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Obviously, Cena's wife found out and filed for what became a very messy divorce. On the heels of Moolah, McIntyre and Princess Victoria also defected from the NWA, bringing the Women’s tag team championship with them. After cheating with Mickie James and divorcing his wife, it came out that Cena may also have been cheating on his wife with Victoria. Lita and Edge are well-known for starting a relationship while Lita had been with long-time boyfriend Matt Hardy, who also happened to be one of Edge's closest friends. He filed for divorce papers there last month. Del Rio is a main event star in Impact, while Paige recently formed the Absolution alliance on Monday Night Raw. “Look,[...], During an interview with GAW TV, Mickie James spoke about the stare-down she had with Trish Stratus in the women's Royal Rumble match. She certainly has earned herself quite the reputation.

Del Rio filed documents, which were obtained by Pro Wrestling Sheet, last week claiming that his relationship with his wife ended in June 2015 and it was because Angela was “guilty of cruel treatment” towards him. Phillip Chiyangwa in legal woes: divorce from wife and maintenance demand from the estranged girlfriend! Adultery allegations, media spotlight, and a whole lot of anger, it sure wasn’t pretty. Edge didn't earn his "R Rated Superstar" nickname for nothing. To this day, we do[...], Nov 02 - WWE is now releasing a Deluxe Signature Series Replica Title to celebrate 30 years of The Undertaker. The following comes from ImpactWrestling[...], Nov 02 - During tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, Lana squared off against former Raw Women's Champion and one-half of the current WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax. John Cena definitely used to know his way around the locker room like many other WWE stars before him. Former wrestler Matt Striker Kaye on the dating show ‘Labor of Love’! E-mail Alex tips, corrections, and inquiries at:

Alberto Del Rio and Angela Velkei has 3 children. If Diana Hart didn’t know about the affair before, she sure did after Sunny came clean. Both of us have begged him multiple times to please[...], After the tragic passing of CZW alumni Danny Havoc, something good has come out of it thanks to Matt Tremont and Alex Colon.
His wife Angela claimed that the reason for their divorce was adultery.

The truth will come out. They also want Velkei to be ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. We have detected your browser is out of date. She's on the platform under the name Megan Minx, which may possibly lend to why she's allo[...], During an interview with Wrestling Inc, Mick Foley talked about how despite WWE's third-party content bans, he's still doing Cameo videos. It hasn't been confirmed or denied by either party, but it has been speculated that the pictures didn’t sit too well with Jericho’s wife. Then it all just stopped.

Angela Velkei is the ex-wife of Mexican American professional wrestler, promoter and mixed martial artist Alberto Del Rio.
"No. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Kurt Angle was supposedly having fun on the road with fellow Hall of Fame member Jacqueline (and a few others). It's all hearsay, but Savage did develop a taste for the younger ladies once he and Miss Elizabeth were through so who knows? Javi makes allegations to Kailyn of threatening him and his fiancee! She was asked to move to Kentucky in order to train at OVW, but then Hemme was let go from her contract with the WWE altogether. They are far from it at this stage. The two obviously patched things up an moved on, because they’re still together as of today.

After Alberto Del Rio’s marriage with Angela Velkei came to an abrupt end amid rumors of adultery, the wrestler decided to move onto his British co-worker Saraya-Jade Bevis, better known by the wrestling community as Paige. "Terry Funk, but I think the problem will be that he would eventuall[...], Nov 01 - Many have wondered, due to the well-flowing nature of their promos, if the Street Profits are as scripted as all of the other talent on the WWE roster. So we were not seeing each other and then, because she was training and getting ready to go back, they were not letting her come to San Antonio. Perhaps this circumstance also led Del Rio to believe it was time to call it quits. Angela Velkei is a married woman.

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