7mm wsm vs 270 wsm

I had 270 WSM build was to be one of my antelope rifles or use on deer tag wasn't something I'd use on elk. Perhaps you can trade in your rifle to a dealer that swaps firearms. With the proper barrel and scope it has excellent longer range potential. Even for the most long-gone rifle nut it is impossible to love them all equally. Dont give up on the 7 its a great caliber and it is fun to not shoot a main stream cartridge. Of course, this would only matter if you were going to use it for game bigger than deer-sized. True .270 WSM Winchester Short Magnum and 7mm-08 Remington ballistics information can vary widely from the displayed information, and it is important to understand that the particular characteristics of a given round can make a substantive difference in its true performance. The press is light and doesn't feel like quality but it is. It doesn’t break new ballistic ground; technically the 65-year-old .270 Weatherby Magnum is just as fast. IMO the 270 wsm offers you nothing in the performance potential department compared to a 7mm mag. It probably would be a smarter idea to take the money that I would spend on a new barrel and whatever else it takes to change calibers and invest in a better trigger and ammo for the 7mm... A good gunsmith would probably be able to tune the trigger in your m70. My favorite among all the new magnums is the .270 WSM. If I was myself going to buy a rifle for elk and not intending to smith it up I would buy a 300 WM. In the .270 Winchester velocity is 2940 fps for 2685 foot-pounds of energy. I used the .270 WSM throughout, and it’s versatile as well as effective. In the WSM I would suggest a Barnes TSX bullet in the 180 grain range and for the 7mm probably the TSX in 150 to 160 grain. the data for the 150 gr bullet is kind of irrelevant though. Updated: December 11, 2019. Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a .270 WSM Winchester Short Magnum round averages out to 3170 ft-lb, while a 7mm-08 Remington round averages out to about 2450 ft-lb. Looking for a new rifle. In the 270 wsm you are burning a bunch of powder in expensive brass to push a bullet out at high velocity to have the bullet just dump it all quick. The energy for this load, at the muzzle, is 3185 foot-pounds, a nice, neat energy increase of 500 foot-pounds. However, the burning efficiency that allows it to do what it does from a fairly tidy case is also conducive to accuracy, as is the shorter and thus more rigid action it can be housed in. All of the new .30s are great. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I have worked with them all on the range, and have done at least a little hunting with most of them. In the WSM .270 fans found a short, powerful, efficient round that could be housed in compact, lightweight short-action rifles and which edged closer to 7mm Rem. For more detailed ballistics information please refer to the exact round in question or contact the manufacturer for the pertinent information. 30-06 will also work well if elk is in the mix. Generally speaking, the higher the muzzle energy, the higher the stopping power. This is only about a seven percent increase, so while the .270 WSM with an aerodynamic bullet is about as flat-shooting as anything out there (as is the .270 Weatherby), it isn’t really all that much flatter-shooting than the .270 Winchester, certainly not enough improvement to get really excited about. Unless you are independently wealthy and can afford to own one of everything, the obvious choice between these two would be to go with the 7mm - IMO. I used an H-S Precision .270 WSM on this beautiful Altai ibex in Mongolia, and the cartridge was much tougher than he was. Following the immediate success of the .300 WSM in 2001, the .270 and 7mm WSM were introduced in 2002. Both rounds are capable of any animal and even the bears of Alaska but there are guides that require a .30 caliber as a minimum. For factory rifles a 7mm rem mag is hard to beat for stepping it out. Llama rather succinctly summed it up. One way to think about this is as such: a foot-pound is a unit of energy equal to the amount of energy required to raise a weight of one pound a distance of one foot. 7mm bullets generally achieve higher bc's which help in flatter trajectory and some might conclude accuracy. Ammo is available from Federal, Norma, and Winchester, with a good selection of bullets. They duplicate the performance of cartridges we have had for many years, but with shorter, fatter case dimensions they can be housed in shorter, lighter, handier actions. Yes the factory availability sucks but a the 7wsm is a handloaders dream. My favorite among all the new magnums is the .270 WSM. Please click the above links to take a look at all of the .270 WSM Winchester Short Magnum and 7mm-08 Remington ammo we have in stock and ready to ship, and let us know any parting thoughts in the comment section below. Not going to see much use, so I figure it should cover everything I might ever hunt, which means pronghorns to mule deer and *maybe* an elk (ideally a cow since I'm more interested in eating than mounting it). I'm not going to recommend something I wouldn't use. But I have fast .30s in .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 H&H, and .300 Weatherby Magnum, and I don’t see the new cartridges replacing these tried-and-true cartridges, at least not in my orisons. Me, I’m a .270 nut and a .30-caliber freak. Although the .270 is a great caliber and has been used all over for many kinds of game, the bullet manufacturers never offer the range or styles of bullets in the .270 that they do in the .7mm.

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