cordeliers district paris map

This passage was opened in 1735. You can admire the frescoes painted by Delacroix and a strange obelisk that marks the passage of the meridian of Paris (as mentioned in the Dan Brown’s book). From 1810 it was funded by the State. Saint Germains des Près was the second country of Jazz music. Somewhat hidden behind a newspaper stand , you find a gap in the buildings : the rue de l’ Hirondelle street . Learn how your comment data is processed. The reality is more prosaic : it is a deformation of the Gilles-le-Queux (Queux meaning ” cook ” in old French  ) . Take the Saint- Sulpice street( located on the north side of the building ) to the Garancière street and go back to the end. And it was a meeting place for French revolutionaries. Almost at the corner of rue de l’ Hirondelle ( engraved ” Irondelle ” ) and rue Git the Heart , a bathroom weapon welcomes you and invites you to dream time duels , although only dates ( that ) of 1888. the name of the rue Git-le- Coeur suggests that strong romantic legend is attached to it. Walk along the front of the Senate up the rue de Vaugirard  street ( the longest street in Paris ) and turn left into rue Rotrou street . You will follow a large building on the right side : it is the  (L’école des Beaux-Arts)National School of Fine Arts . Danton, Desmoulins and Marat all lived in the area. That night, after the Champs de Mars massacre, the constitutional monarchists ordered the closure of the Cordeliers club and its leaders went into hiding. Today it is a museum. Many writers, thinkers and other artists have made its cafés and cabarets the seat of their creative exchange . You leave this magical place by the  rue de Jardinet street . Engage in Racine Street to the west of the square and at its end , turn immediately left and engage in the rue de l’Ecole de Medecine street  . It is here where the first French museum was installed during the period of the Revolution and the Empire. At the overthrow of Robespierre it was immediately renamed the Rue de l’École-de-Santé and then from April 20 1796 it regained its earlier (and current) name. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fernand Léger studied there in 1901-1902 after he had stopped studying architecture. This crossroads is well known by Parisians  : Everyone knows where is located the Danton statue whose base is very often a meeting venue before going  to one of the half- dozen theaters located in the area.
CityAlbiAntibesBordeauxBoulogne BillancourtBoulogne-sur-MerBourgoin-JallieuCastresChalon-sur-SaôneChambéryChartresEpinalGrenobleIssy-les-MoulineauxLyonMarseilleMetzMillauMontigny-Le-BretonneuxNîmesNiceParisPerpignanPoitiersRouenSaint Germain en LayeSaint-ÉtienneSaint-BrieucSaint-DenisSaint-Laurent-du-VarSaint-MaloSartrouvilleSèvresToulonToulouseUzèsValenceVannesVichyVilleurbanne, From The large amphitheatre at No. Follow the quays in the direction of the car , you follow soon the facade of l’Hotel des monnaies (the Mint) . 5 was the location of Louis XV’s free boys’ Royal School for Art and Design from its inception in 1767 until 1928. Canettes street is well known by Parisian students for more than four centuries ( and perhaps more since it is proven that this street exists since 1260 ) : here we find most of small bars and cafés for young people . Continue walking on the Quai de Conti , enjoy the beautiful sight on the Louvre museum and suddenly you are in front of the Institut de France, in which is the famous French Academy . All of the Cordeliers monasteries were closed in 1790 and so, when the Paris Council abolished the Cordeliers district in the municipal reoganisation, Danton and other area leaders founded a club there in the monastery’s refectory on April 27 1790. Take the rue du Jardinet  street  , continue across the street from the very old rue serpente Street then take the Hautefeuille street on your left . Named after the Medical School which now occupies much of its length, it received its current name for the first time in 1792 after the nationalisation of the huge Cordeliers monastery complex of the Capuchin Franciscan friars. Follow our Itinerary and discover best things to do and see in Paris the  Saint-Germain-des-Près neighborhood and its special aura. The Cordeliers Convent (French: Couvent des Cordeliers) was a convent in Paris, France. The School of Medicine was not only used for anatomical observation. The festival will also pay tribute to Duke Ellington on  Tuesday, May 20 at St. Sulpice Chruch with a great concert of Duke Ellington, gospel and sacred music. Even today, we do not know exactly the  origin of the name of this street. No. Walking down the Ecole de Medecine Street , you walk on an ancient Gallo- Roman path between two vineyards. 7. This old and high church and that we can see today is only a remnant of the great abbey which it used to be in the past. The Palace was inhabited only in 1624. You will certainly see a turret. All of the Cordeliers monasteries were closed in 1790 and so, when the Paris Council abolished the Cordeliers district in the municipal reoganisation, Danton and other area leaders founded a club there in the monastery’s refectory on April 27 1790.

A meeting point of the “artistic pool” for decades,  just sip coffee in memory of those old spirits. SoiréeSpectacle00:0000:3001:0001:3002:0002:3003:0003:3004:0004:3005:0005:3006:0006:3007:0007:3008:0008:3009:0009:3010:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:3013:0013:3014:0014:3015:0015:3016:0016:3017:0017:3018:0018:3019:0019:3020:0020:3021:0021:3022:0022:3023:0023:30, To The road’s medical connection dates back to 1255 and in 1763 the Barber-Surgeons Guild funded the building of a small amphitheatre where students could watch them carry out operations at No.

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