cowie clan fraser

My Grandfather Errol Fraser and his Brother Donald Fraser where in NYC From the Early 1900’s Until Erroll Fraser Death in 1971. [2] This bankrupted him and Philorth Castle was lost from the family for over three hundred years until 1934 when it was bought back by the 19th Lord Saltoun. Clan Fraser: Origins, History and Battles.

centuries and from there into the counties of Stirling, Angus, the Abernethies, Lords Saltoun, and in 1669 their son, Alexander Today large populations of Clan Fraser live in Canada and the United States, with other Frasers found in Australia, New Zealand and South America, as well as a strong contingent remaining in Scotland. I am also researching the COWIE family name and its origins, my own branch of the family is centred on Banffshire, how they came to be here or where they came from seems to be lost in time. of Cornton for Stonywood and Muchalls in Aberdeenshire. married Robert the Bruce's widowed sister, Lady Mary, who had For everyone who is an ancestral Fraser, My daughter is your cousin we are in Canada. The Scottish Clan system was feudal and the Chief was as a king, owning the land and giving protection to those under him who lived on the land. When Dr. George Fraser Black [1866-1948] retired after 35 years with The New York Public Library, he prepared for publication the material on Scottish surnames collected over 40 years. Fraser traces its origins to the French provinces of Anjou and William Ralph died on January 12, 1908 and his wife died on November 14, 1914. chiefs of Lovat from 1511 until it was burned following Culloden. In fact, the surnames Fresel and Frezel were historically centred on Upper Normandy and Artois/French Flanders, not Anjou. [ancestor of the Frasers of Philorth], Sir Simon Fraser [ancestor It has also been suggested that they descend from a tribe called Friselii in Roman Gaul, whose badge was a strawberry plant. Clan Fraser is one of the oldest and largest of all Scots clans. He was a sargent major in the second WW I believe. Without Clan Gordon’s support, Clan Fraser was outnumbered and, despite their determination, hundreds of men were slaughtered. [2], The sixteenth Lord Saltoun commanded the Light Companies of the First Guards at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. of Frendraught. The Clan is the Chief’s estate, and by law the Chief serves as the representative of the Clan community. laird of Lovat, became the 1st Lord Lovat. of the U.K., and the attainder of the Scottish title was reversed of Cornton for Stonywood and Muchalls in Aberdeenshire. Either way, the history books show the first Fraser in Scotland lived in Keith in East Lothian around 1160. Information on these pages is courtesy of Clan Fraser Society of Canada. the Abernethies, Lords Saltoun, and in 1669 their son, Alexander We use the PayPal secure payment system so you can be confident your details are safe. Robert the Bruce conferred the lands of the Barony of Cowie, the Barony of Cluny, and the Barony of Kinnaird upon Sir Alexander and appointed him Chamberlain of Scotland. Sir Alexander Fraser 1st of Cowie, Chamberlain of Scotland from 1319 and whose seal is on The Declaration of Arbroath, had the lands of the Barony of Cowie conferred on him by Robert the Bruce. The Frasers (Gàidhlig: Frisealach) probably hail from Anjou in France; the name may derive from Fredarius, Fresel or Freseau. Beauly was founded in about 1320 by John

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