1000 homophones with meanings

NOTE: In technical contexts, the word ‘bore’ can also mean ‘make a hole using a tool’. What is a homophone? to wear (verb): To have clothing or accessories on your body. Take a set of homophones and write one sentence that includes ALL of them. Deer (noun): Large animal with antlers, similar to a small elk or moose.Some UK farmers keep deer and breed them for their meat (venison). I’ve got to go now, so bye! It’s www.fluentu.com. For each pair or set, there are meanings and examples. I’ll see you when I get home from school.”. Learn homophones examples illustrated with pictures and pronunciation video. My grandpa told me to be sure to marry a good woman. Q: Why will you never starve to death in a desert?A: Because of all the sandwiches there! Through (preposition): Moving in one side and out of the other.He walked through the door and went straight upstairs. Moose (noun): Large animal in the deer family.Do people eat moose in Canada? Let’s go! Every year around Christmas, many people gain a lot of weight because they eat lots of food but don’t exercise. Interesting note: This can also be a set of three words if you include the less-common verb to pare. ferry (noun): A ferry is a boat that moves passengers and vehicles across water. So hopefully there will be at least a few words that you didn’t know before! Two popular ones are “A Chocolate Moose for Dinner” and “The King Who Rained,” both by Fred Gwynne. Reed (noun): A tall plant which grows in water or marshy ground.There were reeds growing along the side of the canal. Write down the correct homophone for each of the jokes. bare (adjective): If something is bare, it means that it’s not covered or not decorated. Terms & Conditions   Cookies PolicyOTUK Training Ltd. Company registered in England No. So the words “two” and “to” are homophones, as are “ate” and “eight.”. “There” can refer to any place where you are not at. The study of homophones enriches one’s vocabulary. Russians tend to mispronounce English words that are similar to those in their native language and share the same origins. here (adverb): “Here” indicates the place where you are at any moment. Way (noun): Method of doing something, road or route.We got lost and I had to admit that I didn’t know the way home. A facial scrub helps clean the _____ and prevent spots. But I created this list so that even high-level English learners can find some new or interesting words. We’ve (contraction): Short form of ‘we have’.We’ve been digging all day and we haven’t found any treasure! Weir (noun): Low barrier to control the flow of water in a river.I saw some boys fishing down by the weir. Ewe (noun): Female sheep.The little lamb followed its mother as the ewe crossed the field. See you on Sunday! ‘Meat’ refers to the flesh of four footed animal. He gave me some aspirin, which soon took affect. In this list of English homophones, you will find simple, intermediate and more advanced level vocabulary. knight (noun): A man given a special honor (or rank) by a king or queen. Get started today by requesting your free 15-minute consultation with OTUK! They told me witch doctor to see and ware to go. Aren’t (contraction): Short form of ‘are not’.We aren’t going on holiday this year. 1000 homophones with meanings. Root (noun): Underground part of a plant or tree, source or origin.A weed may grow again if you don’t remove the root. FluentU brings English to life with real-world videos. Hair (noun): Growing from the skin of humans and other animals.Her hair was so long that she had to wear a large hat to work! Therefore, ‘borehole’ would be an engineering word for a drill hole, and not a hole made by a wild pig! Or is it “your not alone”? The root of that word, homo-, means “same,” and the root phone- means “sound.” Homophones are two words that sound the same, but have different meanings. Currant (noun): Type of berry, also of dried berry variety.We have lots of currant bushes at the bottom of our garden – both red- and blackcurrants. Flea (noun): Small jumping parasitic insect that often lives on dogs or cats.I caught a flea on our cat today so we’ll need to wash him with special shampoo. Plus, the other vocabulary is usually relevant to news events, so it’s a great general site if you want to build up your vocabulary. examples of homographs. Bored (adjective): Lacking interest or engagement.The girl looked bored and half-asleep in class. That’s it for today’s list! I had to wait in the cold for 20 minutes. Higher (adjective): Comparative form of ‘high’.Our company sales figures are higher this year. The first column contains homonyms in alphabetical order, while the second and third columns list the corresponding homonym, homophone, or homograph as applicable. Study them deeply and understand the meaning carefully. Isle (noun): A small island.We go on holiday every year to the Isle of Wight. Him (pronoun): Refers to a male object in a sentence.His face looks familiar, but I don’t really know him. Interesting note: There is a popular children’s joke that goes like this: Yes, it’s pronounced “because 7 8 9,” and yes, it’s a pretty bad joke.

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