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For now I’ll just have to go on enjoying my Anaconda. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful. ); It’s a beautiful gun. The new Python parts WILL NOT fit the old lockwork. PO DEPOSIT ONLY: NEW COLT PYTHON 2020 357 MAG, STAINLESS, 6" BARREL, 6 ROUNDS - NEW FOR 2020!!! But I can guarantee you the new Python is the best Python yet manufactured. I’ve been reading every review of the new Python I can find. “NICE SHOT” is all I could say. With the stock wood grips the recoil is quite strongly felt. This is only if you come for me or somebody I am with. I buy every old Colt I can get, buy relatively few new Colts. I had 1″ groups at 7 yards off hand single and double action and that is great for me. The Python is a deluxe holster revolver.

I own 4 Pythons. For .357 I’ll play with my Smith and Wesson. Target-grade . In 2020 we expect to see a lot of great products hit the market but few guns will put more smiles on faces than the return of the Colt Python. While driving in I spotted a couple 80 yards away. MIM parts usually are not machined. Then they were about Colt Python 2020 Review: The Greatest Revolver of All Time? Still waiting to get it back but understand the delay during this corona virus problem. It has low cost cast brittle MIM internal parts. I was good when the bell rang.

$ 250.00 A S&W model 19 was about $ 125.00, A Colt 1911, Govt Model, $ 128.00.

The safety strap is truly secure. Probably will take the plunge and get a new one, probably a 4”. Medium-range Magnum loads offer good wound ballistics for personal defense.

fifty four Thanks for testing and providing a detailed review of this Classic! What do you mean by personal defense? They were in and open chop and I figured they would head to a low drainage and follow it to the closest woods and cross the road50 yards behind us. At that moment the hammer dropped and one hog dropped. There is not better revolver for home defense. WILL THE NEW TRIGGER AND HAMMER FIT IN AN OLDER PYTHFON, Hi Sir my favorite firearms are colts can you tell me HOW OR WHERE TO PURCHASE THE COLT 2020 PYTHON FOR MSRP PRICE.

Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! I’ll buy two Smith&Wesson revolvers and be just as happy. If so, you in too big of a hurry to measure the pull. Colt has made a lot of great improvements with this gun.

I stopped and turned back to see him in stance holding out his Colt Python .44. Colt should be going after these dealers that are ripping off consumers. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I carry mine, in the woods, not on the streets. I would like to no the value of a Colt Python 6" Serial Number 994. I saw a few videos where the gun didn’t fire the cartridge- LMAO. I’m not a complainer, not a perfectionist, and very rarely comment. It is much different from the Smith and Wesson the Smith and Wesson has a separate trigger return spring, the Colt is operated by the V spring only. It was to have been given to Me after his passing but the gun mysteriously disappeared within a day after his passing. What should I expect to pay if I buy a new 6 inch bbl Colt Python today or soon? The one negative is that there is “play” in the rear sights. Get your hands on a Manhurin MR 73. Beings you shot that python and it’s used, you could sell it to me with a discount . Like when people where paying $100 for a brick of 22 ammo. I glanced back over my shoulder and he wasn’t there.

Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { It’s almost as bad in double action as my Taurus 992. In fact I’ve heard and seen on utube the pistol malfunctioning. The new version has a number of improvements. Too bad I can’t afford one. It’s kind of funny I have heard nothing good about the new “colt python “.

