antoine vampire chronicles

He has grey eyes that can absorb the colors blue or violet from surfaces around them. The first thing Lestat notices is how the much younger body is very harmonious with David in it. The Embrace gave him the weapons to actively work against them and their vampiric overlords and he quickly established a vendetta against the Nosferatu Trajan. His nose is fairly short and narrow, while his mouth is well shaped 'though slightly too large for his face', his skin deathly white. Here he discovers that Louis and Claudia are also in Paris. No one is hurt (except Louis' clothes) and the vampires who were chasing them also end up burned up by the same unseen force. Lestat is then being stalked by something that he can't see and eventually confronted by the Devil himself. [1], Marius, a 1500-year-old vampire then living as a painter in Venice, rescues Andrei, giving him an education and a luxurious life. [1], As a child he has the ability to paint vivid pictures of Jesus Christ, Madonna, and the Eastern Orthodox Saints. There are some spoilers, though, as I mention some newer vampires. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. Memnoch then takes Lestat to the time of the crucifixion where Christ himself tells Lestat to take the Veil which Veronica wiped his face with. He bought the violin, took music notes and went to the North. Armand becomes devastated that Lestat has quickly destroyed the ideology he has governed his coven by for so long. Armand (Vampire Chronicles) Marius de Romanus; Eleni (Vampire Chronicles) Pandora (Vampire Chronicles) Antoine (Vampire Chronicles) Daniel Molloy; Bianca Solderini; Gregory Duff Collingsworth; A LOT of Angst; mentions of things that happened in the books; Summary. Characters belong to Anne Rice. One night coven of vampires burned his house and caught and set him on fire. He is the protector of Fareed, the doctor turned vampire. From an early age he played the piano. Lestat tells Louis to kill his father which Louis does reluctantly. No money made on my fics. Lestat, scarred from both attempts on his life goes to Paris to seek help from Armand for his powerful old blood, who is still in charge of the Theatre. Lestat realizes he is being followed by a man who likes to hand him novels and videotapes for some odd reason. Lestat tells them exactly who he is and is stunned to find they've already heard of him through a novel called Interview with the Vampire. He began to encounter in his way other vampires and out of fear of them he left San Francisco. Akasha kills this vampire and then proceeds to start killing all the men in the temple. Lestat is now slightly tanned from the ordeal, but not really hurt anymore. White Wolf Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It can be argued that Lestat is far from being a monster as he was painted in Interview with the Vampire. Khayman is made a vampire by Akasha. Lestat and the other vampires once more try and reason with her, telling her that this is impossible to do and also an insane thing to try. Lestat goes with Quinn to Blackwood Manor where Quinn lives. Antoine and Nicki, Lestat's violinists, are fighting for his affection and a violin solo in the school orchestra. He went to the West. They take shelter in the church of Notre Dame where the other vampires dare not enter. After squandering of assets and gold, Antoine left New Orleans and went to the north sleeping on cemeteries. He lied both to himself and to David and that is what his latest adventure taught him, that he lies. Lestat also displays a moral inclination, frequently hunting evildoers instead of feeding on innocent victims, although he does not always abide by this rule. Lestat still falls into his unconscious state for most of the time, while sometimes Louis reads to him, or with music playing. Lestat then mocks David's life's work, tells him that nothing in the whole world can save him, tries to seduce him by telling him that The Talamascans don't really care about him, that he is David's only friend in this world and by how much he loves him.

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