genie wishes gone wrong

Legally change the person's name to Richard. 7 Twisted Wishes Gone Wrong. Now imagine you had a genie and three wishes, what would you wish for? Can anyone think of a tale that NPCs might tell to the players, about a genie who played an evil trick on a hapless wisher? Sadly for me, someone has already come up with the concept of Open Source Wishing, where a bunch of like-minded people polish and hone wishes and look for loopholes that an evil genie (who is duty bound to grant wishes) would misuse, with a … Said genie would be about 15 years too late on that one. ... With one of it's cornerstone's gone society collapses. The Gate of Truth is a mysterious passageway that controls all knowledge, power, and possibility in the universe, but it also seems to have a pretty nasty sense of humor. They can still feel things, the same as a human, and they deserve just as much love and respect as a human. Like I always say if everyone was good everyone would be unemployed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. After a couple wars or so, the all-powerful wish-granting chalice was possessed by the force of Angra Mainyu, a dark god that only longs for destruction. Is there some other language that lets you express wishes that aren't misconstruable? The Gate of Truth (Fullmetal Alchemist) - The laws of alchemy seem pretty fair on the surface, until you start trying to bargain for human souls. Tenma eventually finds himself suspected of the murders Johan's been committing to "thank" him, kicking off a long journey that will haunt him for the rest of his life. You could be prettiest, smartest, with the love of your life, most popular, best singer, best athlete, and you wouldn't have any enemies. Genie Wishes gone Horribly Wrong I'm running an Arabian 1001 tales type GURPS game, where rumors and stories are very culturally important. 1.8k comments. Mythical creatures roaming the land with dinosaurs and aliens oh my! The fisherman’s wife has him make greater and greater wishes—going from just being comfortable to living in a castle-esque home. Sure we all think we want people following us around and acting like we’re the greatest things ever, but honestly wouldn't that eventually get annoying?Plus even if you are the most famous person in the world there’s always gonna be that one person who’s gonna dislike you so it’s not like you can escape from being disliked.In conclusion I would hate this and I think anyone would be crazy to disagree bcs I can garantee you that you won't love the popularity for long even if your biggest goal is to be popular.And this is coming from someone unpopular so ik how you feel. Animals don't deserve the abuse they get. The Holy Grail (Fate/Zero) - For all the intense research and training that mages put into preparing for the Holy Grail War, you'd think one of them would have figured out ahead of time that the cup they're all fighting and dying for has been poisoned for centuries. And how could that go horribly wrong? Imagine getting crushed by a boulder. Member. The fish, to repay the man’s kindness, offers to grant the man a wish. III, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. After the long-dormant Witsalnamitea, the origin force behind evolution and all sentient life on earth, gets rudely awakened post-pollution-apocalypse, he fuses his essence to a nearby scientist, and his buddies decide this means it's open season on human experimentation. Equality and no more wars. Mar 31, 2020 #16 The third wish is for wiping the genie's memory... rinse repeat. Can anyone think of a tale that NPCs might tell to the players, about a genie who played an evil trick on a hapless wisher? When these stories were being written, women had less equality than they, in many places, have today. In the midst of their grieving, the wife remembers the paw and wishes for her son’s return. You've just set loose upon the universe a near-omnipotent evil being. 😒😒. 184K Views. Ever since then, it's been permanently affixed to her own arm, growing further up into her elbow with each new wish she makes. Guess that means I can jump off a cliff now lol, I would love for this to happen but I would feel so selfish for not wishing for something more important. I'd do a mind switch between him and Chris Brown. Oct 25, 2017 32,463. Banned. Anarchy and global conflict ensues. If I had superpowers the world would be a nightmare. When asked for his third wish, after a moment of indecision, he asks for a second lake full of whisky.