display: none !important; Colt .357 Magnums: the original Python, the 2020 Python and Colt’s first .357 Magnum, a 7-½ inch barrel New Service. The .38 Special 148-grain wadcutter is a fine small-game load that will anchor a squirrel or rabbit without damaging too much meat. I have one on order but the fit and finish does it seem to be on par with the prior pythons. How the New Python Compares Ever since 1955, the Python was a deluxe revolver in every way intended to win competitions, take game, and serve for personal defense with no need for further modifications. Its a rip off pure and simple and not worth anywhere near the money Colt is asking because it simply is not a “real Python” in any sense of the word. It is comparable to Colt’s Python and Cobra in every way and very popular with law enforcement. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. Accurate. What happens is the is not advancing the next round to the barrel. Is It Safe to Carry a Handgun Fully Loaded? I like the 357 snub because there is no long distance I would be shooting. The new 4-inch barrel Colt Python has an unloaded weight of 42-ounces and an overall length of 9.75-inches. THANKYOU. })(120000); Home » Firearms » Handguns » Colt Python 2020 Review: The Greatest Revolver of All Time? I predict this gun will not last more than a year in the market place. They are the result of efforts to create a revolver that is neither muzzle heavy nor handle heavy. Colt claims that since the cylinder rotates to the right, this forces the cylinder into the frame, opposite of the Smith and Wesson. Not enough data to accurately predict used value. I get that dealer’s are in this to make money, but come on, what about customer loyalty? Excellent condition no modifications fired very few times. It’s my go to revolver, even took it to Gunsite Price: Item: Condition: Date Sold: $286.00: PO DEPOSIT ONLY: COLT PYTHON 2020 357 MAG STAINLESS 6 BARREL ROUNDS FOR Phoenix, AZ: New: $1,479.95: COLT 2020 PYTHON … All revolvers suffer a jolt when they are fired, but the Colt’s ultra-tight lockup suffered more than others while maintaining exceptional accuracy as a byproduct. I will make this new Python my first Colt purchase! I own a ‘new-in-the-box,’ never fired except for factory test, old model stainless steel Python.

Neither will barrels or sights. In my humble opinion, that leads to increases in the customer price.

The heaviest 158-grain JHP loads and the 180-grain JHP are ideal for deer-sized game. I have owned a SS Python for going on 40 years. My questions is, Are parts from these new models compatible with the old Pythons? They have had the gun for a week and this point and I am eager to see their response.

The Python is made for fire double-action. Just as the original 1911s and first generation SSA’s have continued to increase in demand and price, the original pythons will also. = "block"; In addition to various commemorative and factory special editions, there were a number of collectible models as well: Mass production of the Python line ended with the 2003-2004 year. Average shooting incident with perp was 5-8 feet in distance. Results were excellent, as good as I am able to produce with any handgun. I did not hit the spent shells every time… but often enough. You will not regret it. SAA’s that once sold for $5-10, now bring multiple thousands of dollars. I took the new six-inch barrel Python to the range with a number of respectable loadings. Ironically, the really nice models from the 1960's and prior generally sell for much lower prices than junk such as the Anaconda and King Cobra bring. If you get the chance to own a Python, buy one. The original solid barrel design was tweaked before the final variant. It is very easy to shoot. I also have a Colt Python 4" Serial Number E2952 in excellent condition, … read more Its the best looking revolver made in my opinion. I owned 4 or 5of the original Pythons back in the day. (See Yankee Marshal’s video) That’s a big re-design flaw and will eventually require a total recall, once they figure out a fix. Moving to raccoon, a .38 Special handload at 900 fps is ideal. Only issue is price and availability.
Check out Hichok45 he has a video on utube of this happening. Regarding the new Colt Python, I understand all the points you make. Your email address will not be published. Get notified when 9mm, .223 Rem., and Other Popular Calibers are in Stock & Ready to Ship. setTimeout( Not mine, single action is at 6# and my scale doesn’t even go high enough for the double action, I’m guessing 14# maybe more.
Time limit exceeded.

They deserve to go out of business again. The DA trigger must be pressed to the rear in a smooth motion and then allowed to reset fully to the front. My Ruger GP 100 is much more comfortable when shooting the same rounds (I’ve shot both guns side by side several times). Please click the reload button and complete the captcha once again. But, I did have a problem with light hammer strikes on occasion when using cheap imported ammo as well as the side plate screws backing out. The revolver is simply the smoothest-shooting one I have ever fired—and I own and often carry a 1977 Python. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The question remains: HOW DO I GET ONE AT MSRP? Let us know your stories (and your thoughts on this new production model) in the comments below. The chambering, .357 Magnum, is ideal for many uses. I wonder if the ones trashing the gun have actually held one much less fired it. Man-sized targets at seven, 10 and 15 yards were center-punched. Classic Colt Cutaways and a new Python?–SHOT Show 2016 The powers that be were blown away by how much buzz and excitement came from the announcement of the retro 1903 at last years SHOT Show. There would be a couple of parts I would be interested in replacing.

At least one foreign dignitary purchased the Python for his palace guard.

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