alaska to russia bridge

Freight from Chicago to Beijing would arrive much faster than a ship from Los Angeles. This is proven out by many studies on wind energy (like the super grid along the eastern seaboard being developed now). There have been multiple conferences in the last decade on the project. This is not the case. The massive undertaking would traverse the Bering Strait with the world’s longest tunnel – a project twice the length of the Chunnel between England and France. In a time of austere measures by governments throughout the world we hear less and less of large-scale projects, but the economic and environmental benefits of developing critical infrastructure links is a key element to 21st century environmentally sound economic growth. The additional $50B is spend on the renewable energy producers, rail lines, electric train engines -- cause you certainly don't want a diesel motor filling up that tunnel with exhaust. So, is Russia going to lend us the millions of dollars to build the infrastructure on our side? The first was in 1998 when Russian Dmitry Shparo and his son, Matveypted, journeyed from Russia to Alaska on skis. Too bad with only a high school diploma, I would never catch their interest with my ideas. It is possible to depart from Alaska outside of a port of call (a community that has customs and immigration processing facilities), but you must arrive in an official port in Russia.

RAIL GOES AND DEVELOPMENT GOES TOO. Russia governed Alaska as a colony for nearly as long as the United States has now governed Alaska as a territory and now a state.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Not only is this idea nonsensical from an economic development and investment standpoint,it is probably just plain false. Imagine the future with world travelers able to reach UK, China, Russia, and beyond at will.

Överheten August 30, 2013 at 12:29 am I see there are some recent comments here. It is about time; long have I been dreaming of a bridge over or under the Bering strait. Virtually all of Canada's energy exports, oil, natural gas, and coal, go to the USA. The idea of building a bridge or tunnel across the Bering Strait is not profitable. THOSE TWO TRIILIONS COULD HAVE ERASED HOW MANY DISEASES? I think people basically like each other and the money saved from arms and ammo could pay all costs of bridges, connection roadways, infrastructure, (all), without a hiccup. At its narrowest point, the Bering Strait is only 53 miles wide, making it easy for the neighboring countries of Russia and the United States to observe each other. The only thing that would stop it would be our way of over studying every detail. Two years later, an engineering student in Granted thet built the brooklyn bridge in 1900's but they managed to keep H2O out successfully. I live in Reading Pa. And over 20 years ago our useless Gov. I don't really see why this couldn't happen, technical speaking. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. A ferry could potentially cross from Alaska to Russia in about two hours if one existed. Rivers of course have limits cause they don't go everywhere. People, not Politicians can make the difference. A lot of people don' give Gov. Russia approved a $65-billion TKM-World Link tunnel project in August 2011. If anyone knows... please write [email protected] Thanks. The environmental assessment continues still. Too bad the railroad lines would be many times longer, take longer and cost much more to build.

LAST UPDATED: September 23, 2020 by Ryan M. While there is evidence that building a bridge or tunnel might be possible to connect these two locations, one does not exist. How difficult would it be to cover 82 kilometers with a bridge or tunnel and change the world? Container ships are much more efficient over 1000 miles or so on a cost per ton-mile basis. From this bridge on Kodiak's Chiniak Highway it's possible to see spawning salmon in August and September. What is the difference between prescription ibuprofen and over-the-counter ibuprofen? In Alaska, an entity known as the Intercontinental Railway is still trying to generate enthusiasm for one of the most ambitious projects in the world. A tunnel might be very successful. Darien Gap in Colombia must have a rail line built also. During the last ice age, Alaska and Russia were connected by a land bridge known as the Bering Straight Crossing, over which the earliest settlers of the Alaskan territory crossed.

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