[4]. Work hard without the play hard. They're both legends and they're awesome as hell! This would be the most sensible wish. One of Dio's more clever assassins, Cameo, came up with an ingenious plan to destroy Polnareff with the power of his Judgement stand. (By which I mean, my foot in exchange for an oozing lump of flesh with imposter syndrome.). She can be followed on Twitter @PintsNCupcakes, The Affair’s Gender-Swapped “Madwoman in the Attic”, Clearing off the Cobwebs: Seneca Falls, New York and the first Women’s Rights Convention, The 2016 Presidential Election Was Predicted by a 1970’s Absurdist Novel. Press J to jump to the feed. That would suck you would never have any down time and or time to yourself. They wish for the money to pay off their house, and the wish comes true in the worst way—the money is given to them after their son dies in a horrible accident at work. They don't deserve to be abused and neglected. Please bring back Bruce Lee and Vincent Price. 1.3k. However, when we think about this more deeply, it’s easy to see the troubling moral behind this: women shouldn’t ask for more because it will just lead to folly. I would like to have a person who is sweet, kind, and nice like me. … However, rarely is a tale type so overtaken with such a clear anti-women bent as “Foolish Wishes” are. Imagine a world of debating where everyone agreed with each other and there were no differences of opinions... Nice idea but impractical. Have a taste of what the poor animal is feeling. La décoration est remise à « ceux qui ont contribué au développement des sciences et des arts par la clarté de leurs publications ». Whatever the case may be, if you ever get the feeling you're making a deal with a monkey's paw, you should just keep your heart's desire to yourself. This thread is archived. I think it would be awesome if they existed in this world too. 5. If we wanna make happiness lets start here. I'm thinking of the stereotypical wishes like wishing to be rich, wishing to be immortal, wishing to be lucky, wishing for more wishes. Upon hearing strange sounds and a knock at the door, the father realizes that the thing outside would be a horribly mutilated body, and wishes it away. By Kobi-Tfs Watch. In the story, the recipient of the monkey's paw wishes for £200, only to learn that his son has been killed in a terrible work accident, for which the employer makes a goodwill payment of £200. Why must they always end badly? The wife suggests that the weaver wish to have a second head and pair of arms so that he can weave faster. unlike her fairy tale counterparts, is not asking for riches, she is not asking for more than she deserves—she’s asking for the world to be a better place; one where her son is alive. 3. In a variant of this type of tale, called “The Two-Headed Weaver,” a poor weaver is given a wish, but decides he should ask his friend and his wife for advice before deciding for what to wish. So much wishes! Can anyone think of a tale that NPCs might tell to the players, about a genie who played an evil trick on a hapless wisher? Mar 31, 2020 #17 faceless. by Jacob Chapman, May 7th 2016. The friend suggests the weaver wish to be a good and pious prince. Are there stories in which genie wishes _don't_ go horribly wrong. I'm thinking of the stereotypical wishes like wishing to be rich, wishing to be immortal, wishing to be lucky, wishing for more wishes. An example of this joke was used in The Simpsons episode, "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife". The Monkey's Paw (xxxHOLiC) - When the mystical witch Yuuko decides to do a little housecleaning and leaves a monkey's paw out in the open, a nearby schoolteacher decides she just has to have it, since she's submitting a thesis on folklore for publication soon. 4. Sometimes the entity responsible for turning your optimistic words against you is a prankster genie, sometimes it's a vengeful spirit, and sometimes dramatic irony itself just has it in for you. Trust me guys you don't want to wish for this. (ROBLOX). Einchy. No matter how noble your intentions, you're probably making a wish that's way too big for you to handle. The Gate will give you a malformed human-esque abomination that just thinks it's supposed to be your lost loved one, if it survives long enough to think anything at all. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I would hate this one so much evil helps make others better and the world be boring and SO MUCH UNEMPLOYMENT!.!. However, it also sets the precedent for women who ask for too much, and their sensible husbands who are pulled along by the wives’ demands. Let them fly, when they get up really high remove the power. Absolutely.

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