp – Profile | Care | Food | Reef Safe | Size | Facts, Frogspawn Coral Care – Guide | Placement | Tips | Wall | Branch, Dog Face Puffer Fish – Profile | Care | Food | Reef Safe | Lifespan, Thick Lipped Gourami – Profile | Lifespan | Care | Tank Size. Golden Tench Gold Tench 2-3″ (7.5 -10cm) Golden Tench Gold Tench 2-3″ (7.5 -10cm) Gold Tench for Garden Ponds. Coronavirus: Your orders from DC Freshwater Fish. This fish is undemanding as regards the standard of water and could also be artificially bred in ponds. Golden Tench breed throughout Could to August, in shallow water amongst dense vegetation. Your email address will not be published. It’s not uncommon to see distinctive darkish blotches of pigmentation on Golden Tench, and this could usually be helpful in figuring out sure people. A big Tench might attain a size of 70 cm and a weight exceeding 7 kg. White Water Fisheries, Coarse Fish For Sale, Carp, Bream, Tench etc... Top quality coarse fish supplier based in Derbyshire. Often it prefers quiet backwaters. Preferred Water Conditions: Will acclimatize to a wide range of conditions. We produce over 20,000 green and golden tench every year. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Crucian Carp. Awsome fish and really nice to look at i brought one but i made a mistake of keeping it with my perch, Your email address will not be published. They prefer still waters, but can still be found in slow moving areas of rivers. Pond flakes, pond pellets, pond sticks, reside/frozen meals, and so on will normally all be eagerly taken. Like Common Tench, it has an excessive, thick, and short body with scales that are deeply embedded within the pores and skin and coated with slime. more Format Format. This article will give an overview of Golden Tench for sale, fish, fish for sale, in the pond, pond fish, price, food, etc. Related: pond fish ghost carp koi carp grass carp gold tench koi carp for sale koi green tench mirror carp pond fish for sale live golden tench golden tench fish. Best Match. This article will give an overview of Golden Tench for sale, fish, fish for sale, in the pond, pond fish, price, food, etc. Home; Fish Prices. Maximum Size: 90cm. In the ornamental fish trade there is a golden variety of tench that is more popular because of its bright orange/yellow appearance. Temperature: Cold water-temperate between 2-30 deg C (34-86 deg F) Care: Tench are often a shy fish, usually living at the bottom of a lake or pond. Golden Tench favor sinking meals, however will study to floor for different treats. 1 x 5-6 inch goldeb tench (tinca tinca) i now have some beautifully proportioned 5-6 inch golden tench available for sale. Mature ponds are finest, as they may have already seemingly collected a layer of sediment on the underside which the fish will get pleasure from shopping, and can even bury themselves in, ought to there be a very chilly spell of climate. Golden Tench. Generally tench feed on the bottom moving around in small shoals feeding on plants, small insects and invertebrates. We have bred and supplied fish which are now being caught pushing the British record. Healthy fish for sale 5 x shubunkin & 2 x golden tench 4"-6".

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