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Primary/Secondary Sources I, Objective: Students will be able to evaluate primary and secondary sources by corroborating evidence in an expository paragraph. In the scene, a captain tells them all sorts of outlandish lies to entice two men to move to Virgin, In this enrichment activity, students look at 3 primary source diary entries written by different Jamestown settlers at different periods. If you have any questions about a product, want to collaborate, or just want to follow along for updates, please click on the images below to find me on Social Media: The Tragical Relation of the Virginia Assembly (1624). Each slide includes, Social Studies - History, U.S. History, PowerPoint Presentations, Graphic Organizers, Jamestown Indentured Servant Primary Source Reading Worksheet The weigh the reliability of 4 different theories and analyze the evidence associated with those theories. In the scene, a captain tells them all sorts of outlandish lies to entice two men to move to Virgin

✔ Task Card Recording Sheet Ancient Greece Study Guide and Unit Packet. This fantastic resource for teaching about Jamestown Colony features a 1 page reading about the colony, a worksheet of reading questions, and a graphic organizer for an interactive student notebook! Eastward Hoe or Eastward Ho! Team Eastward Ho! This Centers Bundle includes: Includes a short piece of verse, a fact sheet, a 10 question short-answer worksheet, and a puzzle. Secondary sources and give many examples of each. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Each visually-engaging slide includes simple notes for students to better understand the essential information. This is filed with charts, reading comprehension worksheets, and activities. I like to use this pack before I teach the 13 colonies to give my students some extra background information. Class Texts (4 s, Although Jamestown is commonly remembered as Britain's first successful settlement in the New World, it is often forgotten that life in the colony was extremely challenging. Jamestown Colony and the New World Primary Source Play With Worksheet This fantastic, amusing worksheet includes a short scene from a play called "Eastward Hoe" that was performed in England in 1604. 205 results for jamestown primary sources, Also included in: Jamestown Lesson Plan Collection, Also included in: American History Worksheet BUNDLE-Primary Source READINGS-Distance Learning, Also included in: Colonial America Analysis Activities, Also included in: 13 Colonies Mini Bundle, Also included in: Colonial America Bundle. This is a simple, well-organized worksheet guide to the excellent movie "The Crossing" about Gen. George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

Vocabulary, This thorough packet on the Age of Exploration and American Indian groups in US History is a perfect unit guide to help students understand all of the key concepts, people, and events they need to know for the unit! Realistic style. This set of ac, Jamestown - A place of adventure, misery, and later, success! Use this activity to m, This interactive PowerPoint will teach students will learn about primary and secondary sources and analyze many related to the unit of Jamestown.

This PowerPoint covers the Southern Colonies, including their founding, growth, and key characteristics. 1. A "flipped classroom" video, This fun American Revolution project places students into groups to plan, write, and act out 5 scenes about major events that led to the Revolutionary War!The download includes a directions page with an introduction and directions for each of the 5, Fun Stuff, Printables, Cooperative Learning, SL.9-10.4, SL.9-10.6, SL.11-12.4, SL.11-12.6, RH.11-12.1, RH.11-12.2, This simple crossword puzzle covers 18 vocabulary terms from the Revolutionary War and America's Constitution. Jamestown Colony and the New World Primary Source Play With Worksheet This fantastic, amusing worksheet includes a short scene from a play called "Eastward Hoe" that was performed in England in 1604.

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