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Looked at the build plate and it was pushing against the front of the vat by about a millimeter stopping it from getting all the way down. Not Replied Mars Pro also comes with a Myminifactory Membership Card, which gives you the privilege to millions of curated 3D objects to start your first printing on Mars Pro. Last Post: October 6, 2019 . Any advice would be great. Thats just plain wrong. Hands on with resin 3D printers: We put the Elegoo Mars, Mars Pro, and Zortrax Inspire to the test. Mars Pro also comes with a Myminifactory Membership Card, which gives you the privilege to millions of curated 3D objects to start your first printing on Mars Pro. I discovered that the neck join from middle of support to the ball connecter was to thin. In any case i won't be buying black again because the long cure times mean I get less done with it when compared to other colors. Straight out the box after leveling the build plate (with no grinding) I tried the rook print and booooom grind grind grind after submerging into the resin tank. Orientate to avoid layers of high surface area. You are using an out of date browser. I would really like to stick to one slicer if possible. Latest Post: Einsy crashing...too hot? Prints coming out reversed on new Mars printer by Bloozrider . I'd love to see this also. I am not using a raft or any support as the models don't really need any. I've read some people say this should be 60 seconds however I haven't tested that yet. Even used two pieces of paper like some forums suggest.
https://3dwithus.com/elegoo-mars-pro-sla-resin-3d-printer, Elegoo_Mars_Pro_Resin_3D_Printer_Review_-_Unboxing_and_Testing_430.jpg, submerge print in glas of water and let sit in the sun for a couple of hours (no lid; aluminium foil on bottom). I would have thought that the Prusa brand was readily identified by anyone with even stretchy info about 3d printing. Despite the advertising wording, the print bed can be … Comments: 12. If your layer height is at 0.05 then this works fine for most resins but if you change the resolution then you need to increase or decrease accordingly as smaller layers need less exposure time. I suspect that you need a longer first layers time. I wanted to get other's experience on LCD life expectancy on the Mars. Here is a long read plus a lot of images, and some tips & tricks!https://3dwithus.com/elegoo-mars-pro-sla-resin-3d-printer I increased the first layers time and things were better. I wasnt clear whether your print failed at the float stage or the support stage.

Has anyone come across this before? MateoAnthony 2019-12-16 10:00:15 UTC #1. I believe what's happening is the rafts are bonding with the FEP more strongly than they are to the build plate but I don't know why. It is all I have used, sincw taking my Mars out of the box. Anyone else using Elegoo's water washable resin? The Elegoo Mars solidified itself as an incredible resin 3D printer at an affordable price.

I have had similar but it was the supports that were not holding the model well. Unboxing and testing review by Tessa Nescihttps://www.thingiverse.com/sparkyface5. I just want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on trying to find a resolution to this issue, I'm positive the comments and guidance will help other people if they experience issues. Now, Elegoo takes what was a great resin 3D printer and makes it excellent. Hey, I want to buy one of these 3d printers but I don’t know which one I’m interested in elegoo mars because has a great aligned screw directly inserted to the motor, but I don’t like the linear guide system. I've been printing on my Mars for about 2 months and I'm no expert but initially I had great success printing 100% of my models. Elegoo mars vs Longer orange 30. I know PrusaSlicer supports lots of FDM printers, I'm hoping the same will happen for SLA printers. It is all I have used, sincw taking my Mars out of the box. Mars 2 Pro Grinding Received my elegoo Mars 2 Pro today after sending my mars Pro back due to the grid issue. Base layer exposure needs to be circa 80 seconds and normal layer needs to be 10-15 seconds, I generally use 80/12. Completely levelled on numerous occasions. I've taken the steps above and it has made a big difference, I'm able to print about 75% of the time now. Too little exposure and it won’t bond, too much and you lose detail. Wow big surprise another person who disagrees with people on the internet and has to voice their opinion on how anyone is wrong. Contacted elegoo support and awaiting a response. Solved

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