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You can add as many folders, conditions, and actions as you want. You’ll see a button that says “Start Hazel,” but leave it off for now. These websites might have different privacy rules than That’s no problem to … Then while selecting that folder, add Rules on the right pane. Whether you do your downloading to your Desktop, Downloads, Documents, or somewhere else entirely, I’ve got rules that will help you get your folders cleaned out. Dress Up. On your home computer, copy and paste the download link into a text file. Create another new rule in the Desktop folder by clicking the plus button under the rules list. Fortunately, there are applications to help us automate those tasks in the background and let us focus on what’s important. If your rule is set up correctly, Hazel should start acting on your files now. External Display Not Working? I hope you can see that your automation horizon is as far as your imagination can go. This rule I use to organize my Desktop comes in two parts. : List of Downloads). With your folder selected, click the plus sign under Rules to get open a new rule. Click on your Desktop folder in the sidebar. Have Hazel move files around based on name, date, type, what site it came from and much more. That looks appropriately dire, right? You have entered an incorrect email address! Click on the icon to open the preference pane, and you’ll be able to get started. If you want to give yourself time to edit or move the file yourself before Hazel takes hold, also add the condition that the date added is not in the last 1 hour. To do that, simply add a rule to watch subfolders at the top of Rules list for Folder A. Then you can also customize your alert and know when you get a new file named “Cat picture” or download something from I mean, just look at this tutorial. Hazel can also use Smart Folders (with minor limitations). Let’s create an AppleScript that will make you really notice you’ve got a new file hanging around, waiting for you to do something with it. Hazel will create a new note in the Evernote for Mac application based on your files. 20,990, RAEGR Arc 1250 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock Launched for Rs. That’s up to you, of course. This is perhaps the simplest possible Hazel rule, but it’s still useful. You can create as many variations of this rule as you need for other billings or other documents. 2. So, if you want to run A before B, put A above B on the list. 5. Choose the Import into iTunes action, and choose whichever playlist you’d like. (from another classical guitar playing designer). When you are editing a rule, you can use Spotlight attributes in rule’s condition by going to the very bottom of the list and choose Other. Click after the current date token in your text box and type “archive.”. Create two rules: Name contains “archive” and Kind is folder. It’s important to notice that Hazel isn’t looking for files that were last accessed, opened, modified, or created greater than a week ago. That alone makes Hazel worth the asking price for me. I tend to use my Downloads folder as my “on deck” directory. Try These 14 Fixes for macOS, Six Ways to Check Your Mac or Macbook Serial Number, Best Sites to Download Dynamic Wallpapers for Mac, How to Upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini for Use in 2020, How to Enable or Disable Turbo Boost on Your Mac, How to Hide Files, Folders and Desktop Icons on Mac, How to Automate Repetitive macOS Tasks with Automator, Free Your Mac from Clutter with MacCleaner Pro 2. We’re going to give Hazel a couple of criteria, and it needs to meet them all. While the logic is simple, you can chain together a bunch of complex functions to make sophisticated programs and then set them to run whenever you’d like. Hazel is in the mood for muffins! Share ideas. View more results. I’ll show you how to set up the rule and then how to customize it. In the next section, we’ll set what to do with files that match our criteria. But now I added an extra step when saving the image. Instead, pop them into Evernote, where they’re always there if you need them but won’t be cluttering up your Mac. You’ll need to be specific, though, or you’ll find Hazel doing all sorts of things you didn’t intend or nothing at all. If Hazel is turned on, that rule will apply immediately after you click OK, so any files older than seven days will be moved to the trash. Click Done to close the text box and OK to confirm the rule. I actually use a few in conjunction, which move and trash files at different times based on their type and age. This last rule requires some external hardware or software to make it work. Maybe you want more in the way of notification that you’ve got a new file, though. The full version will cost $25 and there’s a 14-day free trial. This way I can automatically file scanned paperwork into the appropriate folders. Click the text box after “with pattern” to bring up a list of renaming tokens you can use. If you know what you’re doing, and you will by the end of this tutorial, you can get Hazel to run an AppleScript or shell script and perform all kinds of functions, beyond the basic actions that come standard with Hazel.

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