where is john brennan today

I’m seeing, personally, activity behind the scenes of the Justice Department,” Solomon said … adding that Durham’s team “is trying to bring those first indictments, and I would look for a time around Labor Day to see the first sort of action by the Justice Department.”, Do You Stand With Pres.

I know a lot of people are growing more and more frustrated over the Durham probe, but I caution those of you who think nothing is going to happen, to give it a little bit more time. “My sources tell me there’s a lot of activity. The bureau, true to its law enforcement roots, wants facts and tangible evidence to prove something beyond all reasonable doubt. The question is whether it was adequately predicated. According to his own admission, the mischief of the CIA and other agencies engendered in him a distrust of America — an “unhappiness with the system” that led him to vote in 1976 for Gus Hall, the presidential candidate for the Soviet-controlled American Communist Party. Here’s what he said: “Remember when everyone was saying Brennan wasn’t a target and I told you they were lying. But he needs your support in order to keep delivering quality, independent journalism. Just remember that. Notoriously, Baptists supported Hitler at the August 1934 Berlin meeting...Read More, A spanking new organization has formed among Southern Baptists to...Read More, Washington I do not like being wrong. John Brennan on the “Today” show Oct. 6 (YouTube screenshot), Hunter Biden Cashed In to Fuel His Drug and Sex Habits, Targeting People With Mental Illness and Dementia for Euthanasia. Why would Brennan have needed to listen to that?

Again, the stories were not corroborated at all – but that, mixed with no big indictments or movement has been really frustrating, for you and me. John Brennan’s fall from grace is complete.

Just a month or so after briefing Obama on Hillary’s plans, Brennan was marketing her smear to compliant senators, such as Nevada’s Harry Reid.

— Adam Housley (@adamhousley) September 13, 2020. Did Obama tell his CIA director to steer clear of this partisan mischief?

He made that clear. Nothing else to report. © 2020 Wayne Dupree – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Upset that Americans wouldn’t know before election day that Trump was under investigation for Russian collusion, Brennan looked around for a senator who might leak that information. John Brennan, the most partisan CIA director ever, ... Brennan in 2016 was as much of a sweaty anti-Trump partisan as he is today. But then I stumbled upon this tweet today from award-winning journalist Adam Housely, and it definitely piqued my interest – especially being that it comes just days after the tweet from Kevin Corke. Barr said info would be released before the end of summer…and we’re drawing closer to that time – and now the “chirping” has picked up. In Russian Roulette, authors David Corn and Michael Isikoff write that Reid “had concluded the CIA chief believed the public needed to know about the Russian operation, including the information about the possible links to the Trump campaign.”, Brennan has denied that he used Reid to publicize an investigation of the Trump campaign — a denial that looks even more implausible in light of this week’s revelations. [Joke], Remembering CIA Rachel A. How times had changed. Please click here Patreon.com/WDShow to help Wayne battle the fake news media. Looking back on...Read More, Most Americans of all stripes flatter themselves that somehow we...Read More, The year I began my rabbinic studies in Jerusalem, a...Read More, I’ll be straightforward about this.

No, Brennan was preparing the ground for an October Surprise and selected Reid as the senator to deliver it. Recall that out of this feverish and wild hunch came the last-ditch efforts to entrap Trump through Stefan Halper, the spy Brennan and Comey dispatched to infiltrate the Trump campaign’s ranks. Nick Shapiro, a Brennan aide, told the Washington Times in 2018 that Brennan’s call to Reid revolved primarily around what Reid knew about alleged Trump–Russia ties: “In fact, most of the conversation was spent with Senator Reid telling Brennan what he had heard about Russians and the Trump campaign.”. Clearly not.

Brennan in 2016 was as much of a sweaty anti-Trump partisan as he is today. I said, I'll believe it when I see it.#DurhamReport, — Kevin Corke (@kevincorke) September 11, 2020. We get the tweet from Mr. Corke from his “solid DOJ” source that says “set your alarm clock,” and two days later we get a tweet from Mr. Housely who not-so-subtly is hinting that Brennan is going down. Brenan went on any show that would have him and with a straight face, hinted that he knew something the ordinary person or even reporter did not, and smugly predicted Trump’s demise. He facilitated her Russian smear of Trump. Invested in Trump’s defeat and eager to please Hillary, he was desperate to prove Trump–Russia collusion. Barr promised we’d see something happen before the election – and it wasn’t the guilty plea from former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. James Clapper – Former Director of National Intelligence 3 counts Conspiracy to Overthrow a Government 2 counts Lying to Congress I get it. The man, after using his CIA credibility to spread a false and dangerous narrative about Trump’s ties to Russia, is now radioactive to the media. You can make a huge impact in the war against fake news by pledging as little as $5 per month. John Brennan – Former Director of the CIA 3 counts Conspiracy to Overthrow a Government 3 counts Lying to Congress 2 counts Lying to Investigators 1 count Conspiracy to Commit Treason 3 counts Obstruction of Justice. Well, a solid DOJ source just told me to "set my alarm clock." Just remember that. MORE NEWS:  Family Moving Out of California Writes Scathing Message to Gavin Newsom on their Moving Truck, I believe if Barr makes any move it will be before October, so it doesn’t look like a political “October surprise.”. Is Mass Immigration Killing Two-Party Democracy in the U.S.?

Let’s play Sherlock Holmes here for a minute. #DurhamReport”, Remember when I said, wake me when there are indictments and or arrests? Remember when everyone was saying Brennan wasn’t a target and I told you they were lying. Brennan became what he once claimed to oppose: a CIA director up to his eyeballs in domestic politics. She is our 87th star.” CIA Director General Michael V. Hayden — May 21 2007 “From the … Continue reading →, “For a small cadre of CIA veterans, the death of Osama bin Laden was more than just a national moment of relief and closure. Trump Decision To Retaliate Against Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Self-Proclaimed Antifa Member Goes “Pig Fishing” By Dangling Donuts From a Fishing Pole, Cruelly Taunting Police Officers. Attn: Wayne Dupree is a free speech champion who works tirelessly to bring you news that the mainstream media ignores. He found one in Reid, who has cheerfully told reporters that Brennan sought him out as the conduit for a damaging leak against Trump: “Why do you think he called me?”, Even Reid, who is famous for his low politics, found Brennan’s scheming — his “ulterior motive” — oddly hyper. I don’t know about you, but I am intrigued…Let’s see what happens over the next couple of weeks. In the radical 1970s, he had received an education steeped in anti-American literature about such CIA directors. Posts about John Brennan written by L. “The competing messages, according to officials in attendance, also reflect cultural differences between the FBI and the CIA. Just remember that. I am scared of a...Read More. We miss her still and will remember her always. Newly declassified handwritten notes from former CIA Director John Brennan show that the U.S. intelligence community knew in 2016 that Russian … Here’s what he said: “Remember when everyone was saying Brennan wasn’t a target and I told you they were lying.

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