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The first mission for the trainees is position assessment. [6] From being called "tomboy" at the time of debut, to a fashionable wife and mother, she has always insisted on being herself.

[7], As a leading figure of the Chinese rap industry, Jony J is the first rapper in China to hold a concert of ten thousand people. Dance mentor Lisa performs In the Name of Love and Attention; rap mentor Jony J performs My Man; vocal mentor Ella performs How Old Are You; and youth producers' representative Kun performs YOUNG. [5] Being the representative of youth producers is not only a retrospect of the very beginning mind but also the inheritance of dreams. XIN Liu “I’M NOT YOURS” FOCUSED CAMERA 刘雨昕《I’m Not Yours》舞台直拍 | Youth with You 2 青春有你2 | iQIYI - Duration: 4:14. iQIYI 爱奇艺 514,915 views However, if some trainees are not chosen to perform the remaining songs in their position, they will then be assigned to other groups. Youth With You Season 2 (Chinese: 青春有你 2; pinyin: Qīngchūn yǒu nǐ 2), is a Chinese girl group elimination reality show, which premiered on March 12, 2020 on video platform iQiyi. [19] Thereafter, Shen Bing withdrew from the show, stating that she had had no idea about his marriage, contradicting what her boyfriend had said.[8]. [6] In addition to helping the participants in music, her joining has a more profound meaning for the young and inexperienced trainees. Everyone is very surprised about Qinniu Zhengwei coming to this stage, but Qin thinks it is difficult to understand someone through the Internet, so she wants to show more about herself through the program. [16][17], After the grouping ends, responsibility assignment comes. The performance of the girls from Yuehua ENT is great as a whole, but the mentors are not impressed by any of them as they don't have distinct characteristics, so all of them are assigned to Class C.[16], The preliminary rating finally ends.

Duan Xiaowei's performance of new Japanese sign dance amazes everyone.

Her perfect performance wins mentor over.

Though they already have some achievement in their circle, Mo Han says they are in a status of closed-loop development, so they want to get out of the loop and make progress step by step.

The same day, Dove posted in Weibo to congratulate Liu Yuxin for becoming the first in Youth With You Season 2 before the result was announced. All of them prove themselves by their solo performances and are all assigned to A class. In the end, the sisters persuade others, and Jie becomes the centre.[17].

[1][2], The series captures the pulse of contemporary pop culture and gives it a positive value of meaning, with a youthful attitude of "interpreting self" and "not defining self", showing the mentality and struggle of the girls when facing their dreams. She and Zhao Xiaotang talk about being trainees who have already debuted before and how their experiences make them more mature and independent, resonating many trainees who have similar experiences. [citation needed] The youth producers' representative Cai Xukun appeared as a "warm heart senior". Then comes the stage of preliminary rating for the trainees. [3] The arrival of "X Mentor" will enrich the structure of mentors. They think that her experience makes her "unqualified" for being a member of a girls' team. Chua Zhuoyi bursts into tears when she shares how she feels about the odium from people on the Internet towards her. There are three positions: Vocal, Dance and Rap.

[3] Through the program, the audience can see the persistent efforts of young people, the youth passion released in the struggle, and the realization of the value of life on the road to dream.

[3], In the production of Youth With You Season 2, iQiyi has achieved localized innovation.

THE9 released their first EP on the August, 10 which contained the lead title track "SphinX" along with "Not Me". [4], The "Concept X" proposed in this series implies the infinite possibilities of the show itself and the trainees. However, the other two members don't agree because they think Chengxuan's level is way above the rest of the members. The order of selection is decided by random draw. Wang Qing and Zhang Yu perform Theme Song of Love using their very unique style and make all the mentors and trainees laugh a lot. The one-to-one performance makes it easier to observe and compare the trainees.

[6], Lisa is the dance mentor of Season 3. [10][11], The stage of preliminary rating continues. After choosing the song they want, Class A trainees can also select the teammates they want. He is stricter than the trainees expect.

The next day, Dove clarified that the staff will send out congratulations in advance. After performing, "chatty" Yu Shuxin spends 3 minutes explaining how she tries to show her feelings through acting in the show, but Kun points out that Shuxin is trying too hard and it is better if she just highlights particular parts. As a professional rapper, NINEONE has released over 30 original pieces, but Jony J says the song she chooses is not competent enough in such a competitive part because it doesn't show what she is capable of. serving as the mentors. [4] Only 9 out of 109 girls can debut by forming a girl group, and they will be selected based on the votes of the youth producers.

Xiaozhai says she chooses to come here because she thinks an Internet influencer's career is very fragile, so she wants to develop more skills. As time goes, sleepiness comes quietly, but Yu Yan's stunning opening of her show awakes everyone, and she is assigned to Class A.

It begins with the competition within the original rap team. Kong Xueer becomes the first trainee that is assigned to Class A.

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