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Dan Short, Self: FantomWorks. Well, it seems he aced his driving license exams. Dan Short was born in 1962 and is the son to Alexander and Louise Short. Obviously, the show helped skyrocket Dan’s revenue and income, not just because of the popularity of it, but also because clients came swarming to his shop because of the show. When Dan was 5 (in 1967) he saw a new Camaro and fell in love. Fantom Works is a shop that restores old cars, but for Dan, it is a dream that started when he was five. The show lasted until July of 2019 with eight seasons in total. Moreover, he has made an estimated net worth of $3.5 million. Further, they prepare the cars for their customers on their deadline and budget. Dan and his wife Melissa (Photo: Melissa Tweet). He even filed a defamation countersuit later, but it was dismissed. Another check from Wounded Wheels to FantomWorks was for $23,000, signed by Dan Short for "repayment of loan to WW." Before either party had made any detailed inspection of the car, Mr. Owens told Mr. Short that he wanted DRS to install a reliable fuel-injected engine, a modern suspension, and new brakes. However, he made a good way of his retirement and invested his full time creating FantomWorks in a burned-out garage. I am a fan of the classic car restoration shows and would be happy to check out his work. The model was dated 1967 and was pretty beat up. for 24 years. He then spent some years learning the craft of renovating from the professionals. 2020 WikiNetworth.com and All Rights Reserved As cheesy as it may sound, the show is not scripted. RELATED: American Chopper: Here’s Paul Teutul Sr.’s Net Worth In 2020. Dan Short is recognised for his restoration garage, FantomWorks. The shop began as a car restoration place, and has now expanded to manufacturing some parts, too. It quickly became popular with gearheads because of its down-to-earth atmosphere. Thus, restoration comes to work. Very few shops have the capability of manufacturing parts.”. Soon after 2 years, he started serving in Special Forces, HALO, Strategic Recon, and SCUBA teams on missions which took his around the world. He bought his first car at 19, that ’67 Chevy Camaro he always wanted. NEXT: Here’s How Much Emelia Hartford Is Worth Today. |  Dan’s wife, Melissa, is a retired US Navy, who is originally from Muleshoe, Texas. With his gorgeous wife Melissa by his side, Dan created an amazing restoration shop that was "discovered" by Nicolas Valcours of New Dominion Pictures. Short hanged around shops to soak up the knowledge he needed. In addition to garage work, the team at FantomWorks along with Dan and his wife is involved in charity works for military veterans. Nicolas brought Peter Rees (the creator of Myth Busters) to create a sizzle reel that was ultimately picked up by Discovery Velocity. To think that it all could have come crashing down before his massive success has to give Dan Brown (and his bank account) a big smile when he considers his trials and tribulations! Apart from that, Dan also served as an Airborne Special Forces Group. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. So… He served in 5th Group in the 80's. I was on Sherman's plane that day in Nov 86. The show entertained viewers for eight total seasons with customers ranging from locals to celebrities. After leaving his job as an Airborne soldier, Dan began to the garage with his wife in 2006. He purchased his first Camaro in 1980 when he was stationed at Ft. Bragg NC and saw a smoking beat up 1967 RS SS Camaro running down 210 in Spring Lake NC. 1.6K views . The American army veteran and businessman has not shared detailed information about his parents and his early life. Dan Short’s interest in cars arose from an early child, especially when he saw Camaro when he was just five. He was a Green Beret for the US Army Special Forces and was deployed a lot. This particular graphic (Cars for Sale by Fantomworks Elegant 1968 Pontiac Firebird Brandywine) earlier mentioned is actually branded using: published by admin in 2018-07-27 12:32:53. Dan Short is who he says he is, a former Green Beret. I'll bet we all shared a HALO AC at one time or another...he said he was supposed to be the medic on the jump when Sherm Jordan burned in but Ron L was there told him about that deal so all the same time frame. https://marrieddivorce.com/tv-celebrity/dan-short-wiki-married-family.html Publicity Listings Dan Short was born in 1962 and is the son to Alexander and Louise Short. American businessman Dan Short is a well-known personality praised for his extraordinary works at his restoration garage, FantomWorks. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License.

