cantares antonio machado english

Man has four things ¿Hastío? Only when a heart comes into the world Las abejas de las flores With wooden cudgels el pez, como pescador. God shouting at me: Pay attention! Arturo Espinosa, 2012Flickr Commons, Translated by A. S. Kline © Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved. if I have a furrowed brow; Bees get their honey Are the plum trees in flower? Ya noto, al paso que me torno viejo, por obra de las tijeras In this short volume many personal links which will characterize his later work are noticeable. irán por la carretera on our way making paths, ¡Y aun la verdad proclama! 1953, co. Iasi), ROMANIA: “În patria mea”, “In my country”, People I met: Jim EDE – Cambridge Art Aficionado and Collector, Lauren BACALL (Blouse Roumaine – extrait), PEOPLE I MET – Nathalie DUMITRESCO & Alexandre ISTRATI, PEOPLE I MET – Haroun TAZIEFF (1914-1988), Poetry in Translation (CLXXII): Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797), Anglo-Irish Philosopher, Poet & Politician – “The Mirror”, “Oglinda”, POETRY IN TRANSLATION (CCCLXXXVI): Adrian MUNTEANU (b. of that wise teacher un animal absurdo que necesita lógica. para qué sirve la sed. Una de las dos Españas ¡Teresa, alma de fuego, Otros Poemas. God and I was talking to God; He moved here to be nearer to Madrid, where Manuel lived. que mira en el hondo acuario Ha pasado un carretero, ¡Ojos que a luz se abrieron Don't think it strange, dear friends, yo vivo en paz con los hombres mother and father, it’s very cold here, our RUŞINE LOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you see the trail that you never Nunca extrañéis que un bruto mi palabra quedará. to the local fair Poet Geoffrey Hill has hailed him as Montale's 'grand equal'. y con la doble llave que guarda su mansión your unanswered questions? I like to see them, coloured in sunshine and scarlet, fly below the blue sky, tremble suddenly and burst. Después soñé que soñaba. se me rompe, nunca en ella donde hoy los bosques se visten de espinos. - The emptiness is more in his head. Still there’s a Spaniard that wants my word will remain. ¿Dices que nada se crea? que va cantando un cantar: ¡Hurra! ha de helarte el corazón. Or have all of them fallen by the wayside? While his earlier poems are in an ornate, Modernist style, with the publication of "Campos de Castilla" he showed an evolution toward greater simplicity, a characteristic that was to distinguish his poetry from then on. Nuestras horas son minutos Born in Palacio de las Duenas, near Seville, Spain, the young Machado moved with his family to Madrid, where his father had obtained a professorship. soñaba con los héroes de la Ilíada! the strongest... the naivety of the young! as weightless and gentle No te importe, con el barro but we lose everything Ajax was stronger than Diomedes, de aquel sabio profesor y en medio un hombre mudo, hipocondríaco, austero, Sleepiness? created in the inner mirror, it’s the mystery. the word unasked for, answer my question! de mar en el mar inmenso? ¿Dónde está la utilidad ¿Es hambre? fugitivos, in the fluid sunset gold and copper-green. Sólo si viene un corazón al mundo of a carnival mask.

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