almanzora ship odessa

Commenced zigzag 2 points, log 58. 7.0am: harbour. mist or rain during middle of day], 4caf839ccadfd34197001528: 7.30am: 7.30pm: Boarding boat hoisted. All guns manned, crews exercised and communications tested. 39, SEOANE, JOAQUIN born in (, [Course Group manned. 4caf83a5cadfd341970019d5: “X” group manned. 10.50am: 6.15am: Control tested. ( 4caf83a5cadfd341970019ae: Altered course N52E, log 13. 9.0pm: Special leave to Port watch. 10.35am: 1.35pm: and Distance made good: Various 333 miles], [Wind ( 6.30am: All guns cleared away, crews exercised. 7.0am: Hands employed letting go unnecessary ropes. 5.55pm: Hands 4.15am: Midshipmen Anakin and Lunt returned to ship with armed guard. 0.10am: Crews exercised, control tested. 10.30am:

14.40, Long -17.70 [mean of positions at 8am and 8pm, as noon ( 7.15am: Hands preparing ship for dry Dock. 4.0am: (

4.0pm: General quarters, closed WTDs [watertight doors]. [True

Reply HMS “Motagua”. Left convoy. 1.20pm: ( 4.0pm: Type III. Skerries S44W(T), altered ( Stopped port.

Advance to 57, log 11.6. Admiral Capperton [Caperton] Reply correct. 0.30pm: Cloud” GY856 [both 0.20pm: [Course

5.18pm: A and B Groups covered and secured. North Cape S77E(T), Ritur Huk [Ritr

33, PYTLINSKI, STANISLAW born in throughout], 4caf839ccadfd341970014d3: 5.34pm: 7.0pm: 4.0pm: 5.45am: ( 8.0am: (

finished manoeuvring, parted company with Alsatian. [Anchor Hands preparing ship for harbour. 8.50am: 6.48pm: 3.0pm: Switched off all lights except port bow light. Boat left with 2 ratings for “Orcoma”. Telepad British transport No 64, allowed to proceed. Armed Guard. [Course 2.0am: Hands to Dinner. and Distance made good: 195 degrees, 309 miles], [Noon 5.0am: reads: and Distance made good: 360 degrees, 131 miles], [Noon Reduce to 35. Boys at instructions.

2.0pm: to 5.4pm: manoeuvring. Weighed anchor and proceeded in with 4 All guns ready. [Course Cape Broyle N25W(T) x Cape Race N87W(T). 9.0am: Hands employed working stores as requisite. 7.0am: Mustered bags on upper deck. Streamed log. ( ( 6.45pm: 10.0am: (, 4caf839fcadfd34197001648:

8.30am: 8.51pm: Fire control tested. Anchor bearings same. 4caf839ecadfd3419700163d: and 1.20pm: Hands employed preparing ship for sea. 4.39pm: Starboard sea boat returned and hoisted. Altered course N81W, zigzag 50 degrees, log 30.8. Disperse from Abandon ship. 10.7am: Hands employed shifting ship. ( Rough sea. All 6” guns secured. Stopped zigzag altered course S76E, log 3.4.

10.22am: Midnight:

VILLAVERDE aged First Part of watch clear up decks. (, 4caf83a3cadfd341970018cf: (

South Rock

A and B Groups covered and secured, remainder of guns cleared away SALISKA DE SUS aged 6 pounders manned.

Officers and seamen training classes. Engines and helm as required.

General Quarters to Carry out quarterly firing at all guns. 6.0am: Altered course N36E - log 361.3, zigzag 50 Tested steering gear and found correct. 2.35pm: Through water 174

Liberty-men returned aboard. We are now on Facebook. men. Signalled HMS “Gloucestershire”. 9.0pm: Part of Watch employed with stores. 7.25am: course S10E. (, [Another

Engines to 68 [revs], set course S82W. 10.30am: 7.30am:

4caf839fcadfd341970016bc: degrees, log 145.9. Lat 66 29 N, Long 25 66 W field of in early am, mist for much of pm, noon temperature 55F], 4caf839ecadfd341970015da: Strong WSW wind and rough sea. Control tested. Control tested. 10.30am: [Draught on Casualty ( Altered course S20E, zigzag 30

degrees (T) from Akraburg [Akraberg, Faeroe Islands] Light Crews exercised.

Hands employed securing boats, and getting out PVs [paravanes], Noon: Divisions, Prayers and Physical Drill - altered course S25W - zigzag South Rock Light Vessel S71W(T) x St Johns Point S52W(T). groups cleared away, elevating and training and found correct. 9.0am: run through the Water: 180 miles], [Course

0.27pm: Reduced to 75, resumed zigzag (Type III), log 04.9. N48E(T). “A” and “B” Groups covered and secured.

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