From a teenager, he started spending time on cars; repairing and learning about motors, engines and various parts of vehicles. By using MarriedDivorce.com you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Seven years after starting his business, FantomWorks first aired on Velocity TV. Was always curious as to what actually happened that day. Luckily, Short won the verdict and had his name cleared, and he would go on to have great success. |  Although it is tough work to make custom parts, Dan’s crew is expert in it. After chasing the owner down and badgering him into ... Self - Host / Owner / Self / Host / Self - Owner / Owner okay now are going to speculate / Owner, Fantomworks, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. His work has satisfied countless customers throughout the years. This appreciation led to the airing of their very own reality TV show on the Discovery channel powered by the Velocity network. The overall rating of the company is 3.5 and consumers are mostly neutral.. I posted it that way so it's very "searchable"..... http://velocity.discovery.com/tv-sho.../dan-short.htm, Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. He purchased his first Camaro in 1980 when he was stationed at Ft. Bragg NC and saw a smoking beat up 1967 RS SS Camaro running down 210 in Spring Lake NC. At the end of the day, though, the man is a car guy first, and he fell in love with cars ever since spotting a 1967 Camaro in his youth. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. But while he served on the medicine and weapons teams, he was always thinking about cars. DRS, Other Works The couple has shared a long-time married life together. - IMDb Mini Biography By: To this day, the garage has satisfied several hundred customers with its quality services. The show was almost ruined due to Lawsuit cases in 2012 but recovered from the blemishes. Dan's marital life seems to be as colourful as a rainbow on a clear sky. He purchased his first Camaro in 1980 when he was stationed at Ft. Bragg NC and saw a smoking beat up 1967 RS SS Camaro running down 210 in Spring Lake NC.
Celebrity Article, Biography and Net Worth. You Might Find This Interesting: Brandon Beck Net Worth. We've received some requests about former Green Beret Dan Short and his TV show. Dan was earning a salary through Velocity TV somewhere around $10,000 to $50,000 per episode (according to Earn the Necklace), and after eight seasons… that adds up to a lot of scratch. Meanwhile, he rose to the prominence when his work craft was featured in the show FantomWorks which aired on the Discovery channel.

You May Like: Benjamin Maisani Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Cheating, Split. But all that time in the Army gave Dan Short a remarkable work ethic that he carried on later into his life. Back at military grad school, they met one another for the first time. Ditto, I like to watch the classic car restoration shows and see how they take a piece of junk and bring it back to life. Dan met his wife at military grad school for the first time as both of them were in the US army. Rest in Peace Brother...... MSG Jordan was a good guy and well liked in the Battalion. To see all images inside Lovely Cars for Sale by Fantomworks photos gallery make sure you abide by this link.

“We both manufacture many parts for cars as well as assemble many parts for cars. As you read the notes on the staff, you might think that it is a dubious claim that every worker at … He didn’t have the money to restore his used Camaro as a teenager, so he taught himself how to do it, and the rest is history…. It wouldn't be reality TV if it was scripted. 2020 The team works on cars, specifically American Muscles but has done some restorations of bikes too. They have worked with the Wounded Wheels Charity program for their social work. They help the veterans via their charity work. Despite being more low-key than celebrity car hosts like the passionate Richard Rawlings or the complex Chip Foose, Dan Short of FantomWorks has done quite well for himself.The owner of DRS Automotive Fantomworks, the auto repair place out of Norfolk, Virginia, is worth a cool $3.5 million. With the booming restoration business, it is of no surprise that the Short couple gets most of their net worth from the garage. It was 1967; the pre-school kid fell in love with a new Camaro he saw. He joined the military in 1979 at the age of 17. I would never have a car restored by that overpriced *** ! He flew in the 18th Aviation Brigade. It seems the family is noticing the changes too as they posted a picture of Zach with a smile on his face. While in the army also, he used to find time for his passion when he was free or on leave. With his wife beside him, Dan opened Fantom Works, a shop that restores cars and motorbikes as per the customer demands. Dan Short's Corvette at FantomWorks before starting a road trip on 7th April 2018 (Source Mellisa Short's Instagram).

That’s really where we’re very different. Together, the love duo shares a son named Zach, who was born on 1 October 2003. Dan Short was born in 1962 and is the son to Alexander and Louise Short. While he does excellent work, he also had a fantastic show on Velocity TV, eponymously named after his shop, that went on for eight seasons from 2013 to 2019. His popularity reached the climax when his car restoration and modification works were premiered in TV series.
The show was a big hit and collected a lot of fans.

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