worst depop reviews

Yes! As a buyer, to make sure you actually get your item always make sure you use the seller’s payment details as seen on the app. On top of that you pay more by refunding and you are not getting back the selling fee and shipping charges. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I don't think the current system takes into account that PayPal has their fees too, including transferring the money to your bank account. I paid using a card, not paypal. As a buyer, once you find what you are looking for, you can negotiate with the seller through the app’s inbuilt messenger.

A good site in terms of allowing users to exchange items / sell. Depop primarily uses PayPal to move money around. Who knows, maybe in two months? No way to contact them. Followed up and kept saying they already shipped it. Depop Overview. Said they would refund and never did... Just kept ignoring me. Therefore, my point is the app developers/companies should make a foolproof system to protect the customers. Your app doesn't look edgy or relevant, it looks exploitative and corrupt. This is a con company who steals your money. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. You can also rate your experience with the seller as they will also do the same. Once you type in your number, they’ll send a confirmation code to that number. Got barca jersey that was real surprisingly but it reek put through the wash it all good but there needs to be a middleman system so they don't accidently sell some illegal stuff plus from what i herd a lot of fake get through so wouldn't recommend to anyone even ebay is better about this stuff if you want find something for the low don't go here go to a list of trusted EBAY sellers for the item you want i got lucky dont take the gamble. In a nutshell, there’s no telling what will happen if you use the app.

I’ve never had any issues conducting business in this upfront way. Even though I’ve clearly learnt you can’t have two accounts. I recently used depop and ordered 6 items 2 never shipped and 1 was severely misrepresented. This is the importance of staying within the app for your purchases so you can have Depop + PayPal protection. Ordered a bag worth $70 on May 2020. Remember, Did you know you can get paid to download apps like these on Swagbucks.com? We want to make sure you get the best outcome possible. The seller was then inactive after I purchased the items and I have been searching for ways to get a refund since. This is how I handle the fake buyers on Depop. Thankfully,

Especially explaining how shopping works would be great instead of me spending hours on research.

I have been selling on Ebay for a year in half just to make ends meet. Team Depop. I'm sure, once they get to her email, they will see the communication. Summary. level 1. Whenever

This is a very common scam in Depop. I never received either of the items or got a message back from the seller. I also want to check out how Swagbucks works. These kind of listings never get taken down wether reported or not. And that’s if you are lucky to get a response. The app also crashes loads and the customer service is dreadful. Team depop unjustly deleted my selling account which I had put a lot of effort time and money into, I hadn't done any of the things they said they'd deleted it because of and they didn't bother to respond to any of my emails of complaint! At the time of writing this Depop review, the app charges a 10% selling fee for every sale. Fraudulent Activity!

much everyone starts at “0” when they join and then its up to Depop Avoid!! Also notifications don't work anymore and often get a message saying "there is something wrong the app, try again later". All rights reserved. They took 10 days to reply to me, and gave me half assed responses. few sales via Depop payments.

there can be no back and forth about from the seller that “it was not sent packaged in the condition sold. It was deleted with no indication why. So as a seller, you’ll have to add your PayPal email address to your Depop account. Its social shopping concept has seen Depop garner a user base of over 15 million registered users in 126 countries. Review my shop to see that I am a real seller getting real reviews and I am safe to buy from and so are millions of other Depop sellers. Depop was my main selling platform for around a year and a half, but I’ve now created my own website to avoid Depop fees and to make my brand more professional. There are a lot of mobile apps existing on the market with the spammers using to make money rather than the customers.
Tip for consumers: make sure it’s not a scam by checking how often they’re online, their reviews, the amount of stuff that they are selling and how long it takes them to respond to messages. Just go sell on postmark or eBay instead. It has been over five days without an answer from Depop. Depop is safe to buy from!

A Forbes article even states that in 2018, Depop users were on track to sell $460 million so a 10% cut of that I is pretty good for a niche reselling app.

I am kind of surprised another commerce website like this would pop up? Customer service sucks to high heaven. Is the app safe in your view? None of them got a very good  explanation. Also you can use Listia as another option to consider since they use a credit system. See our article about fees by going to 'Settings - Need help' and typing in ‘What about fees’. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You can get a feel from what type of person you are dealing with just by messaging them. Our 10% fee allows us to keep Depop running smoothly. shipment so that you have proof that what you received was not as described and 93 reviews for Depop, 1.3 stars: 'I have used Depop for a several years, got all 5 stars reviews. Well, now you do.

Then, I am forced to dispute the purchase on PayPal over the phone.

It takes a long time to sell something that's even £5 because its "expensive" to some buyers and the seller gets less than £3 in the end. I really hope they'll fix this issue. To find more information about reviews and trust on Sitejabber.com please visit. Another reason you shouldn’t fear buying from a new seller is that  if something does go wrong that you have buyer protection. I didn’t know it was possible to swap items through the depop app so I got banned for swapping out of the app with another seller,even though a problem did not occur between us,they received their item and I received mine.Its honestly frustrating how depop bans my account for such a stupid thing when I did not know about it in the first place.My intention was never bad on the app and never will be.Depop keeps emailing me about how I have gone against the rules and Terms Of Use on Depop but still denies showing and sending me proof/evidence based on what they are claiming about me,therefore making it clearer that there’s no logical reason in them banning my account for such thing.I hope Depop takes this email intro regard and gives me a serious and logical reply this time.Thank you